crimson throne


thousands of years ago, the demon seer of th underworl saw the horrible destruction of the world of dark magic in the distant future. the destruction would come from an unlikely source, one who you would think would be working for the darkness not against it. the destroyer would be one of their own, a half-human half-demon prevent this monstrosity from coming forth, the master of the dark world declared. that upon the birth of the destroyer, a well trained team up of the most highly esteemed, high level dark-magical beings, will persue, search out, and gain possesion of the destroyer and it's extreme power, hence forth he or she shall be trained in the way of the dark arts, so once the former master is unable to reign any longer, the destroyer shall take their place on the blood red throne and take the title of master of the dark world. on the seers first vision the search shall begin in the year one thousand nine hundred and ninety one.

*************************many years later**************************

it was two o'clock in the morning on friday of february thirteenth 1991, when the ordeal was finally over. after eighteen grueling hours of labor, Casey Megan Ryan was born a happy seven pounds eight ounces, to excited parents Korren and Michael Ryan. this was the date that both michael and korren dreaded. for on the day of casey's birth, the powers of darkness shall arise in search for the prophecied being. the being so strong that they could destroy the dark world with no opposition.

this would be of no concern to most parent, on the contrary any normal parent would be ignorant of the exsistance of such a world. but of course the Ryans were no ordinary parents and Casey was no ordinary child. she Casey was the child of the seer prophesy. Casey Megan Ryan was not only a premature new born, but also the destroyer, the heir to the crimson throne.