I'll draw you in,
and smile.
I'll push you away,
in frustration.
Read my mind.
Then tell me what it says.
Figure me out.
Then show me the bigger picture.
Understand me,
when I don't understand myself.
Don't ask me who I am.
Tell me.
You draw me in,
and smile.
You'll push me away,
and get frustrated.
it seems.
You always ask me
"What do you think?"
And you can't figure me out.
I show you the bigger picture,
and try to understand you.
I read the parts of your mind you show me.
I ask you what it means.
To make sure I'm not mistaken.
I know who you are.
I won't mistake you for someone else.
I'll care who you are,
and listen.
I don't expect anyone
to see me.
I almost don't want them to.
Do they?