Hospital. 1pm.

I heard beeping noises, monitors telling people that I still had a heartbeat. That was a good thing. I blinked my eyes open to see a bright, white light above me. I had an oxygen mask on and I was glad I did, thinking I wouldn't have enough air without it. My arms had wires covering them, the wires were hooked to machines, checking to keep me alive.

"You passed out again." John said from across the room.

I looked up at him weakly and lifted a slow, weak hand to the mask, gently pulling it off. I swallowed hard and took in a deep breath. "I need… to tell you something."

He got to his feet and walked over to me.

I put the mask back on, knowing he would've done it for me, and looked up at his face.

"What is it? Please, don't tell me you have some illness."

I shook my head, slow because it felt like it weighed so much. I lifted the mask off. "I-I'm a… ghost."

"A ghost, really." He said, acting like I was super crazy.

I gasped for air. "I'm not lying. That's why I'm so pale. And why I keep fainting."

"You've got to be joking."

I coughed, my body aching, then breathed in more air. "I'm not joking. I… changed before you came over that one day."

"Prove it." He said, crossing his arms over his chest.

"I can't." I said, trying to look desperate. "Not until the sun sets. How much time is that?"

"In a few hours." He said, bitterly. "You can sleep until then."

I looked up at him, my chest rising heavily. "I'm sorry."

He looked down at me, all the anger gone from his face, sadness taking place. He placed his hand over mine on the mask then put it back in place. "It's ok. I just want you to be ok. You won't die, will you?"

I shook my weak head then lifted the mask off, just to the point where he would be able to hear my small, weak voice. "No, I won't. At dusk, I'll go… invisible," I took a deep breath. "And you won't be able to see me, only feel me. I need my strength then, to go invisible. My body gets weak… until that time. I'm much stronger at night and I don't need much sleep." Another breath. "I know this is a lot to take in."

He nodded and put the mask back on securely. "It's alright. Rest until then."

I nodded and rested deeper into the pillows. "John, remind me that I have something to tell you."

He gave me a small smile. "I will."


I woke up, stronger, and invisible.

"Jazmine, are you still there?"

I pulled the mask off and set it beside me. "Yes."

He was shaking, just a little, as he walked over to me. "Are you ready to talk?"

"Yes, I am." I pulled the IV's out of my arm and walked over to John, slowly. I laid my hand on his forearm and he shivered.

"You're cold." He breathed.

"Yes, but only when I'm… invisible."

"You're ok now?"

"Yes, I'm fine. I didn't think I would be that… ill before. It's never been that bad."

"So… you… changed when your parents died?"

I swallowed. "Yes, I did. I walked inside my house and some man attacked me. He pulled me into a separate room, not a part of my house, and turned me. With only a needle."

"You don't know a name? Where you were?"

"I don't know anything except what the man looked like. I wish I could have got some of the stuff he gave me, so at least I'd know how he did it."

"But-why would he chose you?"

I shrugged though he probably didn't feel it. "I have no idea."

"Didn't you have something to tell me?" He asked softly.

"I-uh… yeah." I swallowed and bit my lip before I spoke. "John, I like you. But not as a… friend."

He put his hands on my arms, where mine were on his. "Arms, right?"


He exhaled and lifted a hand up to brush my hair aside, doing it perfectly. "Wow, this is… different."

I laughed nervously.

John was staring at my lips as he leaned in, finding my lips as if he could see me. I wrapped my arms around his neck and shut my eyes, romantically.


Released. Jazmine's house. 5pm.

"Thank you for taking care of me."

He nodded and kissed me lightly. "You were sick. Working where I do, I had to do something."

"I thought you did it just to be nice." I said with a smile.

He rolled his eyes. "Sure, sure."

A door banged upstairs and I jumped to my feet.

"Stay here." I whispered as I went invisible. "And don't make a sound." I crept up the steps and… the man was back. The one that turned me. I made myself visible again and glared at him. "You! This is your fault!"

He crossed his arms and smriked. "Sure, blame me." He rolled his eyes. "Adjusting well?"

"I'm fine, thank you." I spat through clenched teeth. At my sides, my hands were balled into fists.

He pushed off the wall and walked up to me. "I told you I'd visit."

I looked at him, glaring viciously. "You should have stayed away."

"And miss all the fun? I had to come back to see my girl." He said, putting his cuped hand on my cheek.

I threw it off. "I'm not your girl."

"Oh, really? We have so much in common."

"I don't care what we have in common. I want you out."

"I don't think so, sweet pea." He kissed me and pulled me into a very tight embrace. I couldn't escape. He pulled back, I shoved him away, and bolted to my room, slamming the door shut. He banged against the door. "Let me in!"

I took a deep breath and let out a loud, loud shreek. I went invisible and hid under the bed, still invisible.

The door burst open and I knew the man was coming in. "I know you're in here!"

He went invisible though I still saw him as I was invisible. I rolled out from under the bed and ran for the door. I pulled it open and ran down the hall.

The man stepped into the doorway and grinned wickedly at me, still invisible.

I went visible and ran down the steps. "John, we have to get out. Now!"

He nodded and his eyes went huge. "Jaz, look out!"

I turned around, quicker than possible, just as the man threw me to the ground. I yelped and tried to push him off me. "Let me go!"

"Not until you come with me."

I stopped when I thought he wouldn't try to hurt me. "Why didn't you try to hurt me when you changed me?"

"I don't know what you're talking about."

"You didn't hurt me at all when you had me captive. Why didn't you hurt me?"

He blinked a few times and his eyes… turned dark brown. The same brown I'd saw when he turned me. Something was trying to take over his body. "Help. I don't have too long." He croaked in a whisper.

"John, go to my room and bring every belt you can find. Please."

He nodded and ran upstairs.

"Hey, hey, what's your name?"

He moaned, like a ghost would, duh, and his chest rose then collapsed. "T-Troy."

John handed me a bundle of belts and I took them, dumping them on the floor beside me.

"You sure you should be helping him?"

"Somewhat human-being dying here. As a somewhat doctor, I have to help him. Plus, he's being possesed."

John didn't say anything more, just watched, as I tied Troy's arms and waist to the staircase.

"You sure that'll hold him?"

I nodded. "The wood's bolted to the steps which is bolted to the floor. He couldn't possibly become that strong."

He nodded.

I tied Troy's legs together at the knees while he watched, not fighting or protesting at all. "Think that'll hold?"

He nodded and swallowed. "I hope."

I crab-walked back a few steps, into John's arms, and I felt them wrap around me.

"Jazmine, I'm sorry about everything. I wish I haden't done it. Any of it."

I nodded then looked at him confused. "H-how do you know my name?" Damn it, I didn't think my voice would stutter.

He shrugged. "I guessed. Plus, it fits you."

I looked up at him and felt a tiny shock of symathy towards him. "Why did you chose me to change?"

He looked down at his knees. "You're special. To me."

"How?" I asked, my voice very soft.

"It's a spark." He said, shrugging as much as he could. "I just never meant to hurt you. It wasn't supposed to be like that."

I nodded. "I understand."


Troy turned himself in, letting the police know that he was crazy. He called them from his spot on the floor then they came and strapped him to himself. He never faught against them. He gave me a small smile before they loaded him in the ambulance.

"What are we supposed to do now?" John asked from behind me.

I tried to talk but nothing came out. What were we supposed to do now? "I don't have much longer."

"So what happened before's going to happen again?"

"I-I… I'm not sure if it'll be that bad."

"I'll stay with you… if you want."

I nodded, shaking a little. "What time is it?"

"6:45. Fifteen minutes or so until the sun sets."

I gave him a shaky thumbs up before I walked over to the couch. I sat down and pulled my knees up to my chest.

"How are you holding up?" John asked as he sat down beside me.

I shrugged, not saying anything.

"Jaz, what's wrong?"


"Jaz, I know you better than you think I do. Tell me."

"I have to leave here after I've turned for tonight."

"What for?"

"I need to get something from my office." I said simply. He didn't need to know what I was doing. If he did, he'd stop me.

"We need his body, James. Unless you want to starve." A man said.

"I don't, Zachary. I still find it wrong. We're stealing a body! It's not right."

"You'll die without the dead flesh. Do what you want but I'm taking him." The man, Zachary, said as he drug the body across the floor.

I lifted my hand to my mouth, gasping lightly.

Zachary stopped short, looking around cautiously.

I ran down the hall and into my office, lightly shutting the door. I grabbed the blue folder and slipped it into my coat to hide it. I opened the window and looked down at the empty parking lot.

Now third person point of view.

"Who's in there?" Zachary asked from the hall. The glass on the door smashed as he broke in. "Ghost." He whispered, narrowing his eyes

She swallowed but didn't move.

"I can feel you. Don't think you can hide. Or get away."

The window came back down more and she flinched.

"Step back in here. You wouldn't want to leave me here alone."

She gulped and turned to look at him. He didn't see her but he noticed the slight breeze her turn made.

"W-what are you doing here?"

"You have bodies. I decompose them for food. Plan and simple."

"But you-"

"Don't exsist? I do. If I'm standing here."

She turned and jumped out the window, running across the parking lot. The wind whipped against her face, pulling her hair backwards. She screamed as an oncoming car slammed into her, throwing her hundreds of feet backward. She fell on her back painfully. It snapped in half at her lower, paralyzing her from the waist down.

The man from the building grabbed her from the road and started running. She didn't know where they were going. She was too weak. Too broken. She was in so much pain. She went unconscious instantly…

The End.

This is part two of the Ghost story. Yes, I'm leaving you with a cliffhanger. And this is the last chapter. I'm sorry but writing this was a hastle. I got a bit of writer's block for two months.

I'm glad so many of you liked it. Please check out my other stories.

-Writerandreader 3