Dream World Fact #1: There is a world where our goal and dreams become personified. They become sentient creatures like us and live like we do but how they live is far from normal.

There exists a city that has no concept of time. There is no sun or moon, just a bright light that illuminates the horizon in the west. A never-ending twilight blankets the city. The population of the city consists of not people but dreams, personified and concrete. Its streets bustle like any normal city. The name of the city: Twilight.

At the moment one lone, shadowy, figure stands at the ledge of a tall building, analyzing each building as though looking for something. Suddenly a large explosion occurs in a building right across from him. A large, scaly monster emerges out of the flames, the debris crushing the unaware and apathetic people in the streets below.

"Did you see that?!" A loud female voice coming from inside his head

The figure smiled.

"Yeah, Char I see it." The figure thought back.

"James, be careful, alright. That Nightmare seems pretty powerful." Char sounded anxious.

"You shouldn't be that worried, Chartreuse. It's just big, not powerful." James knew saying her entire name would annoy her.

James then jumped from the building he was standing on towards the large monster. The monster only consisted of a head with a very large jaw. Because the building was on fire the monster was clearly being burned. It tried to thrash around but due to its large size, it remained stuck in the building.

"This will be easy." James said to himself.

With the monster immobilized the purifying will be easy and James would not have to worry about dodging or be in any danger of dying as long as he wasn't careless.

James began the purifying spell.

"Corrupted dream that stands before me, revert back to the innocent you were."

Light was shining from his hand and he touched the monster. Soon the monster was engulfed in white light and the monster calmed down. It slowly began to shrink due to the presence of the white light. Once the light dissipated what was left was a young woman. James walked over to her and picked her up.

"Threat has been neutralized." James said.

"Alright, take care of the victim and return back home." Char replied.

"Over and out."

James went to a nearby hospital and dropped her off there. She was going to safe now. Afterwards he headed home.