No one celebrated the night that Cole died. Everyone was so incredible tired that no one wanted to. The Sensors were all suffering from headaches because of the web and Purifiers were all exhausted influencing the millions of Dreams. But everyone rested easy, knowing that all of the threats were gone but, also, no one there to protect. Everyone rested in an empty but safe Twilight. As everyone slept James walked outside.

James wondered out through the dark, empty city, the street lights that have always been on illuminated the streets. He looked around amazed how dark the world can get but looking forward to the eventual rising of the sun. He took the new experience in and held it. His thoughts wondered to many various things, what had happened, his decisions, and of Char. He couldn't help but think that she would be proud that he helped save the day and survived. She was always worried about him.

"Penny for your thoughts?" a voice from somewhere asked. James quickly looked around to find Jack behind him.

"I thought you were resting."

"We aren't as tired as the others. I thought I would enjoy the night air as well."

"It's different, isn't it?" James asked looking up at the black sky.

"It is." Jack admitted.

They walked together silently for a few blocks simply taking in the scenery. After a while James stopped.

"Did we really do the right thing?" James asked.

"We did what was necessary." Was Jack's response.

"No, I mean, yes, the city survived but none of the population did. We were supposed to protect them and yet we sacrificed all of them. We are now guardians of no one."

"James, I think that you are confused. We do not protect the Dreams that inhabit the city. We protect the city. As long as the city exists Dreams will continue to come and inhabit the city. Also Dreams are not as fragile as you think. It is as long as the person with that Dream survives then the Dream can continue to live on here. We try to keep the Dreams from dying as long as possible because of the potential they can bring. Do not worry, this city be great again. Just watch."

When he was finished, a man with a business suit hurried past them. Both of them looked at him till he was out of sight.

"See? The Dreams will continue to thrive here as long as the city as long as it exists. This is the place where Dreams can be born."

James looked at Jack for a second and shook his head. "I'm headed back to my house." He said.

"The council wants to see you tomorrow morning. They have something to say to you."

"Alright." And they parted, James leaving Jack in the dark and empty streets.

The next morning James went to see the council. The council looked physically tired and strained

"Yuan, since he was in your care the last he was here, I believe you should have the honors." The President said.

"James, we would like to re-extend an invitation to join us once again. After the events that had transpired recently we could use all the help that we can get. We already extended the same invitation to Cain's group and they have accepted. Will you do the same?"

James was silent for a little bit. He had thought about asking to rejoin Heaven's Gate, protecting the city and they had resources to do much more than he could ever on his own. Plus, if Cain's group had joined then they would be as effective as ever. Also, it would also be a distraction from thinking about Char too much.

"Perhaps, you need time to think it over? You do not have to answer right away. This was all that we wanted to tell you. You may go if you would like but we will be waiting for an answer." The Emperor said.

"No, I have my answer."

"And that is."

"I am willing to rejoin."

"Very good. Our recognition will not just be our words but we will promote you to Captain as well."

"I do not think that it is necessary." James said uncertainly.

"It is. You have shown initiative and leadership in the recent events. You deserve this."

"I'm not sure that…"

"You can lead? Do not worry but most importantly is that you have faith that you can do it."

"Thank you."James said.

"You are dismissed."

James walked home and the sun was high in the sky prepared to move back into Heaven's Gate. It was odd that it could be so bright in the city. The city had slowly begun repopulating itself after one day. It was not a bustling as before but it would slowly revert back to the way it was. James felt happy and bittersweet at the same time.

"James?" a voice from behind called.

James turned around to find Char standing behind him. James stood there frozen for a second and then ran to her and hugged her.

"Char, I've missed you so much."

"Are you James?" She asked again.

James looked at her for a second. "Char, you don't know?"

"I'm not sure. When I woke up I remembered that I had to find someone and that his name was James."

James sighed gently. "Yes, I'm James. You found me."

Slowly she hugged him back. They stood there for a moment embracing each other and pulled apart.

"I think this is the part where you kiss me."

James smiled gently, "Yeah, I think it is."

They slowly leaned into each other and their lips touched, kissing while the rest of the city bustled around them.

It is not death till us part but bounded even beyond death. Death is only a temporary obstacle that is easily overcome.

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