A baby's cry suddenly echoed from the forest. The cry was clear and loud. The fight outside the mansion paused as everyone listened to the cry. Some fell to their knees in pray, other fell; dead, most stood paralyzed as the cry grew louder.

The cry echoed around the mansion shaking the very foundation. The cry rose higher echoing across the island, across the seas and the oceans. The cry rose until it was heard all around the world and everyone, and everything stood at a standstill. Black wisps of smoke left everyone as their souls were cleansed and on that day the world was reborn.

But just as sudden as it started the cry died down and the world moved on puzzled by the crying. The only place that didn't stop hearing the crying was the small island off the coast of Japan; Wong's Isle. Wong's mansion shook violently as the cry slowly died down, until it was nothing. Then mansion suddenly burst into flames, making everyone look at the inferno.

A dark shadow swept across the field of Wong's dead followers. The shadows circled a stationary figure for a minute before ebbing away. Standing tall in front of the burning building was Jason Wong, holding Elizabeth Wong tightly to him. He was smiling even though he was cover in blood and dirt.

He looked around at the crowd of experiments and humans; who all waited in baited breath. "Dr. Alfred Wong… is dead!" The crowd erupted into loud cheers. A tiny blond girl raced through the crowd holding something in her arms. Some noticed falling silent. Jason's eyes landed on her as she climbed the hill up to him. He placed Beth on her feet holding her close to him. Erica Wong, Jason's daughter- finally reached Jason and held out the little bundle wrapped in a pink blanket. Beth pulled the baby into her arms, while Jason picked up Erica.

Beth looked down at the tiny bundle which was gazing at her with hazel eyes, "Isabella,"

Jason glanced down at the bundle balancing Erica on his hip, "Yeah, she looks like an Isabella." He replied softly kissing Beth's forehead. He turned to the waiting crowd. "Your new prophet is born. Isabella shall lead you all to heaven."

The crowd erupted in cheers again as Alfred's other finished experiments meet with Jason and Beth. Jeffery Wong was spotted with blood but he smiled holding Maxwell Wong's hand. Jack Wong was sleeping peaceful on Max's shoulder, oblivious to the loud celebration. This tiny family stood together; though they weren't from the same parents they were brought together and were stronger as one.

This was family and this was love.