Inspired by Soundless Voice, [Valshe] Cover

Let the snow continue to fall

And enfold us in false comfort

Until sharp wind cuts through like knives

And draws bitter blood from my soul.

Now our hands are pale

Devoid of lively heat

I'll lie beside you so you'll never be lonely

Even if you can't feel me.

First to go will be our voices

So I'll whisper a song in your ear

Hold my hand so I'll never forget

The time when we sang together.

The soft snowflakes will shelter us lovingly

The red soon buried beneath them

Your eyes are still open, yet unseeing

So I'll gently close them for you.

The drops from my eyes melt

The frost upon your lifeless face

I want to hear that you'll protect me

And you'll wipe away my tears.

I will surely follow you

So our love will be eternal

Even when the world turns cold

And coated with colorless white.