Getting closer to the end...

Chapter 14

(Darren POV)

It wasn't long before the witch in question materialised before our very eyes. She was exactly as I remembered her: olive skin, long, brown wavy hair and those freaky lilac eyes that seemed to stare to into your heart, soul and even beyond that. And oh how I hated her.

I'd met her on my travels, one of those where I would aimlessly wonder off to a place I hadn't yet explored. When your life's as long as mine, you tend to get bored staying in the same old country. I was ambling along a deserted beach in the south of Majorca when I came across a cave in one of the mountains. Being my usual, adventure seeking self I couldn't help but go and check it out. It was pitch black in there, it seemed like an endless tunnel. However, after a while I spotted a faint blue glow in the distance. I ran towards it but abruptly stopped as I found it's source: her. She was in a circular room that seemed to be the end of the cave. The walls were smooth and perfectly rounded but they were still bare stone. In the middle of the floor was a pit with some sort of bubbling liquid inside. As it swirled around, shades of pale purple, baby pink and striking blue could be seen, changing colour in a similar way to the smoke that appeared when I teleported. The liquid gave off a scent similar to lavender but much sweeter. I couldn't believe my eyes.

I looked up at the woman stirring the mixture. She was incredibly beautiful, dressed in a white, silk dress with her long hair cascading over her shoulders. She looked up and I quickly jumped back, hiding around the corner in the hopes that she wouldn't see me. Too late. I heard her soft footsteps pattering on the cave floor and before I knew it, we were face to face. Her lilac eyes startled me, but I was put at ease as she began to speak to me, her voice peaceful and calm, wrapped up in her sweet, Spanish accent.

"What are you doing here?" she asked me, "how did you find this place?" She didn't sound angry, just genuinely curious.

"Just exploring" I replied, trying my best to hide any traces of nervousness in my voice. "I guess I just stumbled across it by accident." She stared at me wide eyed before gasping and clasping her hands over her mouth in shock. It didn't take me long to realise why- it was very dark in here and my fangs were undoubtedly showing.

"You're a vampire" she finally said, managing to calm herself down. Although there wasn't really another explaination for someone who seemed to be human having fangs (at the time my eyes were still blue, they hadn't turned red yet) but it usually took people a few more guesses than that.

I thought back to the suspicious potion I had seen her mixing earlier before replying "and you're... a witch I'm guessing?" It was a strong assumption to make, especially since I'd never actually met a witch before and wasn't even sure if they actually existed. However, I was proven correct when she nodded uneasily. It was awkward and silent as we spent a while taking in that we were supposed to be mortal enemies. It was a minute or two before I spoke up.

"I'm Darren" I told her, offering her my hand to shake. She shook her head, still seeming a little afraid of me. I withdrew my hand.

"I'm Julieta" she replied, "and you shouldn't be here." She spun around and stormed off back the way she came. I hesitated a moment- did I really care enough to follow her? Then again, I'd never met a witch before and this could be an opportunity to find out what they were actually like. Getting myself together, I walked forward in the direction she'd just gone. I found her once again stirring the mixture in the hole.

"What is that stuff anyway?" I asked, casually leaning against the wall, crossing my arms.

"Why on Earth would I tell you? A vampire?" she replied in disbelief.

"Come on" I began, "we're not all that bad." The look on her face revealed that she really didn't believe me.

"So I suppose you class living an antisocial, disruptive lifestyle and killing innocent people on a daily basis 'not all that bad'?" she argued. To be fair, she had a point.

"It's survival" I retorted, "it's instinct and it's necessary to stay alive. What else are we supposed to do? Just die off?".

Her reply shocked me. "Anyone who lives that way deserves to die!". That was it. I'd only been there a few minutes and Julieta had already proven to be some sort of high and mighty, judgemental bitch. I marched over to her, taking large strides and reaching her as quickly as possible.

"Listen!" I hissed, releasing all my anger in one mighty burst. "Do you think I wanted this? Do you think I chose this! Nobody would choose this, ever! It's awful, just walking the earth alone, watching everyone you love slowley die off..." I trailed off, not wanting to go to deep into the memories of all the people I'd gotten to know and outlived.

"Then surely you'd want to die too."

In that simple statement, I realised that nothing I could say would change her mind.
(End Flashback)

Julieta looked around the room, meeting the eyes of everyone before her. She was clearly uncomfortable to be in a room full of vampires... well and wolf boy. The levels of awkwardness began to rise even more as time went on and eventually I spoke up.

"So nice to see you again" I lied, flashing the best smile I could muster in the witch's direction. My voice must have given away that I was far less than pleased by her presence, and she rolled her eyes and turned away from me.

"Can we just get on with this?" she replied rudely, "if I'm honest- this is the last place I want to be at the moment."

I scoffed at her attitude before saying, "whatever. Mills, you can show Julieta what's going on can't you?" Milly nodded, filling me with relief that my enemy would soon be out of sight and out of my hands

(Milly POV)

I left the kitchen with Julieta- my only hope for getting rid of Alice- and lead her upstairs to the bedroom. We didn't exchange words, I got the feeling that she hated vampires just as much as Darren claimed to hate witches and a friendly conversation was unlikely to occur between us.

"So" I began once we were on the site of the ghost sightings. "This is where it happens, every single night. The ghost of a girl I killed not too long ago has been watching me sleep for a while now, but just last night she attacked me..." I saw my companion wince at the mention of killing. I figured that witches were probably far more peaceful than us and were probably dead set against violence and murder, even for survival. I had a feeling she and Becca would probably get on well...

"It's simple really" shrugged Julieta, "rare, but simple. When you killed her, you had no guilt or remorse for her. Sometimes, when you kill in such an atrociously heartless way, the victim comes back with a vengence." Although she was simply trying to explain the situation I could tell that she was angry with what I'd done. Why wouldn't se be?

"So how would I go about stopping it" I asked, egar for an answer. For the first time since she'd gotten here, the witch before me looked uncomfortable, like she didn't want to say what was on her mind. I hadn't thought her capable of that sort of hesitaion since she always appeared to say whatever she wanted to.

"You won't like it at all" she finally said, "not one bit. I'll tell you how, but it's your choice if you actually want to do it..." Not only was she hesitant, but she also seemed guilty about the information she had to convey. Perhaps her hatred for our kind wasn't as strong as I'd originally thought. I waited egerly for her to continue, though my nerves were beginning to build up. What could possibly be so bad that even this vampire-hater was reluctant to tell me about it?

"Basically" she began uneasily, "only sacrifice can appease the ghost- the sacrifice of a vampire. I suppose the only bright side is that it doesn't have to be you or a family member- it can be any vampire at random."

But still. Betraying my own kind? Surely that didn't happen. Kate had once said that Darren had told her that vampires stick together. Would I be classed as a traitor if I did this?

"So how does it work?" I pressed on, "how do they have to be killed?" Part of me didn't want to know, but part of me had to.

"You bite them and then I finish it off with a spell" she explained, back to her usual manner of speaking now that were were beginning to branch off of the awkward subject.

What was I supposed to do? On the one hand, betrayal to my kind clearly wouldn't make me 'vampire of the year', but in the long run, was it really so different to killing a human if you didn't know who the vampire was? It was for a good cause after all, it would help keep me and my family safe.

I sighed before giving my answer. "Okay" I said, briefly nodding my head, "I'll do it."

(Becca POV)

"Absolutely not!" I heard Darren say to Milly. It was around midday and Julieta had not long left us, promising to return when Milly was ready to carry out their insane plan. Ben and I sat on one sofa and Kate and Darren sat on the other as we watched Milly prance around the room explaining what had to be done.

"What! Why?" she exclaimed in reply, "surely it's for the best?"

"This sort of thing is never for the best" argued Darren, "if any other vampires find out about this you'll be hunted down and killed by next week. It's not worth the risk- vampires don't even need to sleep! Just don't go to bed and stay on alert or take shifts staying awake with the rest of us. I don't care. Just please- for your own good- don't go through with this!"

I had to say I agreed with Darren. As usual, he seemed to know exactly what he was talking about and his words made perfect sense. Maybe it was the pure paranoia and terror that surrounded the issue with Alice taking it's toll on her, but Milly just wasn't listening to anything he said. I decided I was sick of the arguing and- with Ben close behind- slipped out of the room and left the house.

"I just had to get out of there" I half giggled as Ben and I ambled down the driveway, his had taking mine. A thought suddenly occured to me- I hadn't yet checked if he was okay after last night... I tried my best not to get caught up thinking about it, but it was almost too difficult. It'd been amazing, everything I could ever have hoped for, but Ben had lost a lot of blood. Even though he claimed that werewolves got over that sort of thing very quickly, I doubted he'd be on top for just yet.

"How're you feeling?" I asked him, giving his had a gentle squeeze.

"Okay" he shrugged, "I've been better, I've been worse. I just feel a little drained is all, I'll be fine by tomorrow."

It was then that I realised another vital question that had escaped me at some point during last nights activities. "Where will you go now?" I asked, remembering that his 'pack' as he called them had been the one's who'd turned on him in the alley way and caused his injuries. He sighed deeply, stared at his shoes and shook his head.

"Not a clue..." he admitted, looking back up at me. By this time, we'd managed to reach the very place where we'd fought not so long ago. He looked around as though he was remembering the very same thing.

"Well, you could always stay with me" I began. "I know living in a house full of vampires might be a bit unappealing to you- not to mention that the place was only designed for two people and we're already cramming four of us in there- "

"-and your psychotic little sister wants to kill me" Ben chimed in with a giggle. "I'd love to."

I couldn't stop the smile that spread across my face at that moment. In all that was happening, I had this one thing to help me get through. Ben would be right by my side the whole time.

(Milly POV)

It was unfair- insanely unfair. Since when did Darren become the voice of reason and authority in this household? Since when did everyone listen to him? Since when did he get the final say? When did he even move in?

Nobody understood how much of a threat Alice truly was, nobody had seen her a part from me. If they'd seen her, the way she looked at me with such burning hatred that anyone would have thought she would have murdered me by now. Maybe she tried to last night, she had attacked me after all. Perhaps if I'd given her a little longer, I'd be dead by now.

Killing a random vampire, someone I didn't even know, for the sake of safety and security for my family and I seemed like a small price to pay- a price that I needed to pay.

Despite the dark I left the house, needing some air to clear my head. I walked out into the town, occasionally spotting a stray shopper on their way home as I usually did at this time at night. I wasn't out for blood, in fact, the unbearable screaming that forced me towards it was now a barely audible whisper. I wasn't thirsty. I was too on edge to think about anything except Alice.

Not really looking where I was going, I brushed past somebody as I walked, causing both of us to turn around and look each other in the face. It was a girl- tall with long, straight jet black hair, reminding me a little too much of Alice. This girl was far older than her though, so much that it might be a bit of an understatement to call her a girl. She looked older than Kate and maybe even Darren. In fact, she was probably mid twenties.

"Hey little vampire" she chuckled the moment she saw me. For a moment I was shocked as to how she would know that- and if my fangs were really showing enough to give it away, how was she so okay with it? It took me a while to notice that her grin revealed her own set of sharp, pointy fangs.

"Uh... who are you exactly?" I questioned, a puzzled look undoubtedly spreading across my face. She carried on smiling down at me in an almost patronising way, her ice blue eyes peircing my skin.

"Nina" she shrugged, missing my point, "you?"

"Milly" I replied, "and by who are you it was more of a: 'where are you from', 'what are you like', 'why are you talking to me'... the list goes on."

"Well why didn't you say so" she laughed in reply. She was too upbeat, I decided. It was going to annoy the heck out of me. "I'm from... just down the read actually" she continued, "lived here the past few years, used to live further down south when I was younger. I only recently turned you see... say thirty years ago. I only moved so people wouldn't get too suspicious as to why I never seemed to age... Anyway. To the 'untrained eye' as such, I'm twenty four, but I'm actually somewhere in my fifties so I'd say I don't look to bad for my age." She paused to giggle yet again before saying "as for why I'm talking to you... I guess I just don't bump into other vampires very much... It's kind of exciting don't you think!"

After only a short while of knowing her, my head was already spinning. She spoke too fast, too much. A thought then occurred to me, one that should have occurred the second I first laid eyes on Nina... she could be my sacrifice...

"Not particularly" I replied, my voice sounding monotonous compared to her lively blur of words and syllables. "I live with a bunch of them."

"Seriously?" she exclaimed, "wow that sounds so fun! I wish I had more vampire friends, that'd be awesome! I have my boyfriend though, I turned him by accident not too long ago- silly me for not draining him completely! Luckily though he turned out to be really good looking and nice and sweet and even though he originally hunted me down for revenge for what I did... we fell for each other instantly. It was so romantic!" Nina clasped her hands to her chest and looked up towards the sky dreamily as though imagining the moment all over again.

"Great..." I managed in reply. I had a feeling it sounded more like a question. If it did, she didn't seem to notice.

"Do you want to meet him?" she asked cheerily. That was when her behaviour crossed over from weird to out and out creepy. I barely knew her and she was already trying to introduce me to the people in her life. Of course, there was always the posiblity that this was all some elaborate trap, but then again she seemed pretty sincere.

I wondered if I should go with her, after all she hardly seemed like a stranger anymore. I doubted I'd have the heart to use her as a sacrifice now I'd spoken to her and she'd shown me such kindness.

"Um... I guess" I finally answered. With that, she dragged me away, giggling as she went.

When we arrived at her house, the lights were on and I could only assume her boyfriend was inside. She hurredly opened the door and allowed me to enter before following me in.

"I'm home" she called out, "and I brought company!" She appeared to be far too excited by my presence, as if she very rarely got house guests. As a vampire who had been completely on her own until recently, I figured that probably was the case. It was quite depressing actually.

It wasn't long before her boyfriend joined us in the hallway. The first thing I noticed were his breathtaking green eyes. They were so bright I wouldn't bee too shocked if they glowed in the dark. He was taller than her by a fair few inches and had almost the very same shade of dark hair, though his skin was far more tanned. He gave me a lazy little smile when he saw me and didn't hug Nina back with half the enthusiasm she had when she flung her arms around him. Something told me that the relationship may have been a little bit more one-sided than Nina was trying to let on... either that or she was just far too scatterbrained to notice that he didn't really seem all that into her.

"Adrian, this is Milly" she said gesturing towards me, never losing that insane energy. "Milly, this is my boyfriend Adrian." She stared at him adoringly and he shifted a little uncomfortably under her gaze.

"Hows it going?" he half laughed with a nod of acknowledgement. "What brings you here?" he continued.

I wondered what to say- of course I could have just gone with the simple option and say I was forcefully dragged here by his psychotic girlfriend, but I thought maybe they could be somewhat useful to me. If Kate, Becca and Darren were so reluctant to help me with my 'Alice issues'... maybe Nina and Adrian would be more willing. It was worth a shot anyway.

"Umm.. well" I began, unsure of how to phrase such an elaborate plan to sound less crazy. "I have this problem- a ghost problem." Nobody said anything, they simply paused politely, allowing me to continue speaking. "It's this girl I killed a while back" I explained, "she's haunting me, she won't leave my family and I alone. My house isn't safe anymore. The thing is, the only way to get rid of her is to sacrifice another vampire- any random one will do apparently, but my family say I shouldn't."

"That's crazy" admitted Adrian, "but if it helps and you don't know them... surely it's for the best in the long run. No different than killing a human." I had a feeling I was going to like this guy- he shared my mixed up mind.

"That's what I said!" I exclaimed. All was silent for a while before Nina spoke up.

"Do you want us to help you then?" she asked, seeming un-phased by the danger she'd be letting herself in for.

"You don't have to if you don't want to" I assured them, but Adrian shook his head.

"We'd love to help" he replied, "when do we get started?"

"Uh... now I guess"


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