"Lydia!" She turned towards the voice, instantly recognizing Sage and Nora from the crowd of students. The three had been friends for years, so she'd probably be able to pick them out of an entire ocean filled with people.

The two girls were twins, and many people had difficulties telling them apart, but not Lydia, she could tell them apart from their motions, and voice pitches. She grinned as she waved towards the two, who had begun a walk-run to catch up. Sage had been the one to shout to her, as Nora was much too shy to make a scene. Lydia waited patiently for the sisters, reflecting still on the evil her teachers bestowed upon her, otherwise known as homework.

"Hey Lydia," Sage spoke, grinning, as Nora held up her hand in greeting. "Leaving without us?"

"I guess you've got me figured out," Lydia said.

They walked homeward bound, occasionally shifting their bags, no real conversation taking place, just the unanimous drone of complaints about English assignments. Nora had begun kicking a rock, every time she approached it, she'd kick it again. Eventually Sage got involved, and then Lydia, until finally the rock wound up out of anyone's reach. Giggling at their childish manner, Lydia reached up and flipped her dark hair from her face; it had fallen out of place when she glanced down to kick.

She felt Sage's eyes before she saw them, they watched carefully, Sage seeming to ponder something, Lydia immediately felt self-conscious. Of course, Sage had a way of making her feel uncomfortable about everything. Just being around Sage made her worry, she'd even caught herself wondering if Sage would like or dislike an outfit before she put it on. Sage of course, never cared, never said a word, she'd just ramble on and on about anything that struck her interesting. Nora on the other hand had the tendency to make Lydia feel comfortable, though Nora constantly acted uncomfortable. Nora was one of those people who just looked awkward; like they weren't quite sure what body it was they were operating. Lydia blinked back into reality, noticing they'd stopped, Sage still eyeing her.

"What is it?" Lydia asked, touching her hair cautiously.

"Do you like curly or straight hair?"

"What? I mean, I guess, probably straight hair."

Sage made a "that's-unusual-and-very-interesting noise", instantly making Lydia more self conscious than before. Nora stared at her sibling in question, just as Lydia did.

"Well, people with straight hair seem to want curly hair, while curly haired people usually want straight—or at least that's what all the people I asked said…" Sage muttered quickly, before shaking Lydia off as a strange one.

They walked on for a few more minutes, before Sage stopped them again. This time instead of staring, she reached her hand to Lydia's hair, intertwining her fingers in it, and releasing. Sage then began to stroke Lydia's hair. Lydia felt the heat spread across her face as Sage continued to feel her hair; Nora in the background kicked the ground, waiting for Sage to stop whatever it was she was doing. Lydia waited as well, she didn't mind Sage's hand there, she kind of enjoyed it. Sage's hand slipped back from Lydia's hair, but the heat across Lydia's face stayed.

"Your hair is very soft," Sage said, restarting on their walk, leaving Lydia steps behind, confused. "Do you use conditioner?"