Let it rain
Let it pour
Let it roll down your cheeks
in drops
and streams
pretend it's tears
when your eyes are dry
The rain is your advantage.
You deceive me
With half-truths and meaningful silence.
You will let me believe
That rain is not the only thing
that trails down your face.
I, blinded by water,
will believe.
It flows away
When concern is your priority.
You know it well.
With rain posing as tears
You use me
And I will let you.
Deceive me all you want.
Even if it's not on the outside.
And even if those aren't real tears.
The rain
Cannot show pain.
No matter how much
You say
"I'm fine"
You are broken
Even if they're not real
I will still wipe away your tears
So that someday
you'll trust me enough for them to be real.