By all means

Carry on.

Don't let me stand in your way

Your face is pale

Dark eyes

Hold nothing anymore

Just a blank stare

To shut people out.

What's life without

A dusty glass

Filled with your blood

Tasting like alcohol

Burning your mouth.

A packet of cigarettes

Thrown on the table

They spill out of the box

Screaming of death

But it's too late.

You breathe it all in

Holding on for dear life

Or what's left of it


The packets of snow white happiness

Piled up on your faded carpet

The sun doesn't shine for you

And won't ever again.

I can't smile with you like I used to

You always had to take

The step too far

It crumbles and cracks underneath your feet

Do you think it's all over?

It's only just beginning.