A priest opened business, and offered to sell

Some penance to purchase, then get.

One customer asked if it covered, as well,

The sins which had not been done yet.

The priest couldn't knock back a promising sale,

Accepted that customer's dough,

Continued to trade on the way sinners fail,

Until he was ready to go.

He tied up his money, all safely secure

In bags, with his hefty reward,

Recalling confessions he'd had to endure,

And then felt the point of a sword.

So, held up and robbed, he surrendered his stash

And turned, as the thief left, and saw

That it was the customer who had paid cash

For sins not committed before.

So who was more foolish? The one who believed

That he could premeditate sin,

And purchase a pardon, already retrieved

Before his misdeeds could begin.

Or was it the priest, who committed the fraud

Of standing in Jesus Christ's place,

Pretending his own blood could ever afford

The price of God's infinite grace?


23.5.09 15/1/11