The Golden House

It was just there sitting in silence, yet I can feel it calling me. It was calling me like sirens call unlucky sailors to their doom. This book was doing the same thing to me, summoning me to open it and read it. And like the sailors who can't resist the earthy songs, I couldn't resist the curiosity of the story in store. Once the first page was turned I couldn't put it down, literally. I tried with all my strength to set the book aside but my hands were locked in place and the words filled my eyes, I could look nowhere but the book's pages. I had no choice but to continue reading until everything else around me turned black and then nothing.

When I opened my eyes I was no longer on my bed and in my room. I now lay in a field of grass meters away from a hill with a little golden house on top of it. Panicky, I ran towards the house, hoping that someone in there would help me go back.

I knocked. No answer.

I swing the door open. "Hello?" There was still no answer. I entered slowly and quietly but nothing happened. The house was lit and the floor of the room I entered to was cluttered with toys. Dolls, dresses of dolls, teddy bears and maybe even a few action figures but most of the toys were for girls. The room exits into a sole hallway, unlike the room the hallway itself was dark and where it ends cannot be seen.

"Hello? Is someone in here?" I asked again.

"Daddy?" a voice from within the hallway answered. "Daddy is that you?"

"N-no," I answered.

The owner of the voice showed itself. It was a little girl, maybe around eight.

"Who is she?" Another voice asked. It was another little girl, younger than the first one, hiding behind the other. Both of the little girls were dressed like dolls. The two seemed like sisters and could be mistaken as twins if it wasn't for the hair difference. The younger one had black hair while the older girl had blonde hair.

"Hi, I'm Sara," I answered her question. The younger girl showed her face before going back to her hiding spot.

"How did you get here?" asked the older girl.

"I am not really sure," I answered truthfully. "I was just reading a book and next thing I know I woke up here."

"Sister she has the book! Look!" The little girl pointed at hands. All this time I have been holding the same book I was reading.

"Can we see the book?" the older girl asked sweetly. I stepped back, instincts told me to not give her the book. "Please can I see it?" There was desperation within her voice now. I continued to back away; my back is almost near the door now. "Give us the book!" her sweet angelic voiced turned demanding and inhuman. They jumped towards me and I fell backwards trying to escape clutching the book with my dear life. Something about the door of the house stopped them from following me outside. But it didn't stop the older girl from trying to drag me back in. She stretched her arms out the door. In an instant the arm melt away. The skin dripped away like putty exposing the red muscles underneath. The muscles twitch and shrink along with the veins as the blood oozed down staining the once green grass. The arm is nothing but bones now and the finger tips began to disintegrate. "Sister, no!" The younger one pulled her sister's arm inside the house. "You'll lose your arm." In the matter of seconds it took for that arm to melt away, the arm, once back inside, went back to its original state, flesh and all, in the same amount of time. "No!!" Their high pitched, almost demonic, screams was the last thing I remember hearing before blacking out again.

I woke up gasping, remembering the dream I just had. But it wasn't a dream. It was real. I was still lying down on green grass but this time away from the hill.

"Good job, you almost set them free," I heard a grown man's voice behind me. I turned around. "Morning." He mumbled.

"But its night time," I said looking up the sky and seeing a million stars.


"Who are you?" I asked.

"Just someone trapped in here like you." He offered me a plate of food cooked from the fire he had been blazing.

"How did you get in here?" I took the plate and started eating not realizing how hungry I was.

"I was trapped around the same they were," He pointed to the house.

"Oh." I looked at him closely. He seemed older than he looked, maybe around his forties. He had a ring on his left ring finger.

"Oh, you're their father!" I exclaimed.

He sighed. "That would be correct."

"Wait, why are you and your daughters trapped in here?"

"It's a long story."

"Well? Don't worry I got time, I really have nowhere else to go. This place is kind of in the middle of nowhere." I looked around. Except for the house on the hill everything else is nothing but green grass and a few flowers.

"Fine," he didn't seem to be happy. "To make things short, my wife and I planned to trap the girls in here and as you can see it backfired."

"Oh, where's your wife?"

"Not here." I opened my mouth to say oh but no sound came out. I wasn't sure what he meant by that, did he mean just somewhere else or did he mean that she died.

"So why not just free the girls and then you can be free too?"

"It is not as easy as you say it is you know."

"I was just asking. So how many years have you been trapped in here?" The questions just kept forming in my head.

"I don't know maybe ten of fifteen years." He answered and I stared with disbelief.

"Wait, what? How is that possible, that means those girls hadn't been born yet?"

"Time doesn't move here."


"Anymore questions?"

"Yes. Why can't they be free?"

"You saw them they are only little girls."

"Yeah but if it has been that many years like you said then when you get out of here it means they are actu-"

"No," he cut me off. "Just because we have been here for ten or god knows how many years does not mean will be that many years old when they get out." I sighed. He was stubborn like a rock and it seems like nothing will change his mind.

"I think they missed you."

"How do you know?"

"They asked for you."

"It doesn't mean anything," he scoffed.

"Don't you miss them?"

"A little."

"Then why not go and see them?" I asked getting enraged. He looked down at the fire for a couple of minutes. He was thinking about my suggestion. "For god's sakes man, are you telling me that all these years you hadn't made the effort to go see them?"

"Alright I'll go see them,"


"Tomorrow," he added.

"No. Now!" It may seem out of place for me to be ordering a grown man around but hey, he agreed.

We both got up and he started walking towards the house. "Hey wait what about the fire?" I asked.

"Leave it there, it won't burn anything. It will just die on its own."

When we were a few step away from the house he stopped walking. "You have the book?" He asked me. "Yes," I said showing him it. "Good, bury it."


"I don't want the girls to get hold of it; it won't be a pretty ending."

I did as he told me so and buried the book down on the ground. Once I did we continued towards the house.

Knock. Knock. Knock.

"Elsie! Anna!" he called out. "It's daddy." He pushed the door open and entered. From the dark hallway footsteps came running and two little girls appeared with big smiled on their faces.

"Daddy!!" They shouted happily and hugged him.

"Where have you been daddy?" Said the younger girl as he picked her up in his arms.

"Sorry dear, I have been working all this time." He said, lying.

"But why haven't you come and see us all this time?"

"Because I was busy."

I entered the house and the girls looked at me. "She doesn't have it." The younger girl said looking at my hands. With that information both of them ignored me and brought their attention back to their father.

"Daddy? When will we get out?" The older girl asked.

"Never," he said bluntly.

"But why?" both the girls whined.

"Because you two have been very bad." He set the girl down.
"But da-"

"No buts Elsie, not after what you did to mommy." He said to the older girl. That makes the younger one Anna.

"We didn't mean to." Anna started.

"No, but it still happened. And when bad little girls to bad things they need to be punished."

"Daddy, it is not our fault that mommy died. It isn't! Why don't you believe us?" Elsie was backing away from her father now.

"Yes it is." His voice rose. Anna followed her sister and hid behind her. "No it isn't." she whimpered.

"Yes it is. If you two had been good girls she wouldn't have died. She wouldn't have thought about isolating you two in here." He was shouting now.

"No stop it," I said but they didn't hear me. I have become invisible to them.

"You two did nothing. You two were ungrateful, spoiled and useless." He continued.

The two girls now were sitting on the floor hugging each other, tears rolled down their face.

"Stop it!" I screamed at him again as he shouted. "They are only little girls."

"You never listen to a word we say. Your mother died because of you two."

"Stop it! They are children not robots!"

"You knew your mother had a weak heart yet you continued to make her mad, continued to make her unhappy!" His fury rose with every sentence.

"Shut up. Shut up." I screamed harder. From the corner of my eyes I saw something shine. Something buried within the mountain of toys, a dagger.

"If only you two weren't born. Then maybe you're mom would be still here."

"SHUT UP!" I yelled reaching for the dagger and jumping up to him. I closed my eyes as a felt the blade of the weapon sink into something. The shouting stopped but the cries continued. I opened my eyes to see the dagger had penetrated his back. I backed away, leaving the dagger in him. He fell on his knees. The two little girls looked up and saw what I had done. They ran toward him. "Daddy?" they asked shaking him. "Daddy?" He fell to the floor, and his blood flowed out slowly. The little girls kneeled next to him, staining their dresses with the red liquid, still calling out to him. "No please don't leave us!"

I stood their shocked at what just happened. I stepped back and I felt the barrier on the door that prevented the two girls from escaping disappear. It didn't matter though they were not going to go anywhere. "I'm sorry," I murmured as I feel to my knees. I looked at the corpse again, the chest no longer moving up and down. Tears were rolling down my face as I caught his eyes, unblinking. They were filled with hurt, pain and betrayal. Betrayed from the stab wound on his back and pain from the broken heart the dagger pierced into. The tears were rolling faster now and I crawled away from the fresh corpse. Crawled until the wall stopped me. "I am sorry, dad."

A/N: This is not the same Sara as the character in my other story Summer's Love. I just happen to use the same name without knowing it.