There is something about that boy. There is something about him that makes me want to know more about him. It makes me want to get to know every single thing about him, inside and out. Maybe it's because he has a certain mystery about him. The way nobody knows what he is feeling and why he does the things he does. The way he blushes in unison with me when he catches me staring. I notice the slight twitch in the corners of his mouth. It was almost enough to be a smile, but not quite. He looked my way again. I bit my lip. His cheeks were highlighted with a beautiful crimson yet again.

The bell rang for the end of class, and he slid out of his seat and out the door as if he had been watching the clock every second until the bell. I attempted to exit with the same speed, but did not succeed. My chair got tangled with my leg as I was putting it back in, and I no longer remained stable. I tripped and fell, bringing the chair to the ground with me. Everybody had left the class by now, though I heard an almost silent chuckle. I looked around. I could not see anybody else in the classroom, so I assumed I was hearing things. I stomped out of the room, angry with another hazardous inanimate object. As I went to turn the immediate corner outside the door, I bumped into a hard, tall object. I rebounded and fell on my backside on the ground. Twice in less than two minutes, I thought. Great start to the week. I went to apologise to the person I had run into, when I stopped breathing temporarily. "Are you okay," the silky voice asked. I was too dazed to answer. He kneeled down next to me, as I was still sitting on the ground. He looked into my eyes, which only made me feel more light-headed than I already was. He smiled at me with his plump lips. They looked so soft. I just wanted to touch them and kiss them and…"We should get up," interrupted my daydreaming. "We're holding up the traffic." I was brought back to the real world, and finally noticed the people stepping over us, making harsh comments as they went.

"I guess we should," I slurred. He held out his delicate hand to help me up. I was glad that he did, because I would have fallen over again if he hadn't. He noticed my slight dizziness, and held me upright a little longer than needed. His rough hand slid from mine slowly and he slipped it back into the back pocket of his jeans. I felt an unusual urge to follow his hand, but I fought it for my safety. I realized I was still standing there, staring at his immaculate face. "Thanks." I smiled at him sweetly. I hoped it looked somewhat seductive. He bit his supple bottom lip, causing my right leg to fail momentarily. He noticed my little leg tremble.

"Are you sure you're okay, honey?"

"I-I'm f-fine…" He finally understood what was happening, and embraced the entertainment. He touched my arm delicately, causing the fine hairs to stick up. He leaned closer to me, his face practically touching mine, breathing his hot breath in my ear.

"You are fine," he whispered softly. I saw him lick his lips seductively in the corner of my eye. "I would give anything to kiss your beautiful lips. Anything to hold your flawless body when you're cold. Anything." I think I gasped a little at his comments. I felt exactly the same. I finally gave in to my urges, and I closed my eyes as I leaned in to kiss him. When I thought I had reached his face, I was shocked to find there was nothing there. I opened my eyes to find that the boy of my dreams had miraculously disappeared. I came up with three conclusions. Either he had been pulled away by the now constant flowing river of people in the hallway, or he had scampered away in fright, but the most logical reason for his disappearance is that he was purely a dream. I settled with the last one, and moved off to my next class, only to find that he did actually exist, and he was sitting next to the only empty seat in the room.

I shuffled awkwardly into the seat. I dared not look at him, still trying to comprehend what had just happened, if it had happened at all. The teacher started to speak meaningless words, and I zoned out, focusing my eyes on the god beside me. I tried to be subtle, but I was unsuccessful in my attempt. He flashed his endearing smile at me and I blushed intensely. As I daydreamed further, I was interrupted by a tiny note falling softly into my hand.


I scribbled my name onto the note and passed it back. It returned moments later.

You are so beautiful…

I managed to find my courage and look him in the eye. I was curious as to the seriousness of the comment. His eyes bored into mine, and a smile hinted at the edge of his mouth. I couldn't help but smile and nibble on my bottom lip.

I have a massive urge to kiss those irresistible lips…

I continued to nibble.

Stop biting them…I can't fight the cravings much longer!

I nibbled again, intentionally this time. He grabbed at his chest as if his heart was crumbling. I chuckled. The teacher glared at me, then at Brett. We continued our written conversation throughout the rest of the period.

So, Miss Martika…a woman with such beauty must have a significant other present in her life, correct?

Actually, no. But thanks

But she would be happy to share her current life with somebody special?

I'd like that a lot…

Would somebody like me suffice?

Suffice? More like…be the best thing in the world!!

So you would like to experiment with this, then?

It definitely couldn't hurt…

Sounds good…are you busy later?

Nope…where do you want to meet?

I have a special little spot…up on the hill. I go there to clear my mind. I think you would like it. We can walk there after school?

Sure. Can't wait, Brett.

We smiled sweetly at each other just as the bell rang. We went to our lockers separately, and met up at the front of the school. We walked peacefully until we reached his special spot. There was a beautiful fig tree in the centre of the hill. It provided a perfect shade over a segment of the hill, and it built a cosy hideaway underneath its branches. I immediately ran to the tree and into the hideaway. Brett followed enthusiastically. I stopped to have a look around me and Brett rested his hand gently on my shoulder. I placed my hand over his.