I dream of:
The sea, a strange hue of blue,
Like liquid in a paperweight.
The surface shimmers and shifts;
I wonder if I am dreaming?

I dream of:
The world;
And it is a giant maze.

Endless walls stretch on forever
Even though the scenery changes.

I am looking for a way out.

I pull a tile off the wall
Crawl through the space
And learn that I will only ever
Get out of here
If I stop searching for the right path
And just make my goddamn own.

Once, I am every single inmate
at a female penitentiary.

I am the same in every cell,
I know every sense, taste and smell
Of all of me,
Waiting patiently
In all my dingy, soulless cages
At all my different heights and ages.

Come afternoon the pressure mounts
And suddenly
I all break out.

I dream of:
Vicious giant killer bugs
black and yellow.

They storm the museum,
Romantically lit
For some fancy artist's exhibit.

They swarm and circle everyone.

We scream and stumble
Run and fumble
And climb the statue in the garden
But no farther than
Halfway up
They follow us and swallow us
And eat us from the inside out.

I am running.

Wind is rushing by my ears
And in this moment no one hears
The chilling, stabbing, awful fears
I carry in each step and breath.

Heart thumping,
Pulse racing,
Blood burning,
Body wasting.

I run. I jump. I soar - not quite;
I clear the museum gate.

For a moment there is not a sound
So I turn around and-

Here they come!
No! Wait! WAIT!

I start to cry
I try to scream
But by now
it's far too late.

I dream of:
A construction site;
And all the frames are

There is a shout, a shot;
I run ahead
And find my father – dead.

I dream of:
Marrying Pierce Brosnan;
Halfway through the process
I become unhinged and confused
And wonder how all this came to be
because after all, don't I love
Only you?

I dream of:
Sex with exes,
I partake with
Clinical amusement
And watch their contorted faces
And wonder if they'll ever learn
That I'm only humoring them.

I dream of:
Falling asleep next to you
I melt into you
lay my head
on the warm crook of your shoulder
Lull you into slumber
And then I steal the sheets.

I dream of:
You, sister
All alone far away
Playing mind games with yourself
because no one else understands the rules.

On nights like these
I look out and wonder
If we're both staring at the same sky
And if it connects us in a way
Mere words never could.

I dream of:
Ice creams in midwinter
Eaten on a sidewalk
Where I stopped
Simply because it took my fancy.

I dream of:
Autumn Leaves;
They swirl in eddies
Catch the sun and
Turn in golden.

In this autumn
Urban forest
Waiting for the bus
I am Pocohontas.