Someone Like You


Their daughter was a tiny and perfect, with a fuzz of dark brown hair on top of her little head and silvery-gray eyes like Simon's –though in the early days, Caroline said they could still change color. They named her Amelia, after Simon's mother, but they called her Mia; and she was possibly the most beautiful baby ever– in her father's opinion.

At first Simon had been a little edgy about Mia, scared to hold her, afraid he would drop her or hurt her by holding her wrong, but he was quickly enchanted by the way she held his finger and kicked her legs, by the cute little sounds she made and by the time Mia learned to smile, she had him wrapped around her little finger.

Not that Mia wasn't a handful, but as she grew older, Emmy and Simon were careful not to make her a blindly stubborn and spoiled, though she usually got her way.

A few years later…

"Mama!" A three year-old Mia called from where she sat, perched on her father's lap, as they both sat at the bench in front of the piano. "Look!" She said and proceeded to pound the piano keys with gusto.

Simon smiled, "She plays just like you."

"I've improved!" Emmy said in a huff, gently rocking the cradle next to her, glad her five-month old son Jordan was so used to Mia's playing that he didn't even stir and went on happily suckling his thumb as he slept

"Under my careful and patient instruction," Simon said.

Emmy stuck out her tongue.

"Papa! Pay attention!" Mia demanded.

"I am, princess." Simon said, kissing the top of her head and gently moved her hands so she hit the right notes.

Emmy smiled at the pair, they already looked so much alike that it always made her smile when she saw them together; and she rather thought Jordan looked like his father too, but his eyes were decidedly brown, like her own.

Suddenly, the 'music' stopped and Emmy heard the rapid sound of tiny feet running toward her and next thing she knew, Mia had materialized in front of her and was standing on tiptoe to peer at Jordan.

"Did you hear, Jordy? I think it was one of my best ones yet!" Mia said. Jordan opened his eyes, directed a gummy smile in his sister's direction and went back to sucking his thumb.

Mia carefully – as careful as a three year old could be – jumped on the settee at began to chatter up to her little brother. Mia had been indifferent throughout most of Emmy's second pregnancy but after the first time she got to hold Jordan when he was all of two hours old and had said "MINE!" defiantly when Liz tried to take the baby from her, she had been crazy about her little brother.

Simon stayed at the piano bench for a moment or two, observing his family, taking in the perfection of Emmy's smile, as she looked at the two wonderful little persons they had created together. It was perfect, all those dreams and wishes he had never dared to have, had materialized the second Emmy entered his life, and she kept on giving him more which each passing moment.

Not able to stay on the side watching any longer, Simon went to Emmy, putting his arms around her, leaning in close until he was intoxicated by the scent of her hair, his eyes on his two children and his heart full of happiness.

- The End.