Natalie checked her rear view mirror the entire way home. She didn't want those goons following her everywhere she went; eventually they would be following her into the bathroom. She couldn't deal with that.

"Fuck!" She screamed into the steering wheel. She didn't know what to do, right now she was alone and there was no one she could trust. Angie had given her up to the 'Suit' as Natalie decided to call him. Mason had just plain given up on her and there was no way her parents would understand at all. She was sitting in her driveway just staring at the house. She slid out of the car and walked inside slowly.

"Honey! You're home, I tried calling but you didn't answer." She said.

"Oh, sorry must not have gotten it." Natalie responded. Her phone had been left in her car when Suit had taken her in for 'interrogation'.

"It's fine. I was just wondering if you wanted to invite Mason over for dinner." She said smiling.

"No, I don't think today is a good day for him. His dad's in town." Natalie muttered.

"Oh. I never liked that man. He is a mean drunk." Her mother muttered. "You take care of that boy Natalie."

"Yeah." She said and then she walked to her room. As she shut her door, she caught another glimpse of herself in the mirror. She looked like a walking skeleton.

God, what am I going to do? When did this happen? She asked herself. She went through her closet and tried on almost everything she owned; nothing fit. It all hung off her body awkwardly, making her look even thinner.

"I need help." She didn't know who to go to.

In the morning she chose to dress in sweats and a hoodie. Natalie hadn't slept well and did not want to put much effort into looking nice.

"Have a good day honey," her mother called.

"Yeah," was the only thing she said.

She drove slowly, not really paying attention to where she was. Natalie avoided looking in the mirror at all costs. She did not want to look at herself anymore.

"Oh my god, you have to see the pictures from spring break!" Some girls were saying near her locker. They were swapping cell phones and giggling wildly and by the tans on their arms and faces, Natalie guessed that they had all gone to the beach… or tanning.

"Dude, that party was amazing." Some guys said passing by. Everyone seemed to have an amazing break.

"Of course I would get stuck with the dead people on spring break." Natalie muttered as she fumbled with her locker. She spent her break talking to dead people and sending them to 'a better place'. On top of that, she was being harassed by Mason's sperm donor in a suit.

"Hey Nat," someone said behind her. It was one of Mason's friends.

"Hey." She said flatly.

"Have you seen Mason?" He asked leaning against a locker. It was Max, one of Mason's good friends. Usually, Natalie would enjoy his company, but today she didn't want any company.

"I don't know. Did you check his locker?"

"Wasn't there, I figured you would know." He said frowning.

"I'm not his keeper!" She said rolling her eyes. Behind Max, Natalie saw Mason walk in the doors. Their eyes locked for a moment before Natalie looked back to the boy in front of her.

"You're just in luck, he has arrived." She said in an exaggerated tone.

"Okay..." He said softly and left.

Natalie could feel Mason's eyes on her the entire time he was at his locker. Even if Max was talking to him, he wasn't listening. She shoved her book bag inside and grabbed her things. Natalie caught a glimpse of the small mirror stuck to her locker and she pried it off.

"Natalie, you look terrible." She muttered to her reflection, and then she slammed it on the ground and stepped on it before walking to her first hour.

Mason watched as she walked away, noticing how her clothes were hanging off of her hips and shoulders. She was losing weight, fast. He had noticed it earlier, but he hadn't thought it was that big of a deal. Looking at her now, he realized that she was getting sick.

At lunch, Mason noticed that even though Natalie tried to eat, only managed to pick at her food. She was sitting alone against the wall watching people walk passed. Eventually, she stood and walked to the bathroom. Mason could only imagine the worst.

"Pull yourself together Natalie." She said to herself in the stall, she was crying. All day she had been thinking about Mr. Smith and Oliver. Both of them wanted to use her for her powers. She left the bathroom with her head down to avoid her own reflection and ran into something firm and warm.

"Natalie…" It was Mason. "What is going on?"

"Mason." She said looking up without meeting his eyes.

"You look…" He stopped short unsure of what to say.

"Like I'm sick… or dying," She muttered. "I know. Can I go now please?"

"Is it them?" He asked looking around them indicating the invisible spirits. Natalie shook her head. It had been fairly quiet recently. After her encounter with a spirit in a couple of weeks, this was a miracle. She knew it wouldn't last. Eventually, Oliver would come and burn her. He would try to make her do his dirty work.

"Is it what I said?" He asked slowly, by the tone of his voice he seemed appalled with the thought that this could be his fault. Natalie laughed hysterically.

"Don't flatter yourself. I don't starve myself because of you." She said moving around him. He caught her arm and held it firmly.

"Ow!" She said. Her skin was frail now. He released immediately and his expression softened. Natalie rubbed her arm and looked up at him, his eyes were sad.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean…"

"Yeah just like you didn't mean to lead me on." Natalie said sarcastically.

"Jesus," he said throwing his hands up. "If you aren't going to listen to me, then I won't bother. Just be careful."

Then he stalked off and Natalie didn't see him the rest of the day.

The week passed by slowly. Friday afternoon during lunch, Natalie received a text message from a foreign number. It was the first day all week that she had had an appetite, and after reading the text it disappeared.

Same place at three thirty. Natalie didn't have to ask who it was, she understood. She looked at her food once again and tossed it in the trash and headed to the small courtyard outside. She hoped that fresh air would help. It didn't

After school, Natalie tried to find a reason to stay behind. She all but dragged her feet as she walked through the parking lot to her car. She didn't know what was in store for today, but she was not looking forward to it. She didn't know who Mr. Smith worked for but she wasn't fond of whoever it was. If they had intended to use her gifts for 'the greater good' then why not send her a post card or something?

"You made it!" Mr. Smith said in a false tone of enthusiasm. He led her into the same room as before and sat her down in the same chair. Placed in front of her was a small box. Mr. Smith sat on the table and took the lid off.

"Go ahead, look at what is inside." He smirked.

Natalie did and saw odd trinkets and paper clippings. She picked one up; it was an obituary for an elderly woman. She set it aside and looked at some of the other things; there was a small bottle of perfume and even jewelry. Natalie set everything down and looked at the man in front of her.

"I didn't peg you for the sentimental type. Are these your mother's things?" She asked sarcastically. It was a cruel thing to ask, but she felt the need to be hostile towards him.

"I do not take kindly to your sense of humor. But no, this woman is of no relation to me. She was murdered in her home and this is evidence from her case." Natalie's eyes went wide and she looked the items over again with a different light.

"What makes you think an old woman like this would still be around?"

"She died tragically." He shrugged. "It's all trial and error until I can understand your 'skills'."

"She was old and probably dying anyway," it sounded insensitive, but it was likely. "It isn't very probably that she had any reason to stay."

"They never caught the killer." He said gruffly.

"Maybe she decided to forgive and leave it to the hands of God." Natalie said waving her hands in the air. She was not up for this today, it was always so tiring to talk to spirits and connect with them. She had to give up some control to them to see what they saw and feel what they felt. In her current condition, she didn't think that she could handle it.

"Just do it Ms. Newman." He said deadpan .

"I can't make any promises."

"And I can't make any promises not to hurt you." He replied with an even tone.

Natalie sighed, but inside she was shaking. She did not like being threatened by this man. She knew by the way he walked and talked that there was power behind him. He could and probably would do things to hurt her. So instead of look at his cold eyes, she focused on the items in front of her. She took a whiff of the perfume and held the jewelry in her hand, she even read through the obituary a couple of times. Nothing worked, so instead she tried to call the woman's name.

"Nancy? Nancy Donald?" She whispered aloud without realizing it. Mr. Smith rolled his eyes and left the room, clearly agitated. What did he expect anyway? She was only a novice. If he had wanted someone who was in control of the 'power' he should have captured Angie; but maybe he had.

"Fuck me." She muttered.

"Dear that is no language for a lady!" A shrill voice said from the far corner. A plump old woman stood before her with grey hair and large glasses. She wore a pale dress and slippers; they must have been the clothes she had died in.

"I'm sorry. Are you Mrs. Donald?" She asked as she glanced down at the obituary. She certainly looked like the woman.

"Yes dear. How did I get here?" The woman asked looking around. Natalie froze for a moment; was it possible that the woman didn't know that she was dead?

"Uhm, well there was a break in and you were-" the woman cut her off with a flick of the wrist/

"Oh, I know the bastard killed me. My own grandson," she said with sad eyes. "I mean in this room."

"Your own grandson…" That solved one mystery. "I called you here." She said answering the woman's question.

"Are you dead?"


Natalie wondered if the Suit was watching her through the two way mirror across the room. She also wondered if this was all being recorded somewhere. There were no cameras that she could see, but that didn't mean anything.

"Well, you are a psychic." The woman said. "Why have you called me?"

"Uhm, I am working with someone to try and solve your case." Natalie lied. She wasn't sure why she did, but it felt like the right thing to say.

"I told you it was my grandson."

"I understand that. Would you mind sharing with me the last things you remember, up until your grandson… uhm" She wasn't sure how to word it but the woman finished for her.

"Back stabbed me," she said nothing else just simply threw Natalie into her memories.

Natalie found herself sitting in a small house filled with pictures and odd trinkets. The elderly woman had just gotten out of the shower and was sitting on the couch watching an old television show. Natalie noticed the time on the clock said six thirty. She remembered reading in one of the newspaper clippings that the intruder didn't arrive until passed midnight.

"Oh, James I miss you." Nancy said to the photograph on the table next to her. There was a picture of an old man smiling back at her. Natalie guessed that was her husband. At eight the woman hobbled down the hallway and into her room. Within the hour she was asleep.

Time seemed to jump there. Nancy woke with a start. Something had broken in the front room. It sounded like a window. It must have been her imagination. She tried to go back to sleep, but she heard shuffling in the kitchen. She got up and stepped into her slippers and flicked on the bedroom light.

"Is someone up there?" She whispered as she waddled down the hallway.

A dark figure was searching all the cabinets and throwing the contents onto the ground. Nancy tried to run back to her room to call the police but the intruder heard her move. He spun around and grabbed her by the collar. He picked up a kitchen knife and pressed it against her back.

"Why did you have to wake up?" The man asked and then he stabbed her, several times.

"Ricky, why?" She asked with her dying breath. But he was already gone. Nancy slowly lost feeling in her body and faded away. She wasn't found for a couple of days until her granddaughter came by to check on her.

"That's terrible." Natalie muttered.

"They never caught the boy. He needs to be set straight." The woman shook her head.

"They didn't catch him? Didn't they find the knife?"

"None of them were missing, so the police didn't look into it."

"Some investigation." Natalie muttered. She vowed to herself that she would help this woman's case. Before she could thank the woman and promise to right what was wrong she had gone away and Mr. Smith had returned.

"I see you were successful, it's a pity I couldn't see her." He sighed. Natalie thought that he enjoyed this too much.

"You said you wanted to help others using my gift. This woman knows who killed her and I can prove who did it. The cops just have to look in the right place." Natalie said firmly. She looked at the paper clippings, this had happened a month ago. The obituary was from a few days ago, it said that nothing had been done with the house yet but it was left to the granddaughter.

"I did say that. If you can give me information that is helpful I will arrange for it to be done." He smiled.

"How can I trust you?" She asked.

"Watch the news?" He shrugged. Natalie crossed her arms and shook her head.

"I want the reports too." She said. Then she told him everything that Nancy Donald had shown her.

"Your wish is my command. Go home; I will contact you when I need you again."

Natalie left Mr. Smith feeling better than she had in a while; she was helping someone get to rest. She was going to give a family peace. Granted it would probably tear them apart as well, but the bastard needed to be put away in a mental institute.

"Natalie, where have you been?" Her mother asked when she walked in the door. It was almost dinner time. "Get cleaned up and set the table with me."

"Sorry mom," she muttered. She dropped her book bag off at the door and walked into the kitchen to wash her hands. "I was studying at the library. I should have texted you."

"Yeah you should have." Her mother said. They set the table together in silence and waited for her father to return home. Natalie grabbed her book bag and took it to her room. There was a note on her bed.


I want you to know that I am here for you and I am worried. I can't even begin to imagine what this is like for you. You have to understand that you are not alone through this. You can talk to me whenever. I'm sorry about how I acted at school it was stupid of me to get angry I knew you were in pain and I let my emotions get in the way. I just hate seeing you in this much pain. Like Angie said, you need someone to help you through this and I would do anything for you Natalie. I hope you know that. –Mas.

Natalie threw the paper and watched it fall to the floor. She didn't know what to think, but she felt better.

"Natalie, come on down sweetheart." Her mother called from the kitchen