I learnt to find beauty in a moment
To make that moment an eternity in itself.
I learnt to breathe in deeply and
Feel the wind kiss my eyelids.

I learnt to find a laugh in a twitch of the lips,
In a wrinkle,
In raised eyebrows.
I learnt to find companionship in silence
To find words in someone's eyes
To find a joke not out loud.


I learnt that I must not practice music,
Just play,
To let melodies flow
Like something natural from my mouth
To let my fingers wander
To simply find melodies, and not know them.

They may not be perfect but
They are mine,
So now I can give them to you,
And we can share them with the world.
This is why they are beautiful to me.


I learnt to find music in the wind
And in the crashing ocean wide
I found it in the gushing stream
I found it in the starry sky
I found it in the rising dust
and in the gathering storm
In the changing tide of seasons
In falling autumn leaves and snow,
In summer heat, and warm
Blue-sky mornings and
In sun-stained mountainsides,
I found it in the wings of birds
In dancing feet and lovers sighs.
I found music in sorrow
In tears, and in years gone by,
I found it in friendship
I found it in laughter.
I found music in moments,
In minutes and seconds and smiles.
I found music in early morning epiphanies,
I found it in poetry,
In Rumi and in the softest breath,
I found it in you, O Beloved,
I found it in your face
And the curve of your jaw.
I found music as we wandered
and wondered,
And found it by mistake.
I found music in silence,
I found it in stillness,

I found music in me.