Entry 1, July 17th

We decided to go to the beach today, and ate at a restaurant on the strip. I bought this journal from a gift shoppe, there's a little mermaid on the front surrounded by water made of little blue pebbles, isn't that cute? But I'm writing in it so soon because there are two things I need to remember; Find out why fried starfish freaks me out, and remove the fishing hook from Luci's mouth once we get home.

I don't even know...

Entry 2, July 20th

In the tub, I have to leave the door open because I'm watching my little sister and Luci is MIA.

I haven't written about her yet, so I will, just in case I suffer some random amnesia, or get into an accident. She's four now, and her hair is growing like crazy. She's super cute, and I think she's into singing now...

No, she's into singing. I can hear her singing the theme song from that kiddie show right now.

Entry 3, July 21th

Luci's back now, it's 2AM though. He said he was off visiting his parents, and he thought I wouldn't want to come. I wanted to ask him why, but his mouth started hurting again, so I let him sleep. Sometimes I wonder about him...

Entry 4, July 23rd

Luci cut his hair today.

I mean, he's cut his hair a lot. But each time, it didn't look all that different. He somehow manages to keep it in that odd spiky fashion, and I guess it's just naturally that red. But this time he cut it all off. Well, not exactly all of it, but 95% of it. I didn't hate the look but...I didn't love it either.

Maybe I'm just picky.

Entry 5, July 24th

It's our anniversary today, I didn't forget or anything...

It's just really hard shopping for someone like Luci. What on Earth could he ever want? You could lock him in a tiny room with nothing in it and he'd still find a way to entertain himself. Even if his hands were tied.

I was relieved when he told me that he needed another day for my gift, but then he said something about it having to be delivered. It must be something absolutely amazing...I'm going back out to shop for a gift.

Entry 6, July 25th

I really had to think about it...

It's small, with a little glass case. On the inside, there's a tree made of crystal, with little, green, crystal leaves. Some are suspended in the air to give it the effect of falling. If you press the button on the side, it plays a little music box song and changes colors. Would Luci really like something like this? I guess I'll find out later...

He got me a teddy bear. A giant, white teddy bear with a little red ribbon around it's neck and a heart on it's stomach. The thing was almost as tall as me, even when it was sitting down.

It was warm, and when you squeezed it, the heart vibrated as if it were a live, beating one. My present paled in comparison. But Luci still seemed to love it...

Entry 7, July 26th

That last journal was cut off.

I was distracted by other things...

In bed now, and sore. I'll stop writing now.

Entry 8, August 1st

Silly journal, sliding behind the bed like that...

I forgive you.

Entry 9, August 2nd

My mother invited me and Luci to come to the beach with he, my father, and Anna. It'll be her first time at the beach with everybody, so there was no way I could refuse. I just hope nothing happens while we're there.

Sorry for taking such a long time to update. Ideas come to me in...intervals...haha.

I plan to write this story in different ways, aside from a normally written story. Journal format is one of those different ways.