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peppermint & cherries

"Hey, babe…"


"You smell funny."

"That's a sure way to keep a girlfriend."

"No, I mean—are you wearing a new perfume?"

"So what if I am?"

"Mm…I don't like it."

"Like I care."

"What is it, anyways?"



"You heard me."

"Where did you get licorice perfume?"

"From Cat's parents."


"For my birthday, dumbass."

"Oh…I didn't know you were close to Cat's parents."

"Well, you can add it to the long, long list of all the other things that you don't know."

"There's no need to be hurtful."

"Stop pouting, you loser, and go find something more productive to do than smelling your girlfriend."

"But my girlfriend smells so good..."

"I thought you said you didn't like my new perfume."

"I don't, but you still smell good to me."


"What was wrong with your other perfume, anyways?"

"Nothing was wrong with it. I just felt like trying something new."

"We-e-ell…this one doesn't smell as good as the other one."

"Yes, I think we've established that."

"And licorice doesn't really suit you. You're more of a peppermint and cherry blossom girl."

"…Have you been looking at my perfume bottles?"

"Well, I had to find out what made you smell so good every day."

"You are such a loser."

"You know you love me."

"So what if I do?"




"You smell like peppermint and cherries again."

"Shut up."