The Monster with the Scarf

For Olivia, Elise, Lucy, and Jonny.

The monster with the scarf was very cold
The monster with the scarf was very old
He ambled and frightened and snarled and grouched
And no one who saw him was very bold.

He had sharp teeth for a frightening grin
And his great roar made a terrible din
The people of town could have died with fright
For the monster with the scarf was black as sin.

Even the moon was a little scared
When the monster with the scarf roared and rared
The trees lifted up their skirts and fled
No one would stay when the monster glared.

The monster with the scarf was on his way home
Past the street with the dog and the house with the gnome
The snow would melt and freeze again
As the monster passed on his silent roam

The bunnies would hide and the owls would cower
When the monster passed by with his horrible glower
Even the wolves would stay clear of his path
For the monster had breath that would wilt a flower

The monster with the scarf did not like being cold
For the snow in his fur made him smell like mold
He hated his frozen fingers and toes
And nothing would help him to be consoled

He reached his home, with its chimney smoke
And the crooked siding made out of oak
And he saw in the window his pretty wife
Who made him smile with a funny joke

He sat in his chair and began to transform
To a grin from the grouchy and tumultuous storm
He laughed as his wife served him strong hot tea,
For the monster with the scarf was finally warm.


I've started to illustrate this, and hopefully by Wednesday I'll have all the illustrations up on my blog.

It was inspired by the shape some plastic made on my window.