Written on the first of December, 2005.

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Freedom's Realm

My mind is quite my own.

When I'm alone

I see things others don't-

Cannot, should not, or won't!


I am free within that realm,

Guiding my ship by its helm.

Nobody has authority to say me 'Nay'.

It is quite the other way.


I am young and innocent-

I would not go where others went.

My own path I must carve a way,

Through the night, and through the day.


No prison is too stern for me!

Imagination sets me free!

And while confined

I'm free in mind.


Free!- the bars of monotony,

Do not cease to set me free

And if life itself were prison guard,

Freedom would be no less hard.


I soar my way in dreams content-

A princess to a prison lent.

I will exalt in power given!

Foes may assail- but soon are driven.


Freedom's gained and hope is wrought,

When I let Imagination out.

Though simple, plain, and quite absurd,

I have wings as if a bird.