The Nightmare Bus

A/N: When was in Middle School I was terrorized by a bully who was mentally challenged, I provide this because this made him more aggressive and angry; the world wasn't right unless it his way. I used to have a nightmare he'd come on the bus with a gun. I haven't seen him 5 years..and I just had the dream again. 15 years just seemed to flow better. Review please!

I snuggle into my sheet

Just finding sleep

And into my dreams you creep

Why in the darkness do we meet?

It's been 15 years since I stood on Oak Street

Can't you just go away?

Leave the past to stay?

But in my mind love to play

And I don't what to say

I can see your blue eyes gleam

Like it's a treat

To see me back in my old seat

I see you brought that gun

Isn't living your own life a lot more fun?

I know this is nightmare bus

As you grin and cuss

You shove me to floor

Don't you know you can't hurt me anymore?

You press the gun to my head

Why can't you see I'm safe bed?

You think with a trigger pull I will die

Can't you see your living in a lie?

It's really simple Shawn

I'm a grown man and I've moved on.