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Summary: Jaden Albu is a vampire, who has the ability to shape-shift into a girl. 200 years ago, he meet his lover, Axel von den Bach. 5 years later, Axel was called away by the King of Vampires, leaving behind his lover. Now, the year is 2011 and Jaden has all but given up hope of finding his love. Now, 155 years later, Axel's older brother comes into Jaden's life and tells him that Axel is still alive. Hope is renewed in his heart, but anxiety is still there. The anxiety on how Axel will react to seeing the two children that live with Jaden!

Rated: PG-13 (for now at least XD)

WARNING!: Sexual talk, maybe some lemon somewhere in it, boyxboy love/boyxgirl-whos-really-a-guy-love, abuse, rape, and language.

Chapter Two

Providence, Rhode Island

Thursday, May 1st, 2011 2:58 p.m.

"Amun! Lily! Are you two ready yet?" I shout, pulling on my light blue summer-version trench coat.

" Yes mommy!" came the reply.

"Got your shoes on?"


"Pants on?"


"Socks on?"


"Coats on?"


"Teeth brushed?"


"Books? Backpack? Pencils? Paper? "

"Yes, yes, yes, and yes!"

"Hair brushed?"



"Ok. Lily, bring your brush and I'll brush your hair and put it in a pony." I say, quickly grabbing a black rubber band that had blue frills on it.
"Yes mommy!" Lilly says, running into the small bathroom, before running into my small bedroom. It took less then 3 seconds.

"Lilly. How many times have I told you not to run in the house?"

"Sorry mommy. I'm just really excited! It's been awhile since I've seen your friends!" She apologizes, handing me the brush. Taking it in my right hand, I begin to vigorously brush her hair. "Jeez…why is your hair so knotty? And I know that its been awhile, but that doesn't mean you can run around! What if someone decided to walk in? What would we do then?" I ask, grabbing my daughters silver hair and putting it up in a ponytail.

"I-I hadn't thought of that…" she whispers, her shoulders dropping at the thought of what someone might do to us if they found out that we were vampires. Sighing, I place the brush on the side of my messy bed and turn her around, gazing into sapphire-blue eyes.

"It's alright sweetie. You just forgot." Gently I brush a stray lock of shining sliver hair from her tanned face. Tapping my finger on her nose, I say, "I would be as excited as you to be able to see my friends." Standing, I usher her out of my room and tell her to go and get all three of us a glass to drink. Nodding quickly, she dashes off to get our drinks. Smiling gently, I glance over and look at my appearance in the mirror that sat next to my bedroom door.

My silver hair was cut short, just covering my ears, making my chocolate brown eyes look bigger and even more innocent then before. My long light blue coat covering my black t-shirt and blue-gray jeans. My face looked showed signs of over working and hardships. My right hand was covered in white bandages, covering my Mãrk. I tell my friends that when I was younger, my step-father got angry at me, and slashed open my hand so deep, it showed the pearl white bones.

Sighing, I walk out of my room, only to run into Amun.

"Amun! Are you ok?" I ask, concern flashing through my eyes. Rubbing his butt, he looks up and smiles at me. "I'm alright Mom!" Smiling, I help him up and lead him to the kitchen.

"Lily, did you get our drinks?"

"Yep! Here's one for me, one for Amun, and one for you!" she says, smiling as she handed us a glass filled to the brim of thick red liquid. Smiling, Amun and I take our respective cups (his is a see-through black, Lily's is a see-through navy blue, while mine is a dark see-through silver) and raise our cups.

"To the long life that is ahead of us." I say, downing my cup in two giant gulps.

"To the long life that is ahead of us." My children chorus, both downing their cups in 4 gulps.


Providence, Rhode Island

Thursday, May 1st, 2011 3:35 p.m.

"Oh! Where are they? They said they'd be here by now…." Shay cried, throwing her hands in the air in frustration. "Shay…calm down. You know how bad traffic is after work hour. Jaden probably got stuck in traffic." Grant said, taking a hold of his fiancé's arm and pulling him into his lap.

"I know…I know! I'm just being paranoid again…" Shay sighs, wrapping her arms around his neck and resting her head on his dark blue button up shirt. Smiling softly, he starts to stroke her long brown hair for a few minutes, before calling out, "Henry!"

A man wearing a black butler suit came in and bowed. "You called, Master Jintao?" he asks in a monotone that would put anyone to sleep.

"Yes, I did. Will you tell the guards to allow the following people in when they get here?" Grant asks, still stroking Shay's hair.

"Yes Master Jintao." He replies, taking out a small blue notebook and a black ballpoint pen. "I am ready when you are, sir."

"Alexis Yuki, Emily, Luna, and Sarah Haven, Jessie and Jesse Vega, one is a boy, the other is a girl. The boy goes by 'Leo'. Next you have, Alex and Jake Runners, and Jaden Albu." Grant lists, counting off on his fingers.

"Oh! Jaden's also bringing his two children, Lily and Amun Albu. Their 6, and are the cutes things in the world!" Shay pipes in, now brown eyes sparkling in delight. Smiling softly, Henry wrote the names down, every once-in-a-while asking how to spell a last name. Bowing, Henry left the young couple to themselves.


"HEY! Let me in, you #!*% ! We were invited by Grant Jintao and Shay Dimon!" I cry, my patience running thin. "I am sorry, Mr. Albu. I have not gotten any notes, phone calls, or e-mails saying that you and your friends are allowed on the premise. Now I ask you to please leave the premise before I call the authorities." The guard said slowly, clearly angered.

I felt my left eye twitch, as I begin to snap out a response, when I feel a little hand on my shoulder. Turning, I see my daughter looking at me, blue eyes boring into mine. "Mommy…why not just call Mr. Grant or Ms. Shay?"

Blinking, I look at my daughter dumb founded. "Oh…that makes sense…Now get in your seat and buckle up young lady. I don't want you to go flying out of this car." I scold, kind of ticked that I just got out smarted by my 6 year-old daughter. Moreover, none of my friends were going to leave out that little detail.

"Ha ha you just got owned by your 6 year old daughter!" Zane scoffed as everyone else snickered. Even the guard couldn't help but smile at my current predicament, but one glare from me shut him up right there and then. 'Cocky #!*% …I'll show him who got owned…'

"Yeah yeah I know, I know! I got owned! I got owned by my genius daughter" I cry, turning to glare at them, my chocolate brown eyes narrowing dangerously.

"Hahahaha! C-come on Jay, y-you have to admit that you getting schooled by someone who isn't even in school, is pretty fricken funny!" Jessie said, causing everyone to roar in laughter. Gritting my teeth, I begin to pull out my iPhone when an old man came running down the yard behind the tall silver gate. Everyone in my car watched as he went up to the guard and handed him a list.

The guard took one look at the list, before looking up at me and asking, "What are all of your names again?"

Sighing, I close my eyes in annoyance before managing to choke out, "Jaden Albu, Emily, Sarah, and Luna Haven, James von den Fassbinder, Zane Albeit, and my two children, Amun and Lily Albu."

As I said these names threw gritted teeth, the guard checked off our names one by one. Looking up, his dull green eyes showing that he was in discomfort, before mumbling, "Sorry…looks like you were right. Go right ahead" before pushing a button on his control panel, causing the cast-iron gate to open.
"Finally!" James cried, throwing his hands in the air. "We can go in!" Lily giggled at his actions, causing Amun to look up from his manga. "Your weird sis" was all he said before diving back into the action filled life of Naruto Uzumaki. Lily turned to her little brother, whacking him upside his head.

"Owie! Mommy! Lily hit me!" Amun wailed, clutching his aching head.

"Lily! Don't hit your brother!" I scold, shifting the car into drive and pressing (lightly) on the gas pedal to make it move.

Amun smirks in triumph, grabbing his book from the floor. Crossing her arms over her chest, she grumbles something incoherent, before setting her glare on the back of my head. I hear snatches of laughter emitting from my friends in the back, in a vain attempt to cover it up. Smiling I shake my head, keeping my eyes on the small road in front of me.
After about another ten minutes driving up to the house (mansion is more like it, but ever since Shay moved in, it is now being referred to as a house. Don't ask me why, because I have NO clue what so ever) I finally pull into the parking garage and parking.

"Alright everyone! We're here! Now get the #!*% outta my car before I kick all of your buts!" I chirp, taking the keys out of the ignition and getting out. As soon as the words left my mouth, everyone bolted out of my car, for fear of me caring out that threat. Smirking, I lock the door and take Amun and Lily's hands and walk up to the front door.

'Hmm…wonder what kind of wood the door is…' I think, knocking lightly, but forcefully on it. Glancing at my watch, I sigh. 'Crap…we're 15 minutes late…Shay's gonna be freaked out."

Looking up, I have just enough time to see a light brown blur before something crashes into me, causing me to fall onto the healthy looking grass with a loud 'THUMP!'.


"Shay…let him go…you're going to strangle him to death." Grant said, looking at the blur…Shay, in astonishment. Shay gasped and quickly let me go. Gasping for breathe, I place a hand on my chest, breathing in deeply.

"J-jeez Shay…y-you nearly k-killed me there…" I pant out, blinking my eyes. "I…don't want…my kids…to…grow up…without…t-their…mom…"

"OMG! I'M SO SORRY!" Shay cries out, once again glomping me to the ground. I cry out as I'm forced backwards, once again losing my breathe. Behind me, I heard snatches of laughter, so I somehow manage to turn my head to glare at my so called 'friends' and children.

Lily has her hand covering her mouth, attempting to muffle her laugh, while Amun was rolling on the ground laughing,

The triplets were doubled over in laughter, their hair covering their faces, while Zane was using James as a support to keep himself from collapsing on to the ground.

Rolling my eyes, I close my eyes and start counting.

"1...2…" Lily and Amun's eyes snap open in fear when they hear my gentle voice start counting. They stop laughing immediately as they scramble to hide from my soon-to-be-noticed wrath.

"3…4…" Shay leaps off of me and hides with Amun and Lily.

"5…6…" Just then, Jesse and Leo pulled up with Alexis, Alex, and Jake. 'Poor saps' was the thought that went through my mind as they stepped out of the silver Volvo.

"7…8…" By now, everyone's heard me counting. Alex and Jake stiffen in fear, before running back into the car. Alexis, Jesse, Leo and Emily, who had finally stopped laughing, looked at them like they we're crazy (which they kind of were). Zane, James, Luna, and Sarah had the misfortune to continue laughing as I continued to count.


Everyone watched me in a stunned silence. I felt my left eye twitch as I stood there panting. No one dared come over to me, for fear of being ripped in half or worse. To this day, I don't know if she was stupid or brave (maybe both) when she walked over to me.


"What?" I snap, turning my angered gaze on my daughter. She blinks, before reaching into her bag and pulling out a magazine.
Smirking, she holds it up in my face, allowing me to see the women on the front. "Mommy…what's this?" she asks sweetly.
My mouth fell open as I felt the blood rush to my face. My daughter…my 6 year old daughter was holding play-boy magazine. Not one of those magazines that had a women that was covered in those areas…oh no…the blonde women on front was exposed for the world to see.

"WHERE DID YOU GET THAT!" I screech, snatching the porn magazine from her grasp and ripping it to shreds.

"NO!" upon hearing the cry of protest, I narrow my eyes and turn to look at the owner of the accused magazine, who was clasping her hands over her mouth.

"So…it was you Emily…you gave my daughter this…poison…" I manage to hiss out, clutching the remains of the magazine. Said girl waved her hands out in front of her, all the while taking a few steps back to escape my wrath.

"Nononono…I didn't give it to her! S-she found it! Yeah that's it! She found it!" Emily cried, panic and fear lacing her voice. She takes another step back when I took a step towards her.

"Found it eh?" I ask, my voice dropping to a deadly whisper. Emily's golden eyes darting to look at our friends, who had stepped into the safety of the house. I continue to walk towards her, my eyes blazing with anger.

"That may be…but what was it doing in Lily's reach?" I snap out, still advancing towards the doomed girl.

Emily opened her mouth and closed it repeatedly, trying to think up a good excuse. Finally coming up with nothing, she dropped to her knees, staining her white jeans green. "I'M SORRY JAY!" she cried, clasping her hands together, begging me to have mercy on her soul.

"You had better hope to the Gods that she didn't see anything in that bloody magazine, or else it will be your head" I hiss out, still advancing towards her, until I hear a voice I had hoped I never heard again.

"Well now…it seems like you haven't changed at all Lord Jaden."

My eyes widen as I whip around to confront the owner of the voice.


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