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Because I'm insane and I live in my head, this is based on a weird dream I had about a year ago! I woke up from it and lead in bed for hours just replaying it because it was so good! Of course, in the dream the story happened to people I know including myself but I've decided to make up characters and put them in instead.

Anyway, enjoy :D

Chapter 1
(Kate POV)

Staying out so late was a bad idea. So what if it was my eighteenth birthday? So what if my friends had planned an awesome party? My sisters were home alone and it was gone three in the morning.

I won't lie, I didn't feel too great. Blame it on too much alcohol. Not a smart move, but it was a party after all! I tried my best to keep my focus as I stumbled along the pavement. To be honest I was pretty surprised that my friends had let me walk alone in the state I was in, not that they were much better off. I glanced at the busy road ahead of me, the traffic still busy and speeding on through the city. I saw the distance between where I was standing and the other side of the road where I needed to be. Getting accross alive seemed impossible, especially when I couldn't actually stand up straight.

I turned around and decided to take another route, one that went through the woods. I know what you're thinking; the woods in the early hours of the morning could be a dangerous place, it's not a sensible idea. I knew that, but compared to falling over in the road and being crushed by a car I much preferred the thought of facing whatever may or may not be in there. I went down a small, muddy track that branched off from the pavement a little bit further down. I began the steep climb up to the woods, my legs killing me more and more with every step. This night, or more accurately morning, was not quite like I'd expected. Going out to a party wasn't even part of the plan, it had been a surprise organised by my best friends James and Emma. All I'd planned on doing was maybe spending a quiet night in with my sisters and perhaps my boyfriend David. I'd never longed for peace and quiet more than I did right now. My legs ached, I couldn't see or walk properly, my head was throbbing and I felt awfully sick. Just when I thought things couldn't get any worse, it began to rain; heavily.

I began to pick up the pace as I ran up the hill and into the shelter of the trees. It was dark in the woods and so silent it was creepy. The only sound that could be heard was my own feet crunching over the twigs on the dirty ground. I strained to see where I was going, making sure I didn't leave the path and get lost, or worse, crash straight in to a tree! I stopped still for a while, making sure I was going the right way. I walked home this way every day but I'd never been here in the dark before. I suddenly jumped as I heard twigs snapping behind me, making a similar noise that I had when I was walking along. I stood frozen for a while before deciding it was nothing and continuing to look around for the right way out of the woods. A few minutes past and then the noise sounded again, louder this time, closer. I began to walk in my chosen direction at a quick pace, picking up more and more speed as I kept cautiously looking over my shoulder. I could still hear what seemed to be footsteps behind me, catching up with me, gaining speed as I did. I wasn't the sort of person to be scared by things like this but I had a very bad feeling about this whole situation. Maybe I shouldn't have gone this way. Maybe I should have just taken my chances and crossed the road.

Before I knew it I was flat out running, bolting through the trees at an alarming speed. I wasn't just hearing things, I was being followed. I knew it. The footsteps got closer and closer. There was no escape. I didn't have time to think.

Stong arms grabbing me and sqeezing me tightly.

Cold breath on the back of my neck.

A horrible, peircing, unbearable pain.

My body making contact with the floor.


Rebecca POV

Where was that girl? As if it wasn't enough that my parents had left us alone for the whole weekend, but Kate had to vanish aswell! All I heard was that she was going to her friend's and she'd be back soon. That was eleven hours ago! It was five in the morning and I hadn't slept a wink, I'd been waiting up for Kate's return. How irresponsible was she? I was only just sixteen and not only did I have to look after myself but I also had to look after the baby of the family, our twelve year old sister Milly. I'd made sure she was in bed by half past ten, reassuring her that Kate would be home soon.

I sat on the sofa next to the window looking out into the street, hoping to see my sister walk up to the house. No such luck. I'd been sitting there waiting since midnight. I really didn't know what to do in a situatuon like this. Should I call my parents? Should I call the police? Should I wake Milly up and go out and look? Should I send out an entire search party to go and look for her? I was really begininng to worry, what if something awful had happend to her?

I was brought out of my thoughts when I saw someone walk along the pavement, soaked through by the rain. It was a girl with red hair so bright that it could be seen from a mile away, I could even see it perfectly in the half light of the early morning. She was wearing... wait... she was wearing exactly what Kate was wearing when she left the night before. On a closer look I realised that it really was my very own sister, in the flesh. I got off of the sofa and rushed to the door, flinging it open before she even got to it. She was standing on the doorstep staring blankly at me. I quickly looked her up and down. Her hair was much longer than it had been and even brighter up close. It was certainly no longer the shade of deep brown she had always had. It wasn't a natural red, but a shocking red, as bright as a traffic light. Her eyes had changed from their usual grey to a shocking silver. I also couldn't help but notice that she was covered in mud, leaves... and was that blood?

"Where have you been!? What happened to you?!" I shouted, the second I stopped staring.

"I... don't know" Kate replied, a distant tone to her voice and a puzzled look on her face.

"You have to!" I yelled, raising my voice even more, "you mean to tell me you honestly have no idea where you've been since last evening? Really Kate?".

"No I really don't" she retorted, raising her voice a little too. "The last thing I remember was leaving the house".

I have to say, by this point I was beginning to believe her. Kate wasn't this good of an actress, she couldn't pull of such a confused and stressed look unless it was genuine. Just as I was about to plead for more information again, Milly came clomping down the stairs in her dressing gown, her blonde hair a complete mess and a grumpy look on her face.

"Some of us are trying to sleep!" she shouted. I don't really blame her, it was only five after all. "Kate... what's with your hair?" she asked, "wait, did you only just get back".

"Yeah" said Kate shaking her head before pushing past Milly and heading upstairs, "I need to go and lie down".

What was with that?

Since this was all a very detailed dream, I know exactly what's going to happen the whole way through!