The Elementary

The Boarding School designed especially for schoolchildren with particular talents, relating to the four elements of Fire, Water, Earth, and Air. Each child has powers relating to one of the four elements, and some especially gifted students have extra powers.

Subjects and Staff

Headmaster – Alfred Biggins

Deputy Headmistress – Pandora Paddock

Head of Elemental Control – Christopher Mead

Guidance Councillor – Evangeline Kelly

Potioneering Professor – Granville Malkin

Foretelling Professor – Crystal Yates

Metamorphosis Professor – Pandora Paddock

Charms Professor – Tom Hutchison

Duelling Professor – Marcus Little

Elemental History Professor – Francesca Shapiro

Physical Education Professor – Kevin Holloway

French Professor – Mademoiselle Arielle Chevalier

Italian Professor – Signor Antonio Dei Monti

Latin Professor – Miss Christine Booker

Fire Control Professor – Sam Atkinson

Earth Control Professor – Coleen Welsh

Water Control Professor – Alice Fryston

Air Control Professor – Christopher Mead

House System

At the Elementary, there are 4 houses which are in fierce yet friendly competition all year around. House Points are collected all year around, for good behaviour and work during and outside of classes. However, bad work or behaviour can result in the deduction of house points by any professor.

The Four Houses


Head of House – Pandora Paddock


Head of House – Granville Malkin


Head of House – Francesca Shapiro


Head of House – Tom Hutchinson


I would just like to take this chance to welcome you to the Elementary. I hope that you find your time here truly enjoyable, and I would really like you to go away wanting more, because that really is the mark of a good school. I hope that you find the students and teachers here welcoming and attentive. Please do your best to ignore the pesky poltergeist Mabel in the attic. She lives (if lives is really the right word) to cause as much havoc as she possibly can.

Anyway, I wish you the best of luck with your studies, and I hope that you enjoy yourself at the Elementary, because it will not just be your school but also, I hope, your home for the next few years.


Alfred William Biggins