Hello! I'm just a new author here, and you can call me Lily. Nice to meet you all ^^

Hmm.. It's the first time to me to write a poem like this, so forgive me if this poem seems to plain, and simple ==,

End of Night

You know,

This night feels so frightening

And now I just can crying..



I look outside the window

Moon is hiding behind the cloud

The owl's singing so loud

That beautiful firefly,

Doesn't have a place to stay..


Don't you know?

A thought pops on my mind

Thinking, that you used to be kind

Now everything changed so fast..

Breaking my heart into a mess


You know,

It's hurt to lost you, friend

But I just can cry, silently

In the end of the night.

W-what a meaningless poem.. 0.o

Comment and critique are very welcomed

Thank you very much for reading!