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4 years later...

"Young 10-year-old Lily Green spends about three hours each day volunteering. Green has been volunteering constantly at charities and non-profit organizations. 'I like working with people, and I love helping others. It's always been my thing.' she says, when interviewed why she's so willing to donate her time and effort for others. 'I have a twin sister named Rose. When we were little, she would always help me. She still does, and she's more like an older sister at some times. I owe it all to her. If it hadn't been for Rose, I don't think I would have gotten this love to volunteer. I especially like working with cats. They're always so sweet and understanding.' Green is currently living in East area, where she was born and raised. During her spare time, she likes to play with her cat, Cinnamon. She's already starting to plan for her own non-profit organization called 'Green Times' which will help children who have been bullied or hurt by other children. She wants to help kids like her, who have been constantly teased and bullied by others."

"Lily Green, isn't that the girl you helped?" Takashi asked. Melissa nodded.

"I can't believe it. Alyssa was right. Lily's the One." She replied.

"And Lily's like you, so if it hadn't been for Alyssa's death, it would probably be your name on this."

Melissa smiled. "Yeah right, I'm not that wonderful." Takashi laughed.

"I heard Luke proposed to Lauren." He said. They were sitting at the table in their small house they shared. Right across was the finishing school they were both attending.

"Yeah, Lauren told me it was really sweet." Melissa smiled. "So, when are you going to propose?"

Takashi blushed but laughed. "How about right now?"
Her mouth dropped, making him laugh even more.

"T-Takashi!" She said, flustered.

"You're so cute like this," He said, kissing her forehead. "Is that a yes?"

Melissa grinned. "Of course, you idiot! Why would I say no?"


Tibby walked over, jumping onto Melissa's lap, purring. Leonardo ran into the room too, and behind him, Ginger and the three other kittens.

"Tibby, go back to your mother," Melissa said, placing Tibby on the ground after a quick pet. She growled, but not before Ginger snatched up her kitten and walked out of the room.

"Aw, they're so cute!" It was Kayla, having came in through the door. She chased after the cats.

"Sorry, maybe we should have knocked." James said, coming in.

"No, it's okay." Melissa said, smiling. "Where's Abby and Amelia?"

"Hiya, Melissa! Hiya, Takashi!" Abby came in, grinning as usual. She took James hand and they sat down.

Amelia followed after her cousin. "Hi, you guys." She said. Melissa led them all to the living room, where they sat down talking.

"It's been a while, hasn't it?" Amelia asked, helping Melissa get out the food.

Melissa nodded, smiling. "Did you hear about Lauren?"

"Oh yeah," Amelia nodded, grinning. "They're getting married! I'm so happy for them!"

"And what about Ichiro?"

Amelia blushed, laughing. "Oh, believe me. I don't think he'll work for me. He's too... I don't know, but I'm not sure about him. I heard he likes another girl. I think her name's Ruth. She should be nice."

"Even after all that? Then what about you, Amelia?"

"What about me, Melissa?" Amelia smiled. "So? What about Takashi?"

Melissa scowled. "Don't try and change the subject. But he proposed. In a very unfashionable way. I'm going to tell him to redo it."

Amelia laughed. "Go for a fancy, romantic dinner and then have him propose."

"He'd be too shy to," Melissa whispered. They laughed.

"Hey, what are you two whispering about?" Takashi asked, smiling.

"Nothing," Melissa replied, smiling back. They all burst out laughing. Then the doorbell rang.

"I'll get it!" Kayla shouted. She ripped the door open.


"Ichiro!" Kayla squealed. She hugged him, laughing. "I haven't seen you in so long." James was about to stand, glaring threateningly at Ichiro.

Melissa sighed. "I don't James will ever be able to stop being so protective."
"Yeah," Takashi agreed.

"James!" Abby tugged on his arm. "Let them be alone."

"I can't see it." Amelia said thoughtfully. "I don't think the two of them would work together."

Melissa nodded, "Yeah, but give them a chance."

"Melissa!" Lauren shouted, running towards her best friend. They hugged each other, laughing and giggling.

"It's been so long!" Melissa said after they had let go. Luke and Takashi smiled at each other. There wasn't that tension between the two anymore, but they still weren't sure how to act with each other.

"Yeah, we have to get together more often." Lauren replied.

"Is everyone here?" Amelia asked, setting a plate of cookies on the table. Melissa glanced around the room.

"Yup," She replied, sitting down. They all sat down, friendly chatting with each other. Ginger and Leonardo came into the room, hopping onto various laps to be petted. Their three four kittens came in too, rolling on the ground and purring.

"Oh you guys!" Kayla ran out of the house and came back in, nosily. She was holding one cat and behind her were five others.

"Melissa, meet Taboo!" Kayla handed Melissa the black and white cat. Taboo purred softly as Melissa stroke the soft fur.

"He's gorgeous, Kayla," Melissa said. Kayla giggled.

"I know, right? And this is Almonds; that silly one over there is Mabel; see this guy, aren't his eyes wonderful? They are the most amazing blue ever! That's why he's Pacific. And this is Jingo; and that's Bamboo. Aren't they all so adorable!" Kayla grinned and began petting all her cats.

"Didn't Haile and Mac die?" Ichiro asked bluntly. Kayla frowned, but then smiled again.

"Yeah, but at least I have all these guys!" She grinned and then proceeded to attempt to hug all her cats at once.

"What happened to your other cat?" Lauren asked.

"Yeah, the one who didn't get any kittens?" Melissa asked.

"Oh!" Kayla stared at the ceiling, thinking. "You mean, Cammy? Poor Cammy died too." She stared at the ground sadly, while running her fingers through Bamboo's fur.

"Are we going yet?" Abby asked. They all glanced at Melissa. She shrugged.

"I guess we should," She stood. "I don't want to go at night." They all nodded and stood too.

"Melissa, can I take everyone along?" Kayla asked. Melissa nodded.

"The more the better," She smiled. Everyone gathered their gifts and flowers and walked out the door.

The walk was fairly long. They continued their talks and chats, with eight cats and four kittens along with them. Some were in their arms; some walked faithfully behind them.

When they arrived, Melissa pushed open the familiar gates and everyone fell silent. She walked along the rows and finally stopping at one particularly familiar place.

"Hi Alyssa, long time no see, huh?" Melissa said softly, staring at the tombstone. Memories came back, remembering all sorts of things. Sitting here, talking about what had happened at school. Being overheard by Takashi. Talking to the priest and meeting Leonardo.

Melissa lied down her bundle of flowers. A mix of wildflowers, lilies, and roses. Everyone set down their flowers, and Kayla brought a wreath.

They stood there silently, staring at the grave, now bedecked with beautiful flowers.

"Can I say something?" Lauren asked. They all nodded.

"Well, I haven't visited you a lot, Alyssa, sorry about that. But can I do a remembering thing?"

Everyone nodded again.

"Alyssa, to me, was a great friend, a best friend. I don't have a sibling, but I think Alyssa was like a sister to me."
What Melissa was thinking was, Isn't it a bit too late to be doing a remembering thing? But she wanted to hear what Lauren had to say. Lauren hadn't been there for Alyssa's funeral, and Melissa was sure Lauren had wanted to do something like this for Alyssa.

Lauren sighed, scowling. "You know what? I can't do this! I'm no good with speeches, Melissa. I don't know what to say. You say something instead." Then she buried her head into Luke's chest. He wrapped his arms around her, rocking gently, muttering softly.

"I..." Melissa stared at the grave. "I don't have anything to say to you, Alyssa. I just want you to know that... thanks, for everything. Because... you... I don't know, but your death... it taught me things, things that I normally wouldn't learn. And you... are, and always will be, the best sister in the world – and friend too."
They stared at the tombstone for a while, silent. Then, suddenly, Takashi took Melissa's hand, knelt down, and pulled out a small, black box.

Kayla gasped, giggling.

"Melissa, will you marry me?" Takashi asked, staring straight into Melissa's eyes. She stared back at him, astonished.

"Yes, of course!" And she pulled him up to his feet and kissed him. Everyone applauded, laughing and cheering.

The group of friends crowded around the couple, but to Melissa and Takashi, there was only the other one. As the wind rustled the leaves, she thought back to when she first met Takashi, and smiled.

Melissa thought she heard Alyssa's voice in the wind, a faint whisper, saying softly, "I'll forever watch over you from above."

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