Okay, so...I wrote this idea down before but never got too into it, then came back a few months ago and completely changed it. Now I'm sixteen chapters in, which is around 60,000 words ;) So yay! I'm not sure about posting it here, though. But we'll see, yeah? Anyway, please let me know?

This idea came to me from a few simple questions:

1) What if you were judged by the color of your eyes?

2) What if each color granted you certain abilities?

There was a video we watched in my eighth grade English class about a group of elementary school students who had a teacher who did this experiment about prejudices. She told the class that blue eyes were better and brown eyes weren't, saw how they reacted, and then switched it up the next day. So yeah ;) It got me thinking.

At the top of the hierarchy, there's the Blue Eyes (simply because I don't know many blue-eyed people so they're a minority). Just below them, the Gray Eyes. Then the Topaz Eyes (because I like that color), then the Brown Eyes, then Hazel Eyes, and at the very bottom, the Green Eyes, who are mostly hated through the world of the Eyes. From this I sprung a loose plot but it fizzled as I lost motivation. I still think it's a very interesting idea and so I have decided to get back to it ;) This is springing from a fanfiction I wrote, so yeah. But it's so much better than my original one, haha.

I have decided to just type in the abilities and Eyes as I go, but if you would like a list, I might post one ;) Might, on a few of the Eyes, because certain ones are still being developed as, of chapter fifteen and sixteen, they have just been introduced. But yeah ;) Thanks so much for reading. I'm kind of on the edge of giving up writing (because due to either computer failure, my dad's friend trying to fix things, robbery, and now an evil MEGAJERK computer chip that decided to rest in peace) and I'm not sure if I should continue writing or not. I mean, what's the point if it just keeps getting erased? Luckily, up to chapter sixteen was posted on a different site so I still have what I posted, but none of my information except for what was incorporated into the story. Sigh. This SUCKS! But yeah...

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Green Eyes

By Averick

Summary: What if you were judged by the color of your eyes? What if each color brought with it different abilities? In this story, the world of the Eyes, Soren has three simple rules he follows. Seems easy, right? He's a Green Eye looking out for his own kind in a world that pretty much hates their existence. When Cayden, a Blue Eye, suddenly appears in the Abyss, bloody and hurt, Soren thinks it's justice for all the Green Eyes who have suffered at the hands of the other Eyes. When Green Eyes hurt the Blue Eye, something happens in Soren, and suddenly he breaks his third rule: never help any other Eyes. Leave them be. He helps Cayden, but little does he know that this one act of kindness is the beginning of something more powerful and larger than him, something so much bigger, and something dark is on the horizon. Eventual Soren/Cay slash so be warned. A few graphic scenes maybe later on. Some torture. (Just a loose summary, it will probably change...please give it a chance!)

Chapter One

Soren had three rules in his life, three rules that he mainly followed while living in what had come to be known as the Abyss, which was mainly a crater-like dip in the earth that led down to dark shadows. In this Abyss lived the Green Eyes, of which Soren was one of.

Now, Soren's rules were pretty damn simple. He followed them and got by, and now he was nineteen. An adult, and able to journey out to the edges of the Abyss and sometimes even beyond, if he were going to be allowed to go on meetings, which most Green Eyes didn't do. The other Eyes didn't like them that much, though Soren couldn't understand their reasoning. To his knowledge, it wasn't like they'd ever done anything to upset the other Eyes, but who was he to judge? Some Green Eye a long time ago had probably gone and pissed in a Blue Eye's toilet or stolen their wife or something, and thus had been condemned to live here forever, scorned by other Eyes, seeing as how Blue Eyes were like freaking royalty.

Soren's rules, he had created four years ago, when he was fifteen and his best friend had been killed by a Brown Eye. His friend had just been one of many Green Eyes that had been killed by Brown Eyes, who shared an edge of their Abyss border. The killings had stopped, or at least slowed down, and as far as Soren knew, no one had ever even been punished for it. He wasn't even sure the Blue Eyes - or those who were kind of like the Eye police seeing as how they telepathic abilities - had even searched for those behind the awful mutilations of innocent Green Eyes.

It wasn't like the other Eyes cared, though.

Rule One: Guard your own. Fight for the Green Eyes.

Pretty simple, right? He was a Green Eye and thus he would fight for them. He also had to admit that he wanted revenge for his friend's horrible death, since no one really seemed willing to do anything about it.

Rule Two: Use your strengths and abilities wisely. Don't become weak.

Easy, right? Study in the Control, which was like school for Green Eyes who needed to learn to control their abilities. Simple enough. Soren had practiced and perfected his technique, had become one of the strongest Green Eyes of his age and had been highly appraised at his Content, which was like his graduation from the Control. Pretty easy, paying attention there and all that, especially after he'd set his mind to it after his friend's untimely death.

And last but not least…

Rule Three: Do not help any other Eye outside of the Green Eyes. They don't deserve it. Leave them be.

Well…that rule had been going pretty well. Soren hadn't seen any other Eyes in years, not since a few of them had traveled through the Abyss for some reason, and none of them had been very kind, had treated the Abyss and the Green Eyes like dirt, and he'd hated them instantly. So this rule seemed to be easy to follow…up until that stopped.

It wasn't like he'd gone looking to break this rule. It was just that he'd been walking, wandering around, reveling in his newfound freedom near the border of the Abyss, and he'd tripped. Sure, logs could trip people. It happened. And roots--they were the bane of his existence. Except this wasn't a log or root…unless said log or root could groan.

And so that was where he now found himself, staring down at a wounded person who was bloody, beaten, and…mostly out of it. But when his eyes fluttered open, all Soren could see was blue…endless, bright blue, and he felt a snarl appear on his face. How dare a Blue Eye appear here, in the Abyss, his home? He wanted to walk away. Wanted to go back and alert the other Green Eyes that a Blue Eye was trespassing without reason. The pain the others would no doubt inflict due to years of hidden rage and anger would be satisfying…

Or so he thought, but the moment he tried to walk away, a shaky, weak hand latched onto his ankle, stopping him cold in his tracks. Staggering, he went to his knees next to the person, the Blue Eye, and frowned, a glare appearing on his face. "Let go before I make you," he snapped angrily.

Blue eyes focused on him slowly, dark black bangs dipping into the person's face, do doubt hindering their sight. "You…are a Green Eye?" They recoiled as though he had bitten them, releasing his ankle instantly.

"Yeah, well, you're bound to run into us evil Green Eyes when you come into the Abyss," Soren said with a snarl, sneering down at this arrogant, bloody Blue Eye. He stood and sidestepped the guy. "If you promise to leave, now, I won't report you to the others."

"No - please," the Blue Eye uttered, reaching out for him again, eyes wide and wounded, and Soren frowned. "I…I can't walk…my ankle…I think I twisted it."

"Too bad. Hobble off." Soren usually wasn't cold or cruel by any standards, but this was a Blue Eye, invading his home territory, and he hated it. This guy had no right being here, and then recoiling as though Soren were the problem. That just made Soren's blood run hot with the raging inferno building within. "Get going. You're pissing me off, Blue Eye."


"Huh?" Soren frowned. What the hell was this guy talking about?

"My name - it's Cayden."

"Good for you, I don't care. Get out of the Abyss before I get the others. I don't want you Eyes here." He turned and started walking, sure that he would lose his temper - and perhaps burn the area down despite his perfection at his control - if he were to stay here any longer. He began pushing through the bushes, listening as the Blue Eye, who dared announce to him that his name was Cayden, as the guy squirmed on the ground, wincing and gasping in pain.

"Wait," Cayden gasped breathlessly, and Soren stopped, not sure why he was doing so for this Blue Eye. He should keep going and tell the others. Should tell them a Blue Eye was here without reason. "Please. Wait." There was the sound of more shifting and then the thud as a body hit the ground, and the Blue Eye gasped again in agony.

Sighing, Dean turned and found the Blue Eye clutching at his ankle, a grimace spread across his pale face. "Why should I?" Soren asked, crossing his arms as he leaned against a tree, narrowing his green eyes at the guy.

"I…Please, I can't…" Cayden trailed off, wincing and closing his eyes as he tightened his grip on his ankle. "I…I'll go if you just…help me."

"I'm not helping you," Soren said, scoffing at the very idea. It was his rule, after all. "Hobble off by yourself."

"…Why…are you acing like this?"

"Do you really have to ask, Blue Eye? After the way you and your kind, and all the other Eyes have treated us? Why would I help you? It's a two-way street and you guys gave up on us a long time ago, pal."

Cayden frowned at him. "I don't understand," he said. "We…what?"

"Okay, in simpler terms. I don't like you. You don't like me. Crystal?"

"I…what? I don't like you?"

"No. You recoiled when you learned I was a Green Eye like I was the devil or something," Soren said with a sneer. "You and your kind do that. Would you get up and hobble off already?"

"I'm afraid I don't understand…I've never…seen a Green Eye before."

"Yeah, that's probably because we've been exiled to this horrible place, and now you're invading it, too. Would you leave already?" The sound of a twig snapping caught his attention and he sighed. "Too late, they're coming."

Cayden's eyes went wide. "What? I shouldn't be here…"

"You're damn right you shouldn't." Wasn't that what Soren had been trying to tell him the whole time?

"I…please, I can't walk…"

Soren sighed and scrubbed a hand across his face, wondering why he was even considering this for a stupid Blue Eye. Grumbling to himself, he snapped, "You have one minute to crawl away, or something." Then he smoked out of there before the Blue Eye could protest.

Smoking was easy…if one were a controlled Green Eye. The younger Green Eyes hadn't learned to control it yet and thus couldn't really do it. To Soren, though, it was pretty simple. All he did was use the smoke in the air to bend the air around him, because no matter what, there was always smoke in the air, no matter how little or how much, and he could use it. It was strange, sometimes, becoming nothing but air as he smoked away and moved through the trees, investigating why that twig had snapped.

Why he was even thinking about helping this Blue Eye, he didn't know. Maybe it was the last of his Eye compassion or something.


He smoked back into existence, if he were to use that kind of terminology, and found himself face to face with Hyde, who was a few years older than him and had a scar across his face for reasons he wouldn't tell Soren. "Hey," Soren greeted.

"Hey. What are you doing, smoking around?"

"Uh…nothing," Soren said. "Just got bored and heard you coming. What's up?"

"We got reports of Blue Eyes near the border and a few Brown Eyes, thought I'd check it out. You haven't seen anything, have you?" Hyde narrowed his eyes at him.

"Um…no. No, I haven't, but I'll look around and let you know." Why he was lying for that stupid Blue Eye, he didn't know. But it was too late to tell the truth now, because then Hyde would know he was lying, and that wouldn't go over too well. Hyde had anger problems…and fire problems.

Hyde nodded and opened his mouth to respond when another voice shouted, "I found a Blue Eye! Over here!"

Soren's stomach dropped because the voice was coming from where Cayden was. But then, why did he even care? He hated the other Eyes, after all…didn't he? He was sure he did. So why did he care? He didn't. Nope. Not at all. He followed Hyde in the direction of the voice - Jacob's voice, if he recognized it correctly. Jacob was Hyde's older brother, and he had just as many fire and anger problems as Hyde, if not more so.

He entered the area he'd left the Blue Eye in and saw him backed against a tree, his eyes ample and wide with fear and pain as he continued to clutch at his ankle. Hadn't he told the guy to crawl away or something? It wasn't his fault Cayden didn't move from this spot, right? Nope. He didn't care. He leaned against a tree and watched as Hyde approached Cayden, Jacob already standing angrily in front of the Blue Eye.

"Well, well, well," Hyde laughed, causing Cayden to shift uneasily. "Look what we have here. What the hell do you think you're doing here, you little shit?" He kicked Cayden in the side, causing the Blue Eye to topple over in pain, his wounded eyes wandering toward Soren as though searching for something…help, maybe? Soren glared back. He wasn't helping the guy. He'd told him to leave, after all. And he didn't care.

Hyde grabbed a handful of Cayden's black hair and lifted his head, slamming it back against a tree. Cayden flinched and grimaced.

"Sorry, did that hurt?" Hyde asked emotionlessly. "Sorry. But wait…isn't this what you and all the other Eyes have been doing to us for years? On second thought, I'm not sorry. At all." He kneed Cayden in the chest and Jacob kicked the Blue Eye in the gut, causing Cayden to almost curl over, gasping for breath, but Hyde still had a tight hold on his hair. "Did that hurt? Good."

Soren shifted against the tree. Sure, he didn't mind having Cayden beat up…he was a Blue Eye after all…but still…The guy was already wounded, right? So why were Hyde and Jacob acting like this?

Cayden's eyes were on him again. Soren wasn't used to seeing anyone with blue eyes, barely even recognized the color, and he shifted even more under the gaze and turned away. He wasn't going to help him. He'd gotten himself into this mess. Soren had told him to get out of the Abyss.

He heard the sound of flesh against flesh, the sound of punches being thrown and the sound of the Blue Eye groaning in pain. He almost turned around…almost. He just focused his gaze on the ground below and smoked away, darting through the trees quickly. Why did he care? He didn't. Nope. He didn't care about that idiotic Blue Eye, who hadn't run when he'd given him the chance.

He didn't care.

It was a rule. He didn't help other Eyes.


Cayden watched as the Green Eye disappeared without even looking at him again, without turning back toward him, without trying to help in the slightest. He tasted blood in his mouth after he bit down on his tongue to keep from crying out and giving these two Green Eyes the satisfaction of hearing his pain. They kept kicking him and hitting him, and everything just felt so unbelievably sore. His ankle, which had already been causing him pain and trouble, snapped under the pressure of one of the Green Eyes' foot as they stomped down, and he couldn't suppress the scream that rippled free from his chest, agony rolling across him in waves.

For the love of the Eyes, please stop! he silently begged, unable to form words through the pain sparking through him so intensely. The Green Eyes just laughed at his pain and continued kicking him and hitting him. His face felt swollen and oh-so-sore, one eye swollen shut, and his lip was busted. His tongue hurt from him biting it earlier. Blood coated his teeth.

"Help," he begged even though he was sure it was useless. Who was there to help him? "P-Please…"

He didn't like begging…but this pain was just so intense, so consuming…he just wanted it to stop.


"Aw, look at that, he wants us to stop," one of the Green Eyes laughed to the other, and the pain only continued. Whimpering, Cayden tried to curl in on himself, wondering how anyone could be this cruel. Why were they doing this to him? Why did they already seem to hate him?

"Guys, that's enough…leave him alone," came a familiar, deep voice, the voice of the Green Eye that had originally found him and then disappeared when he'd looked to him for help. Cayden swallowed and opened his eyes…or rather, his eye, because his other eye was swollen shut. The earlier Green Eye, the one that appeared to be younger than these two with freckles splotched across his face, dark auburn hair hanging into his eyes, stepped forward angrily. "I said stop."

"What the hell is wrong with you?" one of the other Green Eyes asked, frowning. "Soren, this is a Blue Eye!"

"I'm aware," the Green Eye, Soren, said as he rolled his eyes. "But I think you've done enough, Hyde. How are we…" There was a pause, as though Soren was hesitating, and Cayden looked at him pleadingly, wanting the pain to please stop. "How are we any better than them if we just beat them the moment they come here?"

"We're here because of them," Hyde said angrily.

"I know…and I hate them just as much as you, but…this doesn't seem right."

The other Green Eye laughed. "Who would have thought you would have been sticking up for a Blue Eye, Soren."

"I'm not sticking up for him," Soren snapped, "I'm just telling you, Jacob, that this is enough. Jesus, are you trying to kill him or something?"

"Maybe," Jacob said easily, and Cayden swallowed thickly. He didn't want to die. He just vaguely knew where he was and that was only because Soren had said it…the Abyss. Where the Green Eyes lived. He didn't want to die here, or anywhere, for that matter. "What if we do kill him? What's it matter?"

"You're going to make the Blue Eyes angry. Are you trying to start a war or something?" Soren asked.

"We're already at war. We declared it a long time ago and they promised not to come into our land anymore. And here they are," Hyde said, giving Cayden a harsh kick to his side, making him double over and slide further into the ground, groaning. He locked his eyes on Soren, hoping he would continue to try and help and not just leave again.

Please, he wanted to say, please help. It hurts…

"I said stop!" Soren growled at Hyde, suddenly disappearing so fast only to reappear directly in front of Hyde in the next second, causing Hyde to blink at him momentarily. "Leave him alone already."

"You really want to do this, Soren?" Jacob growled. "Really?"

"If you're not gonna back off, then yeah," Soren said.

"Turning on your own kind for a Blue Eye, Soren?" Hyde asked.

"I'm not doing anything of the sort!" Soren shot back. "I'm trying to stop you guys from doing something horrible and starting a full-on war! That's the last thing we freakin' need!"

"Then you're going to have to make us stop."

"Gladly," Soren spat. He closed his eyes and suddenly the energy in the air changed, grew heated, and fire sparked to life directly in front of Jacob and Hyde as Cayden watched with his good eye, frozen as he stared. Then suddenly Soren vanished again, and some sort of strange, smoke-like energy surrounded Cayden, coating him in the warm feeling. It felt…oddly welcoming and…he kind of liked it, even though he had no idea what it was. He didn't question it, was unable to do so with the pain anyway, but when the fire disappeared and Hyde and Jacob looked his way, he swallowed, figuring he was alone with them again. Where had Soren gone? How could he do that? Again? Cayden almost wanted to cry as his breaths caught in his throat at the thought of more lonely pain.

But Hyde and Jacob blinked in confusion and looked around as though he wasn't even there.

"How the hell did he do that?" Jacob snapped at Hyde. "He can't smoke another person!"

"He probably just helped the Blue Eye hobble off or something, okay? They're around here. Let's go." Hyde hurried away into the trees and Jacob quickly followed after him.

For a long moment, Cayden held his breath. What had just happened? Had just they looked right over him as though he wasn't there? Why? How?

And then Soren appeared next to him and that warm feeling that was coating him vanished. Soren took in a deep breath and smiled, actually smiled, at him, chuckling. "Those two are morons, but they're fast. So…we need to hurry. I'm going to help you, okay? Don't scream. Don't talk. Just be quiet so I can get us both the hell out of here. Understand?" He bent down in front of Cayden and looked him right in the eye with his intense, green gaze.

Cayden nodded jerkily.

"Good. Let's go." Soren grabbed Cayden's arm and helped him to his feet, allowing him to slide up the tree he was leaning against.

Pain caught in Cayden's throat but he managed to hold it back for the time being, not uttering a word as he held his breath as though to stave off the pain. Soren helped him move forward, slowly, the Green Eye's arm wrapped around his waist, allowing him to lean against him as they walked. Cayden couldn't understand why Soren was doing this but he didn't question it, was just so thankful that he had come back to help, that he hadn't left him there to get…killed by those two.

They were really going to kill him…

Swallowing, Cayden struggled to ignore those thoughts and the pain as he continued moving forward with Soren's help.

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