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SYNOPSIS: Some say it's fate. Others say it's destiny. But he and I call it hell. // Camilla and Adam can't stand each other and their parents getting married won't stop that. So will someone explain to her why she's falling for her new step-brother?

Chapter 1: Bumpy Beginnings

"Mrs Knight and I are getting married!"

I stood there, dumbfounded, at the news. No, no...no! I couldn't have just heard what I had been dreading for months. I was silently praying that this was some cruel joke or crazy dream but once again, life failed to make my wishes come true. Inwardly, I groaned. It was bad enough that my father had to date his- him being the most arrogant and rude idiot in the entire world; mother for the last 9 months, but to actually take the next big step with her and get married?! That would actually mean caring for and about them which was something that I, Camilla Montgomery, definitely did not do to Adam Knight.

"You alright there, sweetie?" my father asked worriedly, "You're looking a bit pale there,"

"Yeah I'm fine," I replied; slightly choking on my words, "Just...you know; dying of excitement over here!"

"Camilla, I know you're lying," he sighed as he gestured me to sit down, "But you want the best for your old man, don't you?"

"I guess," I mumbled, "But did you really have to pick my arch nemesis' mother? I mean, there are a million other women out there that would be just as beautiful and smart as her and I really wouldn't need to hate my new..."

I shuddered. I couldn't even say the word. The guy I grew up hating was going to become somewhat related to me. I felt sick to the stomach as my mind replayed all the memories I had with the selfish loser.

Ever since that day a group of my friends had gone to the movies and that...that imbecile grabbed a fistful of my popcorn and a rather large swig of my drink, he should've known that he crossed the line because he, even with the tiny pea-sized lump he called a 'brain' inside that fat head of his, should've figured out that I took my food very seriously. Honestly, I blame the genes my dad gave me- the ones that made me hungry nearly all the time and very possessive of everything I owned, especially my food.

And so began the insane but hilarious (to some) rivalry of Adam and I. He'd stuff ping-pong balls into my locker so when I opened it; they would explode onto me so that I'd slip from surprise and fall- making the whole school laugh. I'd put some silly girl's shorts in his bag so his latest 'catch', as he so called it, would break up with him in the middle of the school corridor where everyone could hear. It wasn't a shocker to say that I hated him and he hated me. As the years progressed, our tricks and pranks got sneakier and sometimes, even more expensive, so I guess it did help to come from well-off families. But nevertheless, we'd try and annoy the hell out of each other to see who would crack first. And since it had been almost 6 years since he ticked me off, I'd say, we were both doing well at staying strong.

"Camilla...you're going to have to accept the fact that Adam's your new step-brother," my dad chuckled softly, "Sweetie, let it go. He was 13 back then when he took your food. I'm sure he has a reasonable explanation if you let him actually talk for once, instead of pranking him with such childish antics,"

"Dad, you don't understand. If I let jerks like him steal food that doesn't belong to them, they'll think it's ok to walk all over me," I argued as my dad looked at me with an unbelievable expression, "It's time for girls to kick some ass and tell guys what they can and can't do- and what Adam Knight can't do is be my step-brother. Dad, I love you and of course I want you to be happy but I really can't have the Knights in my life!"

"That's going to be a little difficult..." my father stuttered, "Because I've asked them to move in with us,"

It was currently Winter at Richards Valley- a quiet but pretty and wealthy suburb. The snow was blanketed on all the buildings and streets all over the city and weather was chilly. The cold breeze nibbled at my bare cheeks as I chattered uncontrollably to myself. I was trying to make my way quickly as possible to my favourite café- Coco Loco. If my best friends and I were ever going to meet up to talk because one of us was having a mental break down- in this case, the one being me, we'd all head over to Coco Loco and discuss it as a group with lots of hot chocolate and cake.

I pushed the glass door open and a small bell chimed as I made my entrance to my regular table. I smiled politely at the owner of Coco Loco, Martin, who was also one of my dad's dearest and closest friends. They had known each other since grade school and were best friends throughout college where Martin studied cooking and business and my dad focused on setting up a law firm since he was a highly-looked-upon solicitor himself. Martin gestured me to come over and taking off my thick coat and scarf, I walked over to him.

"Hey kiddo," Martin grinned, "How you handling the step-family situation?"

"Not very well, Martin," I pouted, "You know how much I hate Adam Knight,"

"Of course I do, Camilla," he replied with a laugh, "Who wouldn't? You only mention it every time you breathe,"

"I do not!" I fought back weakly, "Has my dad said anything to you after I walked out on him?"

"He called me straight away saying you'd probably show up in less than half an hour to meet up with Abby and Brooke. Obviously, he was right," Martin winked, "You know he only wants the best for you. He is your dad after all,"

"Thanks Martin," I smiled, "You always know the right things to say,"

"And you know, kiddo, there's a very thin line between love and hate. So one day, you might even end up loving that Adam boy,"

"As if!" I scoffed, "The day that happens, the day I've officially gone mad,"

"Whatever you say, kiddo," Martin answered as he walked off to the cash register, "I need to serve some customers now so go sit with your friends and I'll tell a waiter to go there in a few minutes to take your orders,"

I nodded at Martin as I walked over to my table and saw it empty. I frowned; realising my friends were still not there. I sat inside the booth- its cool brown leather relaxed me as I adjusted my teal cashmere jumper. I glanced at the menu and my stomach instantly rumbled as I noticed all the choices of food. As I pondered, I thought about the conversation I had with Martin. Maybe being angry at my dad for being happy with a woman for the first time in a long time was pretty selfish but he was the parent and I was his child! He should've thought of me first before he decided to propose to her. It just wasn't fair how my life had to change because his did.

"Oh my god, Camilla, we're so sorry we're late!" a familiar voice exclaimed as I placed my menu back on the table to meet with Brooke's eyes, "We would've gotten here sooner if Abby here, didn't get distracted along the way!"

"I'm sorry, Brooke!" Abby giggled, "But when a group of hotties walk past, you just have to enjoy the view and flirt a little bit,"

"Really, Abby? Is that more important than a friend in need?" Brooke crossed her arms; raising an eyebrow.

"Of course not, but we weren't even that late!" Abby whined; sliding into the booth.

Abby and Brooke continued to argue as I sighed. Abigail- or Abby for short, was addicted to boys. She was always the most experienced one and had the most boyfriends out of the 3 of us. She had long blonde hair that reached mid-back and green eyes to match. She was skinny and athletic but really girly. Even in the cold, she still wore a grey knitted dress and lots and lots of layers. Brooke was a quiet girl and I had known her ever since we were 4 years old. She had dark brown locks that fell to her shoulders and hazel eyes that made her look beautiful. She was the shortest out of the 3 of us but she was the most sensible and sane; keeping all of us grounded when Abby got caught up in a guy or if I got wound up in pranks and the chaos that was Adam Knight.

"It's alright guys," I laughed, "Martin talked to me for a bit,"

"Oh, about what?" Brooke smiled, as she sat next to Abby.

"Well, surprise, surprise, my dad proposed to his girlfriend and they're getting married," I announced; my best friends' faces turning into huge grins of surprise.

"Really?!" they both squealed, "Congratulations to them both!"

"You must be thrilled to have a step-mum after everything you've been through with your mum," Brooke said honestly as she leaned over the table and placed a hand on my shoulder.

"Yeah, you should be super excited!" Abby gushed until her eyes widened, "There's a catch isn't there?"

"Well I guess I should be happy my dad's happy..." I murmured, "But he's asked them to move in and I can't...I can't..."

"Handle the pressure of being so close to godly me?"

A voice that wasn't Abby or Brooke's or one of Martin's waiters spoke up and my jaw automatically clenched. The smirk in his smooth voice added more and more fury within me- not only did he just say a complete lie by using his absolutely up-himself attitude but he's potentially trying to embarrass me in front of my own best friends. Even though they wouldn't judged me, the thing I hated more than people touching my food and Adam himself was being made a fool of. My dad went through that because of my mum and I promised myself I'd never fall for the same tricks again. Abby and Brooke both exchanged looks as I turned around slowly- my eyes in dangerous slits as I looked up to the chauvinistic butthole himself.

"Adam Knight, what the hell are you doing here?" I seethed; his green eyes sparking with playfulness.

"Why, I came to say hello to my new step-sister!" he winked as I saw Abby swoon a little in the corner of my eye, "What's with the attitude, little red? Is it that time of month again?"

"Get lost, Knight," I growled; my friends trying to contain their laughter at Adam's suggestion, "I'm hanging with my friends right now so I'd appreciate it if you beat it and find someone who would want to waste time with you!"

"I was with my friends until my mother demanded me to come home and meet my new step-dad. Then, being your new step-brother, he made me come out here and get your ass back home. I can't leave til I get you safely back home or I'll be grounded before I even move out of the house," he explained; rolling his eyes.

"Well you can give me a couple of hours since I'll be here with Abby and Brooke until I feel like getting out of this booth to start living my crappy life with you," I snapped, but as I started to turn around, his warm hand grabbed my shoulder and stopped me from doing so.

"Will you stop being so damn selfish and spoilt?" Adam snapped, "The world doesn't revolve around you, you know?"

"Of course I know that," I smiled sweetly at him; my dark blue eyes shooting daggers at him, "Because obviously the world revolves around you and that fat thing you call a head!"

Brooke couldn't hold it in any longer as she laughed out loud; her face falling to the table with a gentle thud. I grinned evilly in victory as he looked shocked for a second- his mind, no doubt, desperately thinking of a way to win this verbal argument we were having. Unfortunately, Abby was more than ecstatic to give him the upper hand.

"I think your head's pretty awesome," Abby complimented; batting her eyelashes as I almost choked on my own saliva at her words.

"The name's Abby; Abby Cooper yeah?" Adam smirked as he held out a hand, "I'm Adam, but obviously, you would've known since your psycho friend was just screaming it a few seconds ago. Would you like to grab some coffee sometime, Abby?"

"I'd love to," Abby giggled in delight, "I'll get your number off Camilla some day and we can organise a date?"

"That'd be great, Abby," he said with a gorgeous grin- not that I'd ever admit it to him, "It was a pleasure meeting you. And to you, little red, we're leaving in 5 minutes- whether you like it or not. I'm just going to grab a drink,"

I scowled as that idiot called me 'little red'- which was insane because I wasn't that small! I was average and frankly, I liked it that way. Adam had given me that nickname ever since we met at the beginning of high school. It was no secret that my hair definitely stood out from my pale skin and baby blue eyes. I looked at my scruffy auburn hair that were currently in the style of bangs. If anyone else had given me that name, I would've thought it was cute, but because none other than the devil itself had given it to me, I refused to like it.

"Your brother is Adam Knight?!" Abby hissed excitedly, "I can not believe the school's hottest guy is your new brother!!"

"He is most definitely not my brother, Abby," I grimaced, "And that...that thing hot? How could you say that?!"

"Camilla, everyone with eyes can see how good-looking Adam is," Brooke laughed softly, "And trust us- he is incredibly handsome. He's also smart and sporty- which only adds more to his cool factor. Every girl in school only dreams of being this close to him...everyone, except you,"

"Whatever," I waved off; gesturing a waiter to come and take my order, "I'm going to have some food now and ignore the fact you guys are actually on his side now,"

"God, you drama queen, we're not on anyone's sides! But don't you think you should let stuff go? It was a long time ago and now he seems quite interested in you to be honest and-"

"Interested in who?!" Abby squeaked as she cut Brooke off, "I'm going on a date with him, ladies. So I don't want any of your eyes on him,"

"You know what, I'm suddenly not hungry," I mumbled, "See you later. Sometimes, even you guys can't understand me,"

I got up and walked away from my friends as the waiter smiled politely at me. As I approached Adam's lazy form as he leaned against the counter, sipping his coffee, I thought to myself. Did my best friends actually put Adam Knight in front of me because he was apparently handsome and nice? Inwardly, I scoffed. He was anything but that- he was vulgar and evil. I didn't trust his crooked grin or his gleaming green eyes.

"Ready so soon, little red?" Adam smirked, "I thought you'd wanna catch up with your friend and my future girlfriend,"

"You might have them fooled but you'll never trick me, Adam," I growled as he raised an eyebrow.

"Something bothering you?"

"Only you," I retorted as I saw Martin come over to me.

"So I'm not even a person now?" Adam chuckled deeply, "I'm truly hurt,"

"You two still arguing?" Martin greeted as he handed a paper bag to Adam.

"This girl has one set of lungs," Adam winked as I slapped his arm for the double meaning in his words, "Thanks Martin- really appreciate it,"

"No problem," Martin answered hastily, "Well I hope you enjoy your meal and I hope to see you guys soon. Camilla, tell your dad I said hi,"

"Will do," I smiled as I put my thick coat back on.

Adam paid for his order and soon, we had left the shop. I didn't turn back or say another word to my so-called friends. They were being so unreasonable! Instead of listening to my dilemma, Abby was caught up in a guy and Brooke thought I was being over-dramatic! I sighed to myself as I started to walk down the path back home, when I heard a husky laugh behind me.

"You really think I'd let you walk back in this weather?" Adam mocked lightheartedly; pressing a button so a sleek black car on the sidewalk unlocked, "Come on and get in before you get a cold,"

"I...uh...thanks Adam," I smiled sincerely as I hopped into the passenger seat, "You know, I'm surprised you were this smart to bring out a car in this weather,"

"And I'm surprised you were this stupid to think I wouldn't," Adam shot back humourously.

As soon as he turned on the engine, the heaters started to blast warmth into the car and I instantly felt relaxed. I took off my white scarf and matching leather gloves and placed them in my lap. Sensing it was too quiet in the car as Adam drove it, I turned on the radio. It started to play 90's music and I couldn't help but laugh a little as I realised Adam listened to this stuff. Within a few minutes, I was back home. I wrapped my scarf around my neck as I got out of the seat but before I could fully exit the car, a warm hand grabbed mine. Tingles shot up my arm and my heart skipped a beat. What the hell? I shook my head as my reaction to his hand holding mine was probably due to shock. Slowly, I turned around to meet with his cheerful green eyes and the paper bag from Coco Loco was held up in his other hand.

"It's for you," Adam grinned brilliantly, "Consider this a 'welcome to the family' present from me,"

"Thanks Adam..." I breathed; unfamiliar feelings building in the put of my stomach, "You didn't need to..."

"You didn't eat with your friends at Coco Loco," he pointed out, "So take it and enjoy. I'll see you later, little red,"

With that, I grabbed the bag out of his hand and stepped out of the car cautiously so I wouldn't fall flat on my face into the cold snow. I slammed the door shut; surprised at Adam's actions. Maybe him being my new step-brother wouldn't be such a bad thing; maybe he'd actually learn to respect me and even maybe, I was softening up to him. Who knew that would happen?

I unlocked the front door with my silver key quickly; hurrying away from the cold. When I got in, I slammed the door shut and locked it again while shaking off my pale grey boots. I walked across the cream tiled floors into the dining room so I could tuck into my feast. It was particularly nice for Adam to do such a thing...maybe too nice...

Hurriedly out of suspicion, I placed the paper bag onto the kitchen bench. I uncrinkled the top and looked down to find a paper cup filled with some sort of hot liquid and a box. I took the paper cup out of the bag and ripped off the lid; smelling the yellowish liquid. It smelt heavenly and my stomach growled as I confirmed it was chicken noodle soup. I sipped some- just to make sure it wasn't poisoned or anything and it tasted even better than I thought it would. As I started to sit down and drink more of the soup, I felt the pink box that remained in the paper bag call to me. Putting the soup aside, I reached inside and took out a triangular box. I carefully untucked the edges that were folded in and it revealed a delicious slice of banana cream pie. My mouth watered as I took in the extravagant view- it looked beautiful! Excitedly, I looked into my paper bag for any more yummy treats but found a piece of paper instead.

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