It's a solution, not a problem.
It's a need, not a want.
It's everything.
I can't stop.
If I do, I'll gain, and lose.
I'll gain the hate towards my body, and lose the game.
That's what it is. A game life is a game.
Either you win or lose.
Doesn't matter how hard I try.
I'm still failing.
I need you here now, more than ever.
Because you won't hate me for losing.
And I won't hate me for being hated.
I'm just a song stuck in your head.
I'm here for now, but sooner or later you'll forget me.
I don't want that so I'm winning and losing.
Losing my ugly, winning the game.
You're my game.
I'm your song.
I'll be here till you forget.
Just don't tune me out.
Or I'll lose and lose and lose.
I'll disappear off the face of the earth.
I'm disappearing as the game goes by.
Sooner or later I'll be thin enough to please you.
Just don't let me lose.