Title: The Phoenix and the Irish Angel

Authoress: ANT-chan

Rating/Genre: Romance/Drama/NC-17 (for foul language, violence, anal, oral, HJ, bondage, NonCon, and YAOI. LOTS OF IT. XD)

Summary: At age thirty-three, Baaltazar Patroclos was handsome, charming, reasonably wealthy, adventurous, talented... and perhaps too self-confident for his own good. How is he ever going to get out of this one? M/M

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Warnings for this chapter! Man-on-man sex and some bondage! :D

The Phoenix and the Irish Angel

"I believe that that angels, or something like them, sometimes live among us, hidden within our fellow human beings."

Chapter 3: Surprising Complications

It was nearly three in the morning when Cael was able to go back to his room, tired, irritable, and clueless as to what to do about his guest. The others had seen fit to mock him when he'd stepped back into Gallagher's office, asking – among other things – if his new "pet" was not to his liking. That had been the kindest of their questions. And Gallagher had just sat there and watched them jeer at him. Not that Cael had expected anything less. But rather than say anything, he had simply dismissed his coworkers with a hard glare. He offered them no explanation, simply because they didn't deserve one.

Luckily, they had fallen silent before Cael was forced to get outwardly temperamental. Annoying bastards they were (all but Daire), but they'd been in the business long enough to know that when the boss spoke, you listened. It had been a short talk, dictating that they were to intensify the outer guard – since apparently it was very easy to break in if you were determined enough. Their mysterious thief had proved that well. And also that if their prisoner was caught doing anything suspicious, he was to be immediately restrained and brought to Gallagher himself. That had been said with a pointed look at Cael.

"I don't know about you, gentlemen," he'd concluded at last, "but I am ready for this night to come to a close." There had been a general murmur of agreement from the rest of them. "Goodnight, boys. Daire, Rolland, you're with me tomorrow after breakfast. Owen, you're watching after Morrigan. Cael and Caven have tomorrow to themselves." They had slowly filed out of their boss' office, saying half-hearted goodnights to one another.


Cael had paused at the door as Gallagher called to him.

"Yeah, boss?"

"Take tomorrow to enjoy your new… friend, hm? You really do need it."

Cael hadn't known what pissed him off more, the fact that his employer assumed he was sexually deficient or that Cael was capable of raping someone to "fix it."

It was probably the latter, he was forced to admit as he trudged back to his suite. He'd been living with the former for years now. The redhead stopped outside his room after a while, and could strangely not bring himself to open his door. There was a man in there who, however much he'd pretended to act unfazed by all this, was probably still panicking. The man probably assumed he was going to be beaten or raped or any other horrible things. Cael actually wouldn't have been surprised if the captured thief had jumped out of the window to what was likely his death.

'Here goes nothing…' Cael steeled himself, unlocking his door and cracking it open.

And found the wannabe-thief lounging comfortable on his sofa, idly twirling the loose pair of handcuffs around his finger. "So the unwitting savoir returns. Or at least temporary savior," he greeted flippantly. "I trust your little meeting went well? Hope you don't mind, I had a poke about the place."

Cael frowned deeply, not sure whether to be offended that the man had been poking around his rooms or not. He was mostly just baffled by this man. The fact that he had gotten out of his handcuffs surprised him little. The would-be thief had proven to him time and time again over the last few hours not to underestimate him. Cael leaned against the wall, crossing his arms and watching the, admittedly beautiful man, expectantly.

He rose to the silent challenge spectacularly. "So you're Cael, yeah?" he chuckled, laying the cuffs on the table.

After a second, Cael nodded. "And you're… Baal?"

"Yes, you could call me that." Baal's eyes drifted over him, sharp and devious and calculating. He leaned forward with his elbows on his knees and his chin propped on his hands. "So. How is this going to work?"


"Let's not be coy, now! You made it quite clear why you ah… kept me. I do hope you'll at least use proper lubrication. You don't look like the type to be that barbaric. I'm a fan of rough sex, handsome, but I don't like the idea of bleeding."

Cael's hackles rose immediately, choked with a combination of indignation and horror. There was something guarded behind those mahogany eyes, like he actually expected Cael to go through with it. Deep down the redhead had expected it, but it didn't stop him from feeling insulted. "I'm not…"


"I'm not going to…" He almost said "rape" but thought better of it. "…have sex with you. I never intended to."

Baal looked so genuinely skeptical that it made Cael grit his teeth in annoyance. "I'm. Not," he hissed firmly.

An elegantly arched brow quirked. "Then why claim you wanted me to warm your bed?"

Cael averted his eyes in what he hoped was a subtle manner. "It kept you from being tortured and killed over this stupid stunt."

Baal grinned slowly. "That it did. And it was not 'stupid.' I've been looking for that necklace for five years. And the man who bought it turned out to be dangerous and less than likely to sell it to me."

"So you decided… to steal it. From a crime lord."

"Mmhm." He smirked so proudly that Cael was forced to question this man's sanity. He was obviously lacking. "So then if you don't intend to use me, what do you intend to do?"

Cael blinked at the sudden question. "I… hadn't thought that far ahead yet," he confessed. "I guess you'll just stay here until we figure out what to do. You don't have anyone that would come looking for you, do you?"

The smirk on Baal's face turned dangerous. "Yes, but they're not expecting me back for months." And with a low chuckle, he added: "And you'd better hope they don't come looking." His sister was practically a one-woman army herself, and had faced down much deadlier things than a crime lord and his flunkies. And if his father tagged along – with or without any of his allies from his occultist days…

Brennan Gallagher wouldn't know what hit him.

But Cael was looking at him warily. He waved a hand dismissively. "Don't worry about it, handsome. It won't come to that." No, it wouldn't. Not when Baal was determined to escape within the next week or two. "Out of curiosity…" He narrowed his eyes, watching every minute reaction to the question he was about to pose. "If I find a way to escape – without incriminating you – would you allow me to?"

To his surprise, Cael didn't hesitate with his response. "Yes, if you could do it without getting me fired or killed. Or yourself killed."

Baal nearly found himself at a loss for words. Nearly. "You'd actually let me escape?" Despite the more than merciful intentions the gangster had shown him, such a thing seemed too good to be true.

Cael merely shrugged, attempting to look like it truly didn't matter. Whether or not Baal believed him was a different story entirely. "Yeah. You don't seem like the type to do well in… captivity. I'll keep an eye out for any opportunity to get you out of here without it being traced back to me." For a moment, the slender brunet fell silent. This man had finally caught him completely off guard. Saving him along had not been something Baal was expecting. But showing such selfless intentions… was far beyond that. It would be so much less trouble for Cael if he killed Baal outright. And far more "rewarding" if he'd used Baal as he'd claimed. But he didn't. Lying or not, the possibility was startling.

"Are you the type to avoid killing?" Baal asked slowly, trying to see through any possible falsities.

It was hard to find any. "I'm not afraid to kill when it's needed," the redhead answered. "But I would rather not kill ah, innocent bystanders." This, one could only assume, was his code for "idiot thieves."

Baaltazar Patroclos tilted his head, gazing at the man as if for the first time. 'Circumstances as they are…' The man was handsome, even a little mysterious, and his profession definitely counted as a dark side. He was dangerous, yet had proven himself to be oddly kind. He might as well have walked off the pages of a cheesy romance novel. Sure, he had no sense of real style, but that flaw could be easily trained out of him.

'Oh my…'

"I… love you." The words were out of his mouth the moment the thought even barely flickered through his mind, leaving him confused and… shocked, to say the least. As soon as his words met the suddenly tense air, Baal frowned, barely keeping himself from bringing a hand to his lips.


That was a surprising turn of events!

Cael was looking at him like he was sure he hadn't heard correctly, or as if Baal had grown a second head. Either was likely. "…What?"

But Baal had quickly recovered, smiling without shame. "I said I do believe I've fallen madly in love with you, Cael." Because it was true. And why not? While he was confident in his ability to escape, there was also a chance that he would not live more than a few months longer. Why should he waste this opportunity?

"You can't be serious."

"Oh, but I am. The people in my family don't say those things without meaning it." It was all-too true. A "curse," almost. They often spoke out their feelings of love the moment it occurred to them, and oftentimes at the worst moment.

Cael, however, didn't believe him – not that Baal expected him to. But that was alright. Baal stood with an easy smile, his eyes hooding just slightly in a sensual gaze. "Come, now, what's so difficult? Why even question it?" he purred as he slowly walked closer. The redhead straightened as he approached, jolting away from the wall and taking a half step backwards. Baal was across the room before he could decide whether or not to flee. He didn't stop until he was just a step away, close enough to slide his hands up the man's chest, smirking as he flinched. "We shared quite the kiss up on the roof, didn't we? Couldn't we share one again?"

He was not surprised to be pushed back, those lovely green eyes glistening sharply. "I told you-!"

"That you didn't intend to force me into sex. Yes. I know. But you aren't forcing me, handsome. Far from it."

Cael's words lodged in his throat, and it took far too long to break them free again. "You're not fooling anyone," he hissed as the brunet slid free of his hold and moved in close – far, far too close – again. "You're not going to win any favors by acting like you want to have sex with me."

"Who said anything about acting?" Baal snickered. "I certainly didn't."

"There's no way you could actually-" Again, the devious bastard cut him off, this time be leaning in before Cael could stop him and just barely sliding their lips together. A choked little sound left Cael's mouth and he jerked back. Or tried to. Baal wasn't about let this drop, it seemed. The slender man followed, latching onto him and sealing his mouth over Cael's. It was a flashback to their struggle on the roof all over again. The feel and the smell and the taste of him was so intoxicating. Just like up on the roof, Cael found it hard to think of anything past the pure sensation of the kiss.

But also like up on the roof hours earlier, he forced himself to shake it off after a few thrilling moments. His hands gripped Baal's arms, shoving him back and holding him at arm's length. "No."

"Yes." It was all Baal said at first, teasing and playful. "I want you. Don't you want me? Hm? Even a little?" His tone was so knowing that Cael wanted to shake him. Or kiss him.

'Damn him!' Because he was right! And the evil little bastard knew it too! The smirk on Baal's face was growing wider and wider as the seconds ticked by. 'Damn him, damn him!' With a hard tug, they were kissing again – Cael forcing their mouths together and nipping hard at those sensual lips. They parted eagerly for him, allowing him more of that intriguing, rich taste. Baal squirmed out of his grip long enough to press his body to Cael's, never once breaking their heated kiss. The redhead growled lowly as hands slid into his hair, raking through the thick locks and working his ponytail free.

Baal was not about to be outdone, though he was thoroughly enjoying being kissed so passionately. He kissed back, purring and smirking in delight as Cael tried to dominate him. Baal certainly wasn't going to make it easy for him. He twined his tongue with Cael's, returning every nip and slide of lips. It only seemed to incense the man further, much to his excitement. The kiss grew harsher and more insistent.

A lover that was all passion. How thrilling!

'Mmm and not bad skill either.' He dragged his hands through that luscious red hair and down over the lapels of the man's suit jacket. Baal made a sound of excitement as he tugged the taller man by his jacket, and Cael obeyed almost mindlessly. The jacket was shed as Baal walked backwards, blindly leading them towards the bedroom. Neither of them could be sure when Baal stopped pulling and Cael started pushing, but neither of them really cared at that point either. All Baal cared about was getting their clothes off as he was pushed down onto the bed, wriggling and snickering as the larger man nipped angrily at his lips. Or what he tried to portray as anger. There was no hiding the lust rolling off of him with every touch.

He was working on the buttons of Cael's shirt when the man finally took charge in a bold way. "Nnn?" the quizzical sound slipped from the brunet's lips as his hands were grabbed harshly. Pulling away proved useless as they were brought up and pinned above his head. "What's this now?" Baal murmured, not at all worried by the narrowed emerald eyes gazing down at him.

Cael didn't answer, only shifting Baal's hands into one of his own and pressing down hard as the man tried to escape. His belt was quickly pulled from his waist, wrapping it around the slender man's wrists and cinching it tight. He tried not to feel even the slightest bit worried as the man winced.

"So we're playing rough now, hmm?" Baal murmured, testing his new bonds. He fought not to roll his eyes as Cael squeezed his wrists tighter.

"No." It was all Cael deemed to tell him. The man wanted sex? He could have it. (Cael didn't let himself admit that he wanted it just as badly.) But he wasn't going to let the man take advantage of him. Because he knew that was all this could be a ruse for. Without another word he dipped his head, kissing the restrained brunet forcefully. But this time he didn't give Baal a chance to respond to it, quickly tipping the man's head back with his free hand and scraping his teeth along his jaw. He ignored the questioning sound that slipped from Baal's throat, nipping sharply at the graceful arch of the man's neck. Anyone else should have been fearful – or at least nervous – of being restrained like this with a man who could kill them. Anyone else, Cael's mind continued to insist, would not have spouted off ridiculous love confessions and tried to seduce their captor.

But this man was going against all reason. Even restrained like this, he still arched his head back further to allow Cael more room to explore, his long, slim legs wrapping around his waist and keeping them pressed together.

Nothing about Baal made sense.

'And yet here you are, giving into his advances.'

The thought filled him with such a mix of anger and pure, unadulterated lust that Cael could have sworn his blood was actually boiling. There was no denying that he was reacting to the man's seductions. There was no denying that the feel of him squirming beneath him was utterly electrifying. No matter how much he hated that fact.

Because it almost made him wonder if he actually had gone without relief for too long.

And all that did was make him angrier, and tug open the buttons of Baal's shirt with enough force to make the stitches creak ominously.

"Be careful!" the man beneath him hissed. "This is Armani!" Cael could do nothing more than roll his eyes and push the designer shirt from the man's shoulders, revealing the bronzed, flatteringly toned form of his torso. Baal was not muscular, but lean and probably flexible. His smooth, unblemished skin was mouth-watering. Oh yes, the man was beautiful. It was enough to make up for the fact that he was so finicky over his clothes.

With a final, commanding glare, Cael loosened his hold on Baal's bound hands so he could slide further down. This time the man did not attempt to escape his binds, only emitting a humming moan as the redhead scraped his teeth over his collarbone. Cael didn't waste time exploring and teasing, like he usually enjoyed with his lovers. His free hand was already sliding down Baal's flat stomach, a near caress on its way to tug at his pants.

The chest beneath his lips vibrated with a disappointed huff. "No foreplay? What's your hurry, handsome?" Cael ignored him, working to undo the button and fly of the man's slacks and dipping his head to take one dusky nipple between his teeth. "Mmnn. Alright. Haha, we'll do things your way." The brunet sounded so infuriatingly laidback that Cael bit into the taut peak in his hold. Baal hissed sharply, squirming against him. But he was still hard and hot beneath Cael's hand. He finally managed to work his pants free and immediately shoved the offending material from Baal's slim hips.

Baal jerked his hips expectantly, just as the other man's rough hand enclosed his eager length. The contact was exactly what he needed after all this excitement and terror. His body arched languidly into the touch, his hands twisting in their makeshift bonds. "Aahh…" He was much more satisfied when Cael didn't immediately move on, taking a few moments to run his fingers over his heated flesh. The touches were fleeting and just bordering on teasing, but it was at least some relief. And in combination with the almost harsh tugs of teeth on his nipples, it was making his body heat pleasantly. "Don't stop yet," he murmured before the larger man could even consider it. "It feels quite nice."

That lovely mouth made its way back up to his throat, where it latched on and began to suck a love bite into his flesh. "And what if I do?" Cael growled softly.

"I'll be so very disappointed."

Cael wasn't sure what it was that made him laugh so incredulously – the theatric sigh in the man's voice or the fact that he remained so untroubled by all this. It was enough to cool his frustration with the man just a little. "We can't have that," he replied sarcastically, but gave in to the man's request anyway and stroked his fingers over the taut flesh.

The slim male twisted under him, and Cael let out a warning rumble as he tried to jerk his captive hands free from Cael's grip. The redhead glared up, only to find the man smirking in what was a clear challenge. "No, we can't."

'Be careful, sexy,' Baal mentally snickered. 'I may be doing things your way, but I'm by no means submissive.'

It seemed that Cael understood his silent challenge. A single brow arched, deep emerald eyes scrutinizing him. They were such lovely eyes, especially now – glazed with lust and yet still so fiery. Just looking at them made Baal want to purr like a satisfied feline. If only he could see more of the man. He was sure there were much more bewitching things to explore…

His thoughts proved a sufficient enough distraction, it seemed. He blinked as the firm body pressed to his lifted, and his pants and underwear were swiftly tugged the rest of the way down his legs. Baal chuckled, his eyes bright and eager. A part of him – a very wanton part of him – didn't truly care how quickly this went. Actually, that part of him wanted this to get to the point as quickly as possible. Which was why he didn't so much as protest when callused fingers pressed against his lips, seeking entry. He parted his lips willingly, beckoning them in and twining his tongue around them.

"Tease," Cael hissed lowly, his whole body seeming to throb in reaction to the sinful movements of that tongue. All he got in return was a devilish smirk around his fingers and a playful suck. His fingers were removed with a soft pop before the little bastard could torment him anymore.

The brunet chuckled, and he licked his lips. "Be gentle with me, Cael," he purred, his voice a mockery of sweetness.

But even still, hearing his name roll off Baal's tongue sent a chill down his spine. "If you want sympathy, you're going to have to try harder than that."

"Did I say I wanted sympathy?" Baal shifted on the bed, his legs parting just enough for Cael to catch the clear invitation. "But the look on your face was enchanting." He laughed as the redhead's lips curled in irritation. The hand holding him down pressed harder, trying to assert what dominance Cael thought he could use against him. Untroubled, Baal merely smiled, and waited.

The first caress of slick fingers was always exhilarating – if nothing else, a sign of what would soon come. His body accepted the first easily, eagerly, bringing a breathy sigh to his lips. He heard Cael's breath catch, and smiled seductively up at him.

It sent a chill straight down to his toes. Cael averted his eyes, determined not to show how much that single smile affected him. He was not going to give the man the satisfaction or the advantage. But even without looking, he could feel how the devious intent behind that smile deepened. The knowledge only made his sheer frustration – both with himself and this man – grow to full force again. He refused to look the man in the eyes, merely leaning down once more to mark his neck while he prepared him. He worked in a second finger with relative ease, pressing his fingers along the smooth inner walls and gradually stretching him. Baal didn't appear to be in any pain. He only moaned and pressed down on his fingers. Cael had known from the start that the man was no virgin, to say the least. And it was obvious that Baal was very comfortable with sex – and sex with strangers, from the look of it.

Cael didn't take long. He was sure he didn't really need to, and for all the protesting Baal had done, he didn't seem too keen on waiting either. The moment he began to crook his fingers, the brunet growled low in his throat, twisting his hips and angling so Cael touched that electrifying bundle of nerves with shocking ease. "Oooh yes…" The breathy sigh of pleasure made his patience finally snap.

Before he could even think about it, he was removing his fingers and sitting up. He ignored the inquisitive, thoroughly disappointed sound his captive made and stood. Cael could feel Baal's eyes – no doubt hooded and dark with passion – following him as he stepped over to his bedside table. He wrenched open the bottom drawer, quickly ripping a condom from the set and the bottle of lubricant.

He heard a flurry of movement at his side and glanced up, his hackles rising. But Cael was shocked to find that Baal was actually not attempting to escape. (And he wasn't sure if he should be surprised of that fact.) His mouth went dry all over again. The brunet had squirmed his way up to the pillows, and was now sprawled languidly across the bed with his bound hands stretched above his head. Cael's eyes traced the gentle arch of his back and down those long, slim legs spread invitingly for him.

"Haha… if you like what you see… you should come take it." The teasing laugh was more than Cael could take. He ignored the next laugh that issued – warm and enticing – from the man's throat, and hastily ripped the foil packet open. He didn't even bother to remove his clothes, merely unzipping his pants and freeing himself. He rolled the condom over his throbbing shaft, shivering in barely restrained lust. He willed his fingers not to shake as he spread a generous amount of the lubricant over himself. He was not particularly worried about hurting Baal, but he wasn't going to be selfish about it either. "Mm…" Cael almost didn't dare look. He didn't want to look. But his eyes wouldn't obey his thoughts.

Baal's eyes were glittering when he finally turned to him, lust-darkened eyes trained shamelessly on Cael's groin. The slender man licked his lips, and Cael fought the urge to blush instinctively. But rather than say anything, he climbed back onto the bed, frowning pointedly as his captive smirked up at him and spread his legs wider. "Come on," Baal murmured in clear excitement.

Cael scoffed and reached up to take the brunet's chin in his hand, nudging his head back forcefully for an instant. "Who's in control here?"

Baal was less than intimidated, damn him. "Why, you are, of course."

If he was honest with himself, Cael was past the point of frustration. No matter what the redhead thought, Baal was giving him control. Even if Cael was easily able to physically overcome him, Baal kept that air of confidence.

'He thinks he can escape if he needs to.'

Not that Cael would let that happen.

"Shut up," he growled deeply, grasping Baal's hips and tugging him closer. The man only grinned at his command, reaching out with his bound hands and caressing Cael's chest almost reverently. Almost, except for that damnable teasing grin that Cael was already starting to hate.

Baal snickered in utter delight as his hands were snatched away almost immediately. His wrists were held in the iron grip of one of Cael's hands, and Baal didn't bother to try and pull away. Because Cael was shifting, using his free hand to adjust Baal's hips. Baal couldn't care less if the gangster didn't want to be touched; not when he could feel the man's tip pressing against his entrance. Finally, finally!

'Impatient slut,' Baal mentally chastised with a smile. 'You make all this fuss about proper foreplay and yet you can't wait to get to the main course.'

His thoughts screeched to a halt as Cael's hips pushed forward, entering him in one smooth, unfaltering thrust. It stole the breath from his lungs and every thought from his head, leaving only pure sensation. The mix of discomfort and pleasure was all-too-familiar to him. There was no pain, and Baal groaned and started to shift his hips. A growl met his ears, the hand on his hip tightening its grip, but he didn't heed it. He rotated his hips again, searching and adjusting until- 'Ah, there!' A strained sigh of relief left him as he finally found comfort, transforming into a purr at the delicious feeling of being filled.

Cael was glaring at him.

"Oh don't… make that face," he laughed breathlessly. "I was not trying to tease. I'm ready." Baal smirked up at him, arching eagerly. "Don't hold back."

Cael fought to keep his glare steady. It was quickly becoming a futile goal when he was buried deep in that hot, constricting passage. "I won't," he managed to rasp. He released the brunet's wrists slowly, satisfied when the man didn't immediately try to act out again. And then Baal laid his bound hands above his head and gazed up at him, smiling deviously and looking so tantalizing spread out beneath him. Cael had to swallow back a groan. No man should be allowed to look so erotic and beautiful.

The redhead braced a hand by Baal's shoulder, holding back a shudder of delight as he shifted his hips in the first experimental movement. The slender male arched beneath him, inhaling sharply in anticipation. If Cael had any more control over himself, he would have used that to his advantage. Made him wait. Made this infuriating man whine and beg for the pleasure that Cael was keeping from him.

Maybe he'd try that next time.

He was so far gone that it didn't even occur to him that there shouldn't be a next time. Or that there shouldn't have been a this time.

"Cael…" His name was whispered into the still air of the room, soft and almost passing as genuine. That damned smile was still there, but it had lost a little of its strength as Cael started to thrust into him. He didn't bother to ease into it, which he half-expected Baal to protest. But at the first hard thrust the man's back arched, an all-too-pleased moan leaving his reddened lips. Cael almost smirked. He would have, if he could think of anything past the pleasure and the heady mix of lust and anger coursing through him. His hands clenched in the sheets, leaning over his sprawled and writhing captive and driving into him with more force.

Slim legs tightened around his hips, the willing body beneath him urging him on even as throaty little groans were leaving Baal's lips. The man refused to lie still, twisting and arching his hips to Cael's rhythm, guiding them and still thinking he was in control, damn him. He refused to acknowledge the danger of the situation, and the fact that he was very likely to die before this was over.

"Stop thinking." Cael almost paused as Baal spoke, his voice breathy and hitched. "Stop thinking… so much. Just fuck me."

Cael didn't know what it was about this man, but he wasn't sure he could have resisted even if he wanted to. 'How far you've fallen, Cael.'

Baal's lips quirked as his hands were held down once more. His new quarry was determined to keep control, it seemed. The brunet would almost be worried if he didn't see it was a challenge. He didn't have time to gasp as the older male descended, smothering the sound in a harsh kiss. But Baal wasn't about to just take it. He squirmed and twisted, straining against Cael's hold. He slid his tongue against Cael's, pushing back, unwilling to let the man dominate him without earning it. His legs inched higher up the man's waist, and he moaned as he found just the perfect angle for Cael's pounding rhythm. Each thrust made him see stars, brushing against his prostate and making a muffled purr leave his lips.

"Mmph… more…" he murmured between kisses. He felt Cael's breath hitch against his lips, barely holding back a sound of pleasure as he obeyed. The man's thrusts came faster and harder than ever, making Baal's entire body shudder. Pure ecstasy was overtaking him, eroding his senses away until he was only aware of the pleasure he was feeling. His hands tugged against Cael's hold, wanting nothing more than to drag his nails over the redhead's shoulders. "Aah… yes…" His quiet purrs were becoming increasingly incoherent moans, his breath coming faster and shorter as heat flooded his veins.

He barely managed to snap to reality as a hand wormed its way between them, callused fingertips sliding a shiver-inducing path to his cock. "No!" he gasped, his voice almost failing. "Not yet… wanna… nngh…" Baal furrowed his brows as his words slurred. "Want to… enjoy this…" Just for a while longer, at least. Cael's weight withdrew from him, the man lifting himself to allow some space between them. Deep green eyes met his. Baal smiled. They looked so deliciously conflicted and lusty and oh yes, he would have so much fun with this one.

Baal craned his head up, wanting to kiss this lovely specimen of intrigue. For the first time, his unwitting captor didn't attempt to force dominance – however weak an attempt it had been. Baal managed to set the pace; warm and passionate and breathless as their rhythm pushed them closer to the brink. And Cael didn't protest. 'That's right, handsome. Give in to it.' The triumph that came with winning only made his blood pound quicker in his ears. He'd gotten the redhead to give in – to be his for at least this moment. The heat in his veins reached a fever pitch at the realization of his victory. He squirmed harder than ever, arching and pressing his now aching length against Cael's firm stomach. The friction, the heat, the wonderful feeling of being taken with such force and passion… it was perfect. Baal managed one last thought – to pull away from their desperate kisses to avoid biting Cael's lip to the point of bleeding as his climax neared. He almost managed a fervent moan of his lover's name, but the sudden onslaught of ecstasy stopped him. His vision flooded white, his entire body seemed to be sparking, pushed ever hotter by each subsequent thrust and groan issuing from the man above him.

He smiled as Cael froze, his whole body finally shuddering in release. "Mmm…" he murmured, leaning his head up to brush his lips over the man's rushing pulse point. He slid his legs over Cael's hips, not quite wanting to let him go just yet. Lucky for him, Cael hadn't seemed to have regained his strength yet. The brunet extracted his tied hands from Cael's, bringing them over the man's shoulders and pulling him close. He was a little heavy, but not uncomfortably so.

"That was quite nice," Baal sighed.


"Indeed." He chuckled. He quite liked the redhead like this. If only he could keep him that way.

The moment of afterglow was doomed to end – to crash and burn, really. After too few seconds of boneless relaxation, Cael jolted in his arms. The man broke free of his loose hold, sliding out of him quickly enough for his boneless body to feel the discomfort. Baal sighed dismally. "Now, now. Can't we cuddle?"

"Pain in the ass," the gangster hissed in reply.

"Perhaps not for you," he retorted, squirming for a more comfortable position as he watched Cael discard the condom on the way to the bathroom. "But very much so for me. So rough~." A damp towel was flung out of the bathroom door, and Baal had to duck to avoid getting hit in the face. "Haha! Oh, don't be all sour with me. The afterglow is supposed to be enjoyable." He smirked as he caught a glimpse of Cael's frown in the mirror. It was really too bad that their lovely moment had been ruined. But the man was turning out to be just as entertaining like this. "Come back to bed, lovely. I'm cold."

Cael stepped back into the room, buttoning his pants and glaring murderously at him. It would have been intimidating but for the pinking of his cheeks. "No," he said flatly.

Baal ignored the tone of finality, and pouted in mock-disappointment. "No? You aren't going to kick me out of your bed after tying me up and fucking me raw, are you?" It was an over exaggeration. The slender brunet knew he could find a way out of the belt binding his hands with a little bit of concentration and maneuvering. But he didn't want to be forced of bed, truthfully.

The redheaded man clenched his fists, unsure of whether to be confused or furious with him. He couldn't decide what to make of the male still lying prone and nearly naked on his bed, a spattering of come still on his stomach. The sight was a tempting one, which only frustrated him more. "Then stay there," Cael grunted, moving forward and quickly undoing the belt. Baal's suddenly free hands immediately reached out to touch him, and he forced them away.

"Where are you going to sleep then?"

Cael trudged towards the door. "Out here."

There was a heavy sigh from the bed. "And I thought you liked me. You seemed so-"

"Don't. Say. A word," the larger male said in a clipped tone. "Just stay there for tonight. And don't try to go out into the manor, either. I'm locking the door and keeping the key on me."

To his dismay, his warning was taken with no heed whatsoever. "Oh, you're worried about me! How sweet. I'll be perfectly fine here, Cael. Good night." And with a devious chuckle, he added, "I love you."

The bedroom door slammed shut with resounding agitation. Baal grinned widely, listening to his newfound companion as he stomped and muttered and – after a full minute – flopped down on the sofa with a creak. "Stubborn man," Baal snickered. He grabbed the cloth that still lay forgotten on the bed, quickly cleaning himself up a bit. He stood and stretched, an unsteady groan leaving his lips as his legs trembled. Baal stumbled to the bathroom with a smile, dropping the rag on the counter. He took a moment to clean up more thoroughly, smirking at his flushed and slightly sweaty reflection in the mirror.

Nothing quite lifted the spirits like mind-blowing sex. Granted, his new companion was closed off throughout much of it.

'I'll get him eventually.'

There was a tune on his lips as he folded his shirt and set it by the bed. Blissfully naked, Baal strode over to Cael's closet, and took a few minutes rifling through it. In the end he chose a dark button-down shirt, and slipped it over his shoulders. The sleeves fell to his fingertips, and he had to adjust it to keep it from slipping from his shoulders. "Perfect," he chuckled, looking down at himself. "Just one more thing to drive him delightfully mad." Pleased with himself, Baal climbed into Cael's comfortable bed – though it looked just slightly too small for a man of Cael's size. It was still warm, and it smelled like sex and some curious mix of faint aftershave and something that must be naturally Cael.

'Not so bad for a life and death situation,' Baal thought, smiling lazily as he settled down for sleep. 'Not bad at all.'

End Chapter 3. Walk on, Traveler of Worlds.

Oh god FINALLY. I bring you another chapter! This one fought me the whole way through. I worked so hard to get you guys your sex scene, and just like Cael in this chapter, it fought every step of the way! Not to mention my recent trip to stay with my aunt makes finding time to post a little awkward.

Anyway! Onto the chapter. The only thing I really wanted to point out with this one was Baal's love confession. Yes, that actually was a real confession for him. He fell in love with Cael at that moment. Of course, it's less "happily ever after" love and more lust and extreme affection. It's a shallow, short-term love, but it's still love. The only type of love Baal's used to, really. For now, anyway. X3