"What? Still no answer?" Jaden asked.

I pulled the phone from my ear and redialled. I shook my head.

"She's gonna be fine, Ethan. She can handle herself. I can bet she can beat 3 guys up, or maybe even more," Aaron tried to assure me.

I didn't listen. I was having a bad feeling. I need to know she's alright.

Still no answer. What is that girl doing? After a few more tries, I decided to do something. "I need to go and find her."

"What? You'd be dead meat once you step out of these doors," Jaden said.

"I can't do this anymore. What if she's in trouble? I'm going," I said firmly.

The twins exchanged glances then sighed. "Okay, we'll come with you."

"Thanks guys." We thanked the crew first, then stepped out of the restaurant.

I went to every place where she could possibly be. We searched the roller coaster, and all the extreme rides. Still no sign of her. And no matter how reckless she may be, she's still not stupid enough to go on a ride alone. That's pathetic, right?

We wore caps from the restaurant employees as disguises and split up so we'd cover more space. It was already 8 but we still haven't found her. I was losing my mind. Why doesn't she call? I bet her phone died. Idiot.

I decided to go to the car and check if she was there. I was about to open the car door when I saw a few security guards shouting and running towards a corner in the lot. I ran to them to check what the commotion was about.

As I was running, I caught a glimpse of person was punching the hell out of a bunch of guys, maybe 3, and was really good at it. I wanted to go near but the security guards were crowding around them. The guy was throwing really good punches and was blocking whatever they tried to hit him with.

I ran towards what was happening and saw that a girl was being escorted by the guards away from the scene. She was wearing a jacket and a hood covered most of her hair. She was crying and all I could see was a tuft of black hair from under the hood. My heart began beating fast. No. It can't be...

I ran towards the girl and checked if she was who I thought she was. Deep inside, I was wishing I wasn't right. My heartbeat was accelerating.

The crazy thing was, as I ran towards the girl, I saw the fight from the corner of my eye. The guy who was kicking the 3 dude's asses was in fact, not a guy. It was a girl. A girl with straight, black hair, big black eyes and was wearing a suit. Only one girl could do such a thing.

"Seann!" I yelled. I ran as fast as I could and tried to get through the guards. As I was nearing the scene, one guy punched her stomach. "No!" I shouted. Seann immediately fell down. She lied down on the concrete, tried to get up, and clutched her stomach while the guards went to get the 3 guys.

All kinds of thoughts raced through my mind as I went near her. I wanted to scold Seann for what she did and at the same time, I wanted to kill those other guys for what they did to her.

Instead, I kissed her forehead and hugged her tight.


I woke up with a weird feeling in my gut. I felt like I was punched in the stomach. Even my head, arms, knuckles, and butt hurt. This couldn't have been done by the roller coaster right? What hurt most were my knuckles.

Then the previous events came flashing back to me. A girl, 3 maniacs, and a herd of security guards. Oh, right, that happened.

I opened my eyes and the first thing I saw was a pair of light blue eyes staring at me. "Seann! Are you okay?!" It was Ethan.

I was in a hospital. I sat up immediately and my head ached. "Ow," I said, clutching my forehead with my left hand. My right hand was in a bandage. "What are you doing here?"

Ethan reached out for me and hugged me tight. He sighed deeply. "Thank God you're okay," he whispered to my ear.

My eyes widened in shock. What was happening? Was this guy hugging me? And wow did my body hurt. I bet I was covered in bruises. "Uh, yeah," I managed to say. "What happened to you? Did you get food poisoned or something? Why are you," I struggled to say the word,"um, hugging me?"

He immediately let go. "Oh, sorry." He looked embarrassed.

"Thanks anyway." I smiled.

He smiled back without making eye contact. "No problem." Suddenly, he looked straight at me. "What were you thinking?!" he yelled. "You're not superman you know! Those 3 could have easily killed you!" he scolded. He looked really mad.

I was surprised by the sudden change in his tone. What was he, bipolar or something?! I kept my cool. "What was I supposed to do, just watch them hurt the girl?" I asked. "I know I was in danger but I had to do the right thing."

"You should have called someone!" he yelled back.

"My phone's battery died, and what if after I got help, they'd be gone? The guilt would kill me," I said calmly.

He looked at me with quizzical eyes. "Why are you acting so calm about this, like nothing bad happened?"

"It's 'cause I don't like to dwell on things that are bad. My whole body feels like I've been pounded by a car but I'd rather move on quickly. Plus, I just helped a person!" I grinned.

He looked at me directly for a few seconds then smiled. He looked away then shook his head and said, "You are the weirdest person I have ever met. I'm so glad you're still your crazy self. I was afraid you'd get amnesia or something. Then you'd forget how to play the guitar or that we're going to have a TV appearance in a few days."

I smirked. "I'll never forget how to play the guitar. But the TV appearance, I slightly forgot," I said.

He laughed, stood up, then ruffled my already messy hair. "It's good to have you back." Then he went out.

What just happened? Was that Ethan being nice? Huh, interesting.

I stood up and went to the bathroom. I checked my face in the mirror and saw just a few scratches on my face. Nothing make-up couldn't hide, I hope. I'd be formally introduced as a member of the band on a talk show in just a few days and I don't want to be known as the war freak member of Chain. What worried me was my bandaged hand.

I got out and saw Jaden and Aaron sitting on the sofa. "Seann!" Aaron ran towards me and hugged me. Ouch. "We were so worried!"

Jaden walked towards me. "We're glad you're alright. Ethan told us everything."

"Oh." I sat down on the bed. How'd he know everything? He wasn't even there.

That was when I remembered the last thing I saw before I passed out. It was Ethan.

"I'm sorry," Aaron said.

"For what?"

"If it weren't for us, you wouldn't have had to go and do something to keep those fans away."

"Don't worry about that. I'm fine now." I smiled.

"That's nice to know." Jaden smiled.

"Am I allowed to go home already?" I asked.

"Technically, yes, but I think we have to wait a few hours." Aaron looked at Jaden.

"Why?" I asked, confused.

"The paparazzi are everywhere in this whole building," right, "and they know everything."



The camera flashes blinded me as I walked out of Seann's room. "So, who is that girl?"

"Is she Chain's new band member?"

"Is there something going on between her and a member of Chain?"

"Is she the reason behind your break-up with young actress Vanna Cameron?"

"Is this just a publicity stunt? Who in their right mind would go and save a person from 3 men without any training whatsoever?"

That was it. I had to answer. "Who in their right mind would get beaten up by 3 men just for a publicity stunt? Is it just that rare for people like you to see a genuinely good person? She did that to help, not so she could gain more popularity. She's not like any other celebrity who you guys make issues out of and turn into some monster in the people's eyes," I defended. "The bruises she has are real, just as real as the wounds you give other celebrities when you ruin their career forever just for entertainment and money."

The paparazzi fell silent for a few seconds. Then came the questions again. I sighed. "Okay, I give up." I went back inside the room.

I quickly closed the door and went to sit beside the guys. "What's happening?" Aaron asked.

"They wouldn't shut up. Some even thought this was a publicity stunt," I answered.

"What?" Jaden said. "Why would they think that?"

"I don't know, maybe they just wanted to make a new 'story' for everyone." I looked at Seann. She was staring at her blanket in deep thought. "Psst," I said. "You okay?"

She looked at me and smiled. "Yeah, I'm fine."

"Do you want anything?"

She shook her head. She hesitated a bit before she asked,"When can this bandage be taken off?"

"The doctor said you can remove it after a day. Good thing it wasn't that serious."

She nodded. "Good." Her face brightened. "What's for dinner?" she asked eagerly.

"Nicco's coming here in a few minutes with pizza," Aaron answered.

"He'll also take care of the paparazzi," Jaden added.

"Cool." She took the TV remote control and pressed on. "Hey look! Phineas and Ferb is on!" she exclaimed.

"Awesome!" Aaron said.

I smiled and watched it with them as we waited for Nicco. I would occasionally check up on Seann from the corner of my eye thinking that she'd look like she was in pain but whenever I do, she just looks like she normally does.

After 20 minutes, Nicco arrived. "Seann, are you okay?" he asked.

"Um, my fist hurts like hell, but other than that, I think I can manage," she replied with a smile.

"Great," he said. "So, who wants pizza?"

"I do!" we yelled in unison. It was like nothing happened. This was what Seann could do. She could turn the most down moment to something bright and happy. I looked at her, smiling, and I bet a million bucks that she was hurting more than she showed.


I never punched anyone so hard in my life until the past few hours. And that didn't turn out good. Well, at least I helped someone today. I smiled at that thought.

Nicco went out of the room and tried to talk to the paparazzi who until now are outside of the room. They even thought I did this for publicity purposes. Talk about stupid. I would never get my fists broken for something as stupid as that. Sheesh, people these days.

After a few minutes, Nicco returned. "Good news, we can go out now." He smiled.

"Great!" I immediately went out of the bed and my head swirled. "Ow," I said and then gripped the metal bar on the bed.

"Be careful," Ethan said gently and took my hand. I was surprised.

"Ehem," Nicco said with a knowing smile, "let's get going before those goons change their mind and come back."

"Okay," I told Nicco. "Uh, thanks." I looked Ethan in the eye and smiled. It was a bit awkward but I didn't show that. What surprised me was Ethan's reaction. He quickly looked away and let go of my hand.

"No problem," he said without looking at me and patted my back. "Come on." He opened the door and let me go out first. What is wrong with this guy? It's really weird.

We went down through the fire exit and the stairs. It was really tiring and my legs really hurt add that to the burning sensation I feel whenever I use me injured hand to hold the railing, but of course, I didn't complain. I'm too much of a burden already. Besides, I wouldn't want any of the guys to carry me down and make me look like a wimp. I have a rep to protect. Haha.

As we went down, I would occasionally catch Ethan looking sideways at me. I don't understand why this makes me feel... I don't know, weird, I guess.

We got to the parking lot and went straight to Nicco's car. I sat at the back, in between Aaron and Jaden while Ethan sat in front.

We quickly drove back to the house. It was quite a long ride and it was already late so we were all very sleepy. I looked at the mirror in front and saw Ethan looking worried and sleepy at the same time. His eyes were closed but I could tell that he was awake. He ran his fingers through his dark brown hair, looked out the window and sighed. I didn't realize I was already staring until his blue eyes looked at the mirror and held mine for a few seconds. I was caught off guard so I quickly looked away. I don't know why but I feel something strange and it's not the broken knuckles. It's like there's a bunch of cheetahs running somewhere near my chest.

I think it's my heartbeat accelerating.

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