I'm the one that makes you laugh

and yet I can't just take it as it is

Just some silly and stupid joke

and yet it's too painful to me


Maybe it's just that's what I deserve

perhaps I should just get use to

Be the one always by himself

writing words alone in my room


I just can't protect my own heart

always getting hurt by the wrong feeling

but you know I've been hurt before

and that what I say has a meaning


It will come the right time

It will fall like the summer rain

but regardless I will have to find

what makes me feel this way


Is it me? I don't know

So please excuse if I act the way I do

It will take its time for sure

But if you believe in me I'll believe in you


Always writing about friendship and love

but never knowing what they really are

and there I go wondering if I'm just lost

or just following the wrong life guide...