In Genesis 2:7, man was created from dust, which was then given breath:

A soul for his body, which goes back to God (and the body to dust) upon death,

With love, hate and envy (all human emotions) completely no more, in the grave " 

Ecclesiastes chapters 12 and 9 prove this " until Jesus comes back to save.

It's not until Jesus gives breath and new bodies, that we reign with him upon high.

Psalm Hundred and Fifteen, verse 17 says the dead don't praise the Lord when they die.

In John 14:3 Jesus says He'll prepare us a heavenly place to receive,

When He comes again (not straight after we die), which is vital to what we believe.

John 11: 11-to-15 has Jesus explaining that death is like sleep

To Lazarus, then unaware of what happened on earth, while his family would weep.

And later (that chapter) it's vital to note: Jesus told him "come forth," not "come back,"

Nor "come down," since he wasn't in heaven, aware of earth's troubles piled up in a stack.

In Hebrews 9, verse 27, we're told we are only to die once, then wait

Asleep, for the judgment. So reincarnation is hardly our biblical fate.

John 5:28 says the hour is to come, when the dead will hear Jesus' great voice,

And come for the judgment on whether or not they made Him as their personal choice.

Then Jesus himself will use some of his power to make all the dead resurrect.

The good will be going to life's resurrection; but evil can also expect

The bad resurrection, to face their damnation, as body and soul are destroyed.

They won't be in purgatory, torment, nor simply adrift in a matterless void.

In 1 Thessalonians 4, verses 15-to-17, we still alive

(When Jesus returns) won't precede sleeping Christians, when Jesus will gladly revive

The dead (those in Christ), when they're given the power of life from our Lord, to rise FIRST.

They'll go to the clouds, meet the Lord in the air, and then never know hunger or thirst.

So those (still alive) at the coming of Christ, will go up after dead souls are raised,

And make it to heaven, and find that their Lord can be ever so naturally praised.

In Matthew 16: 27-to-28, Jesus will bring the reward,

According to works (but not ours, only His) for the people who turned to the Lord.

When Jesus went into the Most Holy Place, to face God in 1844,

He must have been cleansing the people, who'd previously died, when he went there and bore

The weight of their judgment. If they'd gone to heaven or hell, they'd have missed out on that.

The dead aren't in torment or floating like spirits. We really should learn where they're at.

So anyone thinking they're talking to relatives' spirits is just being conned,

By demons pretending to be the departed, to mess with the spiritual bond

That Jesus is offering. So don't play that game, when the grace of the Lord can abound.

The dead still await what comes later as judgment, but know nothing now in the ground.


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