Inhale and Blow

By Your Highness Tuesday November 16, 2010

My mind runs blank

I've got nothing to write

I no longer think

Just inhale and blow

I've lost all my fight

The world's too cold

No longer striving

Inhale and blow

I look for peace in the high

As the world fights to die

Darkness is eating us up

This world is too much

Inhale and blow the world away

Day dreams swirl from the smoke

Rainbows fly across the sky

Lightning flashing from the ground

Inhale and blow

Pretty colours spin from the world

I dance in between the bullets

I laugh at the purple sky

Inhale and blow

I'm flying high with the green cold

With the white sun

With the gold birds

In the pink sky

The smell invades my nose

The smoke invades my eyes

I'm crying

And the smoke rises

Just in hale and blow