The Silent Moments

I was eight and you were nine

I was scared

But you just smiled

We climbed those trees

We touched the skies

And I looked down

From a quivering height

But next to you I felt just fine

On the way home

Not a word was said

A breeze flew by

And you tilted your head

Our first encounters had been the quietest

But it's the Silent moments that are the Loudest.

Through the years, we'd climb again

In 7th grade, we'd passed just friends

At school, at us they would all stare

But still, I was the secret you wouldn't share

When they asked, I hoped you'd just admit it

But you just looked at me in a silence acidic

It wasn't long before you called me names

And soon our friendship began to fade

I hid my tears behind fierce brown eyes

Soon afterwards, I demanded why

You looked straight at me with eyes so honest

And said you were sorry for what had happened

You wiped away my tears and held me close that night

And when you stretched out your hand,

I held it tight.

As you kissed me goodbye you told me to never forget

That it's the Silent moments that are the Loudest

Again, the years passed and you stayed by my side

I can't ever forget those sea-green eyes

When we lay in the grass under the navy blue sky

And you'd point out the stars you said I outshine

I'd joke and we'd laugh—we were still best friends

But somewhere through it all, a still quiet had fallen

Your voice was so small that I barely heard it

You smiled at me and said "I'm going to miss this"

I knew this was coming but it seemed all too fast

Like a storm the weatherman had untimely forecast

This time next week, you'd be in London

Living the rest of your life under a sun elsewhere golden

Missing that laugh of yours, I took your hand

Held back the tears and walked up the path

When the time came to say a last goodbye

No words came from either side

We'd already said what we needed to say

And the words that should've been spoken

Neither could say

So, you smiled

And I knew every word that wasn't said

Because it's the Silent Moments that are the Loudest.