When it comes to Bible prophecy, the rules we have in stock

Are: the Bible is the only place to find what will unlock

Any prophecies of scripture; and the key that unlocks one

Must be just the same in other prophecies, once we've begun.

Revelation 17:15 says water's multitudes,

Nations, races, also languages; and from that one concludes,

That a place where there are none of these is designated land,

In a prophecy. So we should use this key, to understand.

In Ezekiel 4: verse 5-to-6, the sin of 40 days

Is assigned as 40 years, based on a precedent, which plays

Straight from Numbers 14:34, and "time" will then refer

To a year (equals a day), as Bible scholars will concur.

Jeremiah 6 verse 2 says that a woman represents

Zion's daughter. In Isaiah 51:16 the sense

Is that Zion is God's people, or in later times, His church.

As we seek the truth, we'll find some other symbols in our search.

Revelation 12 verse 9 makes clear: the Dragon is the Snake

(Former angel, once called Lucifer, who chose to bend and break

His relationship with God. He started war in heaven's place,

Was defeated and cast out, and chose to plague the human race.)

In Isaiah 9 verse 6, we learn "a child" can only be

Someone born to save the sinners, with His power to set them free.

Matthew 1 verse 21 reflects Isaiah's ancient script.

Let's unlock a vital prophecy, since we're now well equipped.


Revelation 12 verse 1 tells us the sign above was wondrous

As the woman's cries of giving birth were positively thunderous.

Well the woman was God's people. At that time, it must mean Israel.

We can see the child was Jesus, come to save us. How could this fail?

Now the 12 stars on the woman's head (reverse personifying

Israel's 12 tribes) needed help from sin, which would have led to dying.

Yet each time they tried to beat temptations, falling off the wagon,

They'd been played and led to do it by the Serpent (equals Dragon).

He'd forever dragged God's people through an endless vicious cycle

Of rebellion and repentance, since he'd fought the angel Michael

From verse 7, who is Jesus. Satan's strength was not sufficient,

When he'd tried to tackle Jesus, who was mighty and omniscient.

But the angel Michael fought them, and they heard the living Word shout

They were banned by faithful angels, but the Devil took a third out,

And would use them as his demons in his efforts to be leading

All the world astray. So those were true events which came, preceding:

Then the child was born, but then the Dragon tried to start devouring

Him as soon as he was born. This means: King Herod sent men scouring

All the country for the infant Jesus. Wise men followed their God

To the manger, where He lived, despite the Devil's use of Herod.

That was verses 3 and 4. 5 says the child was moved, by snatching

Up to His throne (resurrection). Then the Devil tried dispatching

God's own people. Then "the woman" meant the early church: believers

Persecuted at the Devil's hand, by soldiers and deceivers.


Revelation 12 verse 6 says God prepared a desert spot

(That is "land", where every "sea" of human multitudes was not),

Let's recall the meanings of the keys. The next bit's history's fact;

And the meaning of the numbers makes the dates of things exact.

Some new practices of pagan worship (God had found obscene)

Were incorporated in the church by Emperor Constantine,

Like the worship of the sun God who had gained the name of Ra,

Later splitting up the Christian church, which drove the faithful far.

They would also pray to myriads of gods or even saints,

While forgetting that the dead know nothing of the sin, which taints

Such behaviour. Then in 538 AD,

One such Roman bishop took control, and Christians had to flee.

So they fled, with wings like eagle's (verse 14). The Huguenots

Grew in France; and others ran from persecution, in the throws

Of the Devil's interference in the ruling of the globe;

And he challenged "Grace by Faith," enlisting someone in a robe.

When the twelve hundred and sixty days (that's years), found in verse 6,

Had gone by, this rank ungodly blend of church and politics

Was arrested, when the clergyman who ruled was then dethroned

In the 98th year of the 18th Century, earth groaned.

Then the Dragon (Satan saw this) and was instantly enraged,

With God's people. So he and his demon angels then engaged

In a war with "woman's offspring" (Christians born beyond that date,

Who would worship in a Godly way, which made him more irate).


That was Revelation 12 verse 17, which was foretelling

How the righteous revolutions had the Devil's anger swelling.

Here is Revelation's accurate description of the image:

"Woman", targeted by Satan in the lengthy final scrimmage.

After 1844, "the woman" must be symbolizing

God's own end time people. "Dragon" is the Devil, now devising

Any means to break God's people from their habit of obeying

His commandments and ensuring Jesus testimony's staying.

Revelation 19:10 says Jesus' testimony truly

Means the Spirit of the prophecy, and that's decoded duly:

In 2 Peter 1:19-to-21 that Spirit's noted

As the Bible. Satan's fought this, ever since he got demoted.

This lines up, since Jesus also is "The Word" (that Gospel writer

John, the only last disciple never martyred as a fighter

Had referred to in the first verse of his Gospel). Then John's vision

(Showing history linked with prophecy) was written with precision.

Not too long ago a gun was pointed at a school teenager,

As an instrument (of Satan's work) attempted to engage her

In denouncing Jesus as her Lord and Saviour. Yet declaring

What the gospel says, she faced the fatal bullets, just as daring.

It's unpopular to criticize a blatant sin, which fitted

In with Sodom's awful practices. The sin itself's permitted.

So we've seen the last 2000 years of history all unfolding,

As predicted in John's dream: The Revelation we're beholding.


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