'You're better than this,' he said
Gently shook his head
Sighed a little
Rose a little
Then sat back down.

On my face
A perpetual frown
A scowl
Peeping 'neath the
Stringy strangy
Strands of my

"Well, fuck you,"
I said.
"You think you know
The fucking answers to
Why don't you just
Drop dead,
Fuck a goat
Shut up.

I'm sick of the sound of your voice
It sounds like
The sounds of
Lies breaking
Making way
Through the split of your lips.

You don't know me
Not the me I am today
Nor the me that was yesterday
You know the me from years ago
When we were young
And the nights were younger
And nothing mattered.

I'll die alone
The way my mother said I would,
Beaten by
My flavour of the month
Too sweet
Too salty
Too sour
Flavours of the month,

And he won't come for me,
Watch this space
The only thing in it
Is me
My doubts and fears
Scurrying like roaches
Will drive him away
Just like they drove you away
Just watch this space."

Then he sighed
And sighed once more, for good measure
Then stood up
And walked away.