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I welcome thee into my humblest abode; my heart.

Thou art the definition of sin, yet the most innocent of souls.

I wished for no harm to befall upon thee.

I kept thee out of the most dangerous of places.

My heart and soul do seem to jump to the forefront.

But thou seemed only more damaged by my withdrawal.

I care so deeply for thee; I shall become what thee require.

Need thee a soft, caring shoulder?

I shall be there for thee at every harsh moment.

Require thee a gentle ear, willing to listen intently?

I shall brave the latest of nights, the longest of distances, the coldest of glares; all to hear thy troubles.

Yet all the seeking done by thee is a quest to be let in.

I shall always try, shall always do as thou wish.

And so, against the harsh objections of my mind, and with the fervent acceptance of my soul, I shall let thee in.

For the first time, I shall be the cared for, not the care-giver.

Not a preferable choice, but a necessary one.

Welcome to my heart; treat it gently.

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