I don't remember seeing you


It's a sunny day

But there's a dark cloud over your head

Birds high in the sky

Sighing down at you

I laugh

Not without feeling nervous.

There's a tv blaring in the background

It's filtered out

Fakely bright colours

Fading with the sunshine

You've taken it away.

It's a pathetic fallacy

Morning again

Your sleep dusted eyes

Blink painfully

It's raining

Because you were crying.

I miss it all

Memories filled with smiles and iced cakes

Sand in shoes

Grass in hair

Sparkling leaf coloured eyes

We used to breathe together.

A locked door

Stands in between us

But you won't open back up.

There are bells ringing in the distance

This is your calling

A jacket, canvas shoes, a flower

Your smile says it all.