Red Plaid Shirt


It's just been one of those days
Where nothing seems to have gone right.
And it's promising, just as surely,
To be an equally miserable night.

I lay in bed, blanket drawn, eyes closed,
And I pray I'll make it through another night
As I curl myself up in an old shirt of yours
And pretend I'm being held in your arms, tight.

Frankly, it's sad that all I have left to cling to from
You is a slightly ragged, worn out, old, red plaid shirt.
But at least, during the coming lonely nights, it's something—
Better than nothing – that'll help stave off all the hurt.

True, the worn cotton is no replacement for
Being wrapped safe and snug in your embrace.
But it is enough to remind me of why my
Precious feelings for you I won't misplace.

It's only a simple, slightly worn garment, I know;
Just a worn out, kind of ragged, old, red plaid shirt.
But in these long, quiet moments alone at night
It's like I'm with you again which is a great comfort.

For a moment I don't have to think about reality;
For a moment I'm allowed to pretend
That I'm safe and sound with you, in your arms,
And that my happiness won't have to end.

So… for now, I'll hang on to this old shirt,
And with it, I'll hold my memories of you.
And for now… I'll be wearing it to bed each night,
Wishing with all my heart that it were you…

{{Until it finally is again…}}


L. Sherman