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Summary: Jaden Albu is a vampire, who has the ability to shape-shift into a girl. 200 years ago, he meet his lover, Axel von den Bach. 5 years later, Axel was called away by the King of Vampires, leaving behind his lover. Now, the year is 2011 and Jaden has all but given up hope of finding his love. Now, 155 years later, Axel's older brother comes into Jaden's life and tells him that Axel is still alive. Hope is renewed in his heart, but anxiety is still there. The anxiety on how Axel will react to seeing the two children that live with Jaden!

Rated: PG-13 (for now at least XD)

WARNING!: Sexual talk, maybe some lemon somewhere in it, boyxboy love/boyxgirl-whos-really-a-guy-love, abuse, rape, and language.

Chapter One

London, England

Monday, November 13, 1856

A small tornado of snow swirled around me as I leaned into my lover's arms, which tightened around me possessively. A comforting silence echoed around us as we were lost in our own little worlds, each enjoying each other's warmth, and the comfort it brought to us.

With a sigh, he untangled himself from my grasp, and held me at arms length. A faint red tinge appeared on his nose, either from the cold winter air or from something else entirely. My eyes blurred as I felt a hot tear trail down my face.

He smiled, the smile that I loved so very much, as his dark sapphire blue eyes followed the lone tear on my pale complex. His sun-kissed tanned hand brushed across my cheek, before sweeping upwards towards my chocolate brown eyes.

"Heh…your going to have to do better then that to get rid of my tears, dear Axel." I whisper, a small smile tugging on the edge of my chapped lips. Axel smirked as he bent down to look at me on eye level. "Oh really? Well, how about this?" Even before those words left his mouth, I felt his tongue lap up my tear stained face. I gasp at the sudden feeling of his tongue, and tried to suppress a moan at the wonderful feeling. As if sensing my internal struggle, Axel wrapped his arms around my slightly feminine waist, before taking my mouth for his own, smirking against my lips when the repressed moan finally made it through my throat.

Finally pulling away, he rested his forehead against my mine, and looked into my lust filled eyes.

"Feeling better now, love?" He smirks in a deadly whisper. So deadly, that it sent lust filled shivers down my spine. God…he's to #!*% sexy for his own good… I groan in my head.

I pull him into another hug, resting my chin on his broad shoulders before replying "Yes, very much so." As if on instinct, his muscled arms wrap around my waist, and he buries his face into my silver long hair.

"I love you, my Jaden." He whispers, his hands digging into my fleece coat that protected me from the cold, and prying eyes. I felt the heat rise to my face at his words, and I swore that if it hadn't stopped beating long ago, that my heart would have fluttered in joy. "I-I love you to Axel." I cry, throwing my arms around his neck, I pull him into a heated kiss. He smirks into the kiss, before opening his mouth and biting my bottom lip, pleading for entrance, which I gladly gave him.

His tongue began ravaging my mouth as soon as I parted my mouth. Moaning, we begin to battle for dominance, our tongues twisting around each other in a vain attempt to concur the other. After what seems like hours of 'battle', Axel claims victor ship in the battle for dominance.

Relaxing to his touch, I let him roam my mouth before a little thing called 'air' got in our way. Resting my head on his broad shoulder, I panted out a strangled 'wow'. He chuckles, running his knuckles lightly up and down my back.

We stand there, allowing that comforting silence to envelope us once more.

Through half closed eyes, I ask my lover "What time is he going to come and pick you up?"

He continues to rub my back, slowly and softly, before choking out a reply of "Midnight." Rising my head just enough to be able to look at the newly completed Big Ben, I see that midnight is less then five minutes away.

Axel, who had looked at the clock at the same time I did, grasped me tighter, before pulling me in for one last heated kiss. Closing my eyes, I allow a few tears to escape my slightly swollen eyes.

"Jaden…love. Please don't cry. You know as well as I do that we have no choice in this matter." Axel whispers, kissing my forehead as he pulled me in for a hug. Wrapping my arms around him, I bury my face into his navy blue coat.

"I know. I bloody well know that we don't have a choice Axel. But that doesn't mean that I like it."


"Don't say anything Axel. Please…just…let me hug you for a little longer." I whisper, my voice low with despair. He nods, wrapping his arms around my waist, resting his chin upon my head. Sighing, I push away from him and lean up to give him a chaste kiss upon his beautiful red lips, before taking a few steps back. A few tear escaped my eyes, but I fiercely wiped them away.

"Goodbye my love, my world, my Axel Henry Albu von den Bach. May Mother Gaia and Mother Moon guide your path, and keep you from harms way." I say as I bowed down to him.

"Good bye my love, my world, my Jaden Anthony Bach Albu. May Mother Gaia and Mother Moon also guide your path, and keep you from harms way." He replies, also bowing.

Turning on his heel, he begins to walk to Saint James Park, the place where my one and only love would disappear from my life for a very long time, before stopping and turning around.

"JADEN!" He shouts, causing me to stop in my tracks and look back at him. He smiled at me, his onyx black hair blowing from the force of the wind, his once sapphire-blue eyes now a dark blood red, tanned skin glistening in the moon light. Blinking my chocolate brown eyes, I turn completely around to face him. 'Gaia…he looks to #!*% sexy in his navy blue trench coat and black pants.' I think to my self, fighting down a blush before calling out a "What?" to him. Smirking, he cups his hands against his mouth, before shouting "I LOVE YOU!"

Well that did it. The blush that I had been fighting so hard to keep down came up. Gaping, I stared at him for what seemed like eternity, before pushing back a lock of my silver hair, willing my chocolate brown eyes to change to red, before replying "I LOVE YOU TOO! YOU KNOCKLEHEAD!"

Turning, I start to walk off again, attempting to get rid of the blush that still occupied my face. Behind me, I can hear Axel cheering in victory, dancing like a five year old who got a penny for his birthday.



Providence, Rhode Island

Thursday, May 1st, 2011-6:45 a.m.

"Jaden…Jaaadddeeennn!!! Wake up you sleepy head! The teacher's going to yell at you again if she catches you asleep again!"

I scrunch up my eyes, trying to get rid of the annoyingly familiar voice that dared enter my dream/memory. Mumbling something that sounded a lot like 'you stupid git', the owner of the voice begins to vigorously poke and shake me, in a vain attempt to get me up.

"Come ON Jay! Wake UP!"

"Never…now leave me the bloody #!*% alone…" I mumble, waving my hand in the air in a lazy attempt to shoo the other away. Sighing in frustration, the voice walks away. Now note. If I had been awake, I would have immediately leapt up in fear, but since I was still half asleep, I just sighed in relief and began to go back to sleep.

Just as I was falling asleep, I hear two sets of footsteps, one of which was the owner of the annoying voice.

"Oi…Jaden. Get up." Came a strong, deep voice. 'Male. It's a male voice' I thought to myself sleepily.

"Five more minutes Mum." I moan sleepily, sifting slightly in my hard plastic seat. ' #!*% it…these sets hurt my #!*% …I'm going to have to complain to Headmaster…'

"Jaden…do you want me to poor a bucket of water on you?"

Well, THAT sure woke me up.

"DON'T YOU DARE!" I scream, snapping my eyes open in fear as I bolt from my chair so fast, it clattered to the ground six feet away from me.

Crackles of laughter is heard to my left as I continue to look around in fear for the dreaded bucket of water. Turning around, I set my glare on the 'King and Queen of St. Maris Academy'' doubled over in laughter.

"Oh ha ha! Very funny you two." I whine, crossing my arms over my chest in anger and annoyance.

"Hahahaha! C-come on Jaden! Y-you have to admit, t-that was pretty funny." Replied the 'Queen', attempting to move her long brown hair away from her emerald green eyes.

"Heh, S-Shay's r-right Jay! Y-your expression w-was PRICELESS!" gasped the 'King', his brown eyes closed at the force of his laughter.

Rolling my eyes, I just shake my head as I wait for them to regain their breathe. 'These two are going to be the death of me one day…' After what seems like hours, but was probably no more then two minutes, the King and Queen stand up straight, and appear relatively calm, with an occasional snicker from the King, they look at me, brown and green eyes staring at me.

"It was not funny Grant. You know that I don't like getting wet."

"Alright…fine. I'm sorry. Happy now?" Grant sighs in defeat, wrapping an arm around Shay's waist, and pulling her close. Rolling my eyes again, I ask "So why did you wake me up? Because from what I can see, class doesn't start for another 15 minutes."

Looking at each other quickly, Shay answers, "Well…we we're wondering if you are going to be coming to our house after school?"

Blinking, I begin to snap out a response that would sound like 'you wake me up just to ask that?' when I realize what today is. "Oh yeah…today's your guys anniversary, isn't it?" Upon getting a simultaneous nod from Shay and Grant, I smile and tell them "Of course! Why would I not go to my best friends' embayment anniversary party!"

Eyes lighting up, Shay rushes over and gives my a hug, "OMG thank you!" Chuckling, I peel the excited girl off of me. "I wouldn't do that! What if your fiancé starts to think that your cheating on him, hmm??"

Paling at the thought, Shay turns around and latches onto Grant. "I'M NOT CHEATING ON YOU GRANT! I SWEAR!" Laughing nervously, Grant pats the girls back, trying to get her to stop her rant of how she will always be a 'faithful wife, and that I will never, ever, EVER cheat on the only person for me.' After a few failed attempts to get her to stop with the rant, Grant turns his glare to me. Whistling tunelessly and looking at my nails, I pretend not to notice the angry pair of honey brown eyes that tried to bore a hole into my skull.

"Alright, I get it Shay. Your not going to cheat on me. Can you please stop and tell Jaden what time he needs to be there?"

Deciding that Grant really did know that she would be faithful, she turns to me, excitement in her green eyes. "You should come over to our place at around 3 to 3:30. That will give you an hour or so to change from your uniform, and get to our place." Getting a nod as an 'Ok', she starts to go over the details of the soon-to-be wedding before a realization came over me. I tilt my head to the side before asking, "Should I bring Lily and Amun to the reception, or should I leave them with the sitter?"

"Ummm…you can bring them if you want! I mean, it's not like we're going to be drinking or doing drugs or anything like that." Grant replied.

"You just want to spoil my kids rotten, am I right?" I ask, raising an eyebrow in amusement.

Grant raised his hand and rubbed the back of his head. "Heh, yeah I kinda do." Shay and I rolled our eyes, before Shay looked at me again. "Would you also go and pick up Luna, Sarah, Emily, James, and Zane? Zane 's car broke down, so now they don't have a ride."

"Yeah, I would love to."

"Thank you!" Shay replied, obviously relieved. "It's no problem Shay!" I reply, chuckling.

"Oi! I sensed that someone has just mentioned my name!" came a high pitched voice.









"You aren't helping Luna…"

"Shut up James. I don't see you, Zane, Jessie, Leo, Alex, or Jake trying to help."

Sighing, I look up to see my friends come into the classroom. "You guys are really hopeless, you know that?"sighed a girl with long dark black hair and light blue tips. She was currently wearing St. Maris Academy girl uniform, which consisted of a plain gray skirt (or black pants) with a black jacket that was buttoned up the middle. Underneath the jacket was a white shirt.

"Alexis, you should no by now that they are who they are. Triplets in a heated battle." Replies a dirty blonde boy, who was wearing the same uniform as Alexis, but was wearing black pants with a blue shirt underneath.

Turning to glare at the boy, said triplets exclaimed together, "SHUT UP ZANE!" before resuming arguing with each other. The triplets looked like each other, naturally blonde hair, so blonde that its almost white, and sea-green eyes, except for Emily, who dyes her hair midnight blue, with black tips.

Rolling his eyes, Zane turns to look at his secret crush James. "Why are we friends with them again?"

"I have no clue, mate." He replies, brushing his hair over his left eye. When James was 4, he, his mom, and older sister were in a terrible car accident. A piece of glass from the windshield lodged itself in his left eye, damaging it beyond repair. His mom died on impact, leaving a now half blind James, and paralyzed older sister, named Kathleen (Cat for short). Not wanting to wear an eye-patch, saying that it will make him look 'like a fricken' pirate', he just keeps his hair long and over his eye.

"Jaden! What are you doing up so early?" asks a boy with shoulder length brown hair, shock in his sapphire blue eyes.

"What? Is it strange for me to be up this early?" I cry, feigning mock hurt by placing a hand over my heart. "Ahaha…just a little. Usually when we come in your fast asleep." Laughs a girl with waist length brown hair. Rolling my eyes, I put my hand down. "Well jeez…make me feel loved Jessie, Leo."

As a response, they grin, revealing their gold and silver braces. "You know we love you Jaden!" they say at the same time. "Gah! Don't do that! You know that freaks me out!" I cry, putting my hands over my ears.

"Yeah, we know! And that would be the reason why we do it!" they reply, once more together, causing me to give a small scream, turn around and start to run, only to run into the 'Genius of St. Maris Academy'. Giving a small grunt of pain, they fell to the floor, with me on top of them.

"Hahaha woops! Sorry Alex! Sorry Jake!" I say, as I climb off of the top of the two boys below me.

"I-It is quite a-alright Jaden. It w-was not y-your f-fault." Stutters the one with spiked white hair.

"Well, even if it wasn't, I'm still sorry for knocking the two of you down." I reply, helping them both up. Rolling his eyes, the one with black hair said, "Ya ya we get it. So stop apologizing, okay Jay?" Raising my hand, I mock saluted him and said, "Yes sir, Jake sir!" before hugging them both.

"Ahahaha! Your s-so funny Jaden!" Alex (the one with white hair) cried as I began to tickle them. Jake, struggling against my 'evil fingers' as he liked to put it, cried out, "S-stop it J-Jaden! Hahaha! N-not f-fair!"

"Nope! Not until you stop being such smartass'!" I reply, smirking. "Jeez Jay…let them be. Your gonna kill 'em with all of that tickling." Zane said, attempting to pull my arms away from them. Rolling my eyes, I reluctantly stop my tickling. "Alright you two, your lucky that Zane here was here for ya. Next time I catch you two being smartass to me, I'm a gonna knock ya into next week. Ya here me?" When I get two quick nods, I smile sweetly (causing everyone in the room to shiver) and pat their heads. "Good boys. Now go sit down. Professor Allison is coming."

As those words leave my very mouth, our blonde haired teacher came strutting into the room. "Alright class. Time for first period to come to session." She sings, placing her reading glasses on her pale face. Grabbing her clipboard and a pen from her pocket in her gray pants, she begins to take roll for the day. 'And here comes another boring day at school…' I think to myself, saying 'Here' when my name is called.


"Lily! Amun! I'm home!" I sing, as I open the door to my 2 bed roomed apartment. Setting my keys on the key rack and setting my school bag by the shoe rack, I begin to take of my shoes when I hear two voices cry out 'MOMMY' before getting tackled by two 50 pound bags of meat. Laughing, I grasp the two meat bags that I called my kids, and gave them a kiss on the forehead each.

"And how are my two favorite kids in the world doing?" I ask, pushing them off of me.

"Quite well actually. Did much better then they usually did. Got ta warn ya Mr. Albu, I think those two are plotting somethin'." Came a southern voice to my left. Glancing up, I smile warmly at the tall girl that stood in my hallway. "Really? Hmm…well they better behave, or else they aren't going to be going to Shay and Grant's place." I reply. Upon hearing two very startled gasps, I look down at my children, and ruffle Amun's onyx black hair. 'So much like his father…'

"Yes you heard me correctly! Now go and get dressed, we're leaving in 30 minutes."

"Yes mommy!" came the eager reply as the two trouble-makers scampered off to their respective rooms and getting dressed. Smiling I look at the petite girl standing in front of me, her black hair tied in a braid. "Thank you so much for looking after them, Amanda. I really appreciate it."

"No prob-lamo Mr. Albu. Glad to be of help!" Amanda said, turning her bright green eyes to me. Smiling, I reach into my pocket, pull out $25, and hand it to the girl. "Thank you Mr. Albu. By the way, I was wondering, why do those two always call you 'mommy'? If ya don't mind me asking."

"Because I've been more of a mother to them then their real ma." I reply without hesitating. "Plus, it makes me feel special."

"Haha that's an awesome reason, Mr. Albu. Whelp, you have a good night now! I have to go to my next job. I'll see you tomorrow, right?" Upon receiving a nod from me, the girl grabs her red coat, puts on her Nikes, and walks out the front door.

'And they also call me mom because I am their mom...'

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