By Gone Sunday January 8, 2011

I want it all to end

I no longer with to be here

I no longer with to breathe

I wish everything in my crappy life would end

I wish I wasn't crying now

I wish I wasn't sad

I wish I had your happy life

But I'd rather be dead

I'm going to get my wish

I'll make it happen

But before I'm gone

It's time to say goodbye

Goodbye mom

Love you lots

You probably hate me now

But I made it my time to go

Goodbye dad

We were never close

But that's the way it goes

Goodbye gramps and gran

Beat you to the punch

Goodbye aunts and uncles

You guys just never would have known

Goodbye world

With all your lies and hate

Your twisted ways and rules

Goodbye to everyone who hated me

Don't you dare fucking cry at my funeral

Don't you even fucking go

Cause you ruined my life

Made these cuts on my arms

Made me take my life

But my last words to the world is

Good bye