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I cast away any ties to thee.

Thou hold naught but a shiver in my mind.

Thou hath not the soul or heart with which to feel the ache of abandonment.

The keen sting of the sorrows caused by thee deserves not a passing thought.

Deception, true to its form – the actions of thou.

Know thee of my suffering?

Care thee of the pain infiltrating every pore of my life?

Foolish men stand alone in the conviction towards thee, and the innocence within (or lack thereof).

But I grant thee not the satisfaction.

Allow me this time to myself.

I abhor thee most strenuously.

Fiery demons of pain and suffering, thou hold no place in a heart of gold!

So leave me be; thou hath done enough damage.

Forget me not, but move on with thy heart.

For I have done with thee.

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