Hey. Ok, this is just a short Author's Note. (This things deserve to be hated right? Anyway...)

This year I actually have a couple of major exams, so I won't be online alot, and chances are, when I am, I'll be playing something stupid like Maplestory. So I might be a little delayed in posting my chapters. Fine, maybe alot. Chances are, I'll have the whole story in my mind by June just that I haven't typed it out yet. Sorry. I'll try to work on it.

Also, please tell me whether you think Ivy should have my personality (tomboy and loves rock songs) or should have another personality. I've already started portraying her as one of my character, but I'm wondering whether I should change.

Oh, to explain things. Vampires generally start having their um...... powers? at the age of 14-16, so... yeah. they get called in at the age of 15 instead of being in a vampire school since 5/6 years old or smth.

Thanks. Patience for the story, please.

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