With music ringing in my ears, the lights flashing from face to face and the alcohol in my system,

I was in the middle of a crowd, dancing like there was no tomorrow. I'm usually sober when I go out, but screw it. My sorry excuse of a mother was getting married tomorrow. For the first time. Yup, apparently, my father was a one night stand. Anyway, she met this guy and apparently he "was the one" and all that lovey dovey shit. Oh, and the best part? I wasn't invited. All of her friends and co-workers were invited, and me, her freaking son, wasn't. Yeah, like I wanted to go. Okay, I did. I never met the guy, but he changed my mom, just a little bit, but still, it was something no man has every accomplished. She's been drinking less and been at home for more than a few hours. I'm still wary around her though.

I feel someone's arms slip around me and I turn around to see who it is. My bright blue eyes meet a pair of green ones and I hold back a gasp. He's simply breathtaking, with light brown hair and a perfectly shaped nose. As he smiles, I note he only has one dimple. It's cute.

"Hi, my name is Justin." Oh my God, even his voice is perfect! "You?"

"Andy" I'm surprised to hear my voice come out cool and collected, not at all how I was feeling inside. "Wanna drink?" He nods and we both stumble over to the bar. I guess I'm not the only one that had a little too much to drink.

After a couple drinks and constant flirting, I find myself stumbling into my house with Justin in tow.

"Mhhnn" he moans as I attach my lips to his neck. I lead him upstairs and toward my room. I push him on the bed and try to pull his shirt off.

"Mhn, wait." I faintly hear.

"Andy, h-hold up." He pushes me and I fall, hitting my head on my dresser. I cry in surprise and instinctively put my hand to my forehead, knowing there'll be a bruise in the morning.

"Oww, what the fuck is your problem?" I ask, rubbing my head.

"Listen, you're really cute and all…but, I can't." I look at him stupidly. Then, why let me bring him here?

"Look," I say slowly. "I'm not drunk enough for this. Let's go back." I start to walk away when he grabs my arm and softly presses his lips against mine.

"Look, uh, can I call you, maybe, by some chance, possibly?" I stare at him. He was visibly older, so why was he treating me like it mattered? I nod at him I mean, hey, he's cute.

He leaves after I give him my cell number and I fall face first onto my bed. I wonder what my mom is up to, then remember she's at her bachelorette party and get pissed all over again.

So yeah, another one. I know it's short, but it'll get better.