She stood watching the rain. From the side of the overpass she could see the lights and silhouettes of the city. She rested her hands on her pregnant stomach and sighed. The rain was warm on her skin. From behind her, she heard a car slow and eventually stop. She didn't need to turn and look to know who it was. "You stupid bitch, get in the car."
Erica did, without so much as a second thought. Although his car reeked of cigarettes, it never bothered her. On the contrary, she enjoyed the smell.

Clayton kept his eyes on the road as they drove, but his knuckles were white against the steering wheel. "Are you stupid?" The question was rhetorical, and Erica knew that. She didn't answer.
Every word weighed heavy with rage. "I specifically told you to stay at the apartment."
"I was looking for a job." The lie came lightly and easily. "That's what the classifieds are for." Erica wasn't sure how to react. Clayton was always in a bad mood, but she could never tell when he was going to haul off and hit her. Sometimes, he didn't do anything.

They reached a stoplight and he switched his gaze from the road to her stomach. "I told you to abort the goddamned thing." Erica didn't respond. He made it clear that this child inside of her was not one of the few things he liked.
The apartment wasn't far off. Maybe if she'd just throw open the door and run....he wouldn't leave his car here and couldn't get there first because of the traffic...maybe she could get there before he did and lock him out...they didn't have a spare key.
Maybe she'd finally call the number to that women's shelter on the card Wendy shoved in her face every time she bought groceries. Her hand inched slowly toward the handle...and stopped.

That was stupid. Completely stupid. Clayton would find her and beat her into a coma. She knew better than to go against him so blantantly. She had hit somewhat of a rebellious streak anyway, and Clayton wasn't very happy.
She decided to just go home and make some coffee. They had two TVs, so they wouldn't have to be in the same room to watch something. What she wanted to do, more than anything was curl up into a ball, put herself into some self-induced trance and never come out.
That would be absolutely wonderful.


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