Please forgive the semi randomness of this piece...late one night...

This little piece is a bit political, as I am frustrated by nearly every politician....

Young and unknown, the teens come on
Coming of age, in the saddest of times
living and growing, in our modern age
Proud and anxious, they wish to be
Be part of something, they wish to be

Their surprising momentum, sets them on their feet
Inexperienced and rash, they dive with their tweets
Into the bitterest of all, the political world

Watching with wonder, the fighting grounds
Listening with grim, the hateful rhetoric
Covering every thing, all over the world

The young the new, I am as well
What I say I cry, may be with dismay
I see evil as plain, as that smile on their face!

Deception corruption it's all the same
They think they might, or probably wish
That they heed our desperate cries
Of pain of sorrow, of millions at a time
While bickering and snickering, as we all wait for truth
To truly show, and grace us today

I shall wait for that day, where they shall say
Let's work today, lets work as one

For the world, for us today