The Riverman

Johnny's sitting in his car

smoking out his last cigar

Got himself played by the cards again

Fifteen thousand in the hole

And just when he was on a roll

But it's still not too late to phone a friend

Picks it up and puts it down

Decides to drive himself downtown

Everybody says he's way too proud

But every single turn he makes

Reminds him of his past mistakes

And it's too late to turn himself around

Johhny, hang your head

Don't let The Riverman know your name is dead

He'll tell you what you want to hear

Just to make you stay

Find another town to walk in

Fine another place to play

You've been sitting all alone

Gett'n wasted gett'n stoned

Dealing with rejection once again

Called you up at three AM

Said it's done, and you pretend

That you only wanted to be friends

These things will disappear with time

But you can't get her off your mind

Everybody says you're not too proud

You're call'n numbers with your eyes

Trying not to socialize

God forbid you meet her in a crowd

Oooooh, hang your head

Don't let The Riverman know your name is dead

He'll tell you all the things about her

That you know you'll miss

Find another one to love you

Find another face to kiss


It's not exactly a desperate situation

But it's a pretty good excuse

If you want an other-worldly education

You'll find the means for the abuse

Just call The Riverman

(Oooooh oooh)

The Riverman

(Nooo no)

Oooooh, hang your heads

Don't let The Riverman know your names are dead

He'll lock you up into his world

And throw away the key

Find another way to fight it

Find another way to be